FST-7 Style Arm Workout (Biceps & Triceps Fascia Stretch Training)

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here. WeightGainNetwork.com. And today we’ve got a complete FST-7 workout,
which means fascia stretch training. What this does is it’s going to stretch out
the fascia tissue right over your muscles. So you’ve got this stuff called fascia tissue
right over your muscle and actually the more stretchable that your fascia tissue is, the
faster genetically you’re going to be able to grow your muscle. But a really good way to surge past any genetic
plateau is incorporating FST-7 with every single muscle group in your body. So today what we’re going to do is hit those
biceps, hit those triceps with the FST-7 training. I’m going to show you a super unique outside
the box workout. And if you guys are looking to bring up those
weak points because I know being a naturally skinny guy typically biceps and triceps are
going to be two of your more weaker points. So we’re going to head on inside to Crunch
Fitness in Palm Beach Gardens to knock out some FST-7 training.

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