Full Body Home Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

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100 thoughts on “Full Body Home Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

  1. man no equipment needed, first need 2 wood thingnys than need a couch or stairs. than before thatone need super human strength. cmon

  2. No equipment needed but you got a sweet tv in the background. i wanna get me one of those so i can chill, watch netflix and eat cheetos

  3. Recently found you and I loved your workout videos. Would you please make a video of the whole day eat and what to eat before and after workout? Thank you

  4. Hey Chris i had a question, does doing this everyday improve you whole body , cz i mean usually workouts are made in group muscles so i am wondering if doing this like veryday or 3 times a week is good?

  5. This is totally unrelated to the video, but does anyone has any idea or ballpark how much an apartment like Chris’s one in the video in Miami?

  6. Me : Let's see some no equipment wokout I want to start calisthenics
    him: 20 Burpees
    Him: do this workout 3 times
    Me: dead

  7. managed to do skull crushers with my parallettes 20 reps and thought it might have a stretch for me being a beginner really but managed to do it with good form

  8. why did he t as tattooed his muscular body…his neck is so long ….he should workout for his trapezium.

  9. i'm 31 haven't trained my body last 13 years. So obviously i have absolutely no equipement and thought this will be a good starting workout for me to get into
    downloaded the app
    nearly throw up as i saw there are 4 sets
    after set 2 with as much reps as i could, i wasn't able to lift my waterbottle anymore 😀

    and goddamn this fu*** L-Sit !!

    but still… just have to see few vids of ur channel to finally start doing something. Thanks for beeing such an inspiration!

  10. I am like a super beginner. Is this routine to do it every day? or should I rest some days? Thanks. I like all your videos and the THENX videos and I am actually trying the THENX app. It's awesome Chris.

  11. Home workout challenge for u guys:
    1) mow lawn
    2) wash dishes
    3) vacuum the whole house
    4) finish and fold laundry
    5) clean bathroom
    6) delete all your porn history
    Do this once a week for life

  12. Hey chris can you do sample workouts for hardgainers? Its really hard for me because of my body type

  13. i just tried the L-Sit on the floor and i cant control my laughter and at least i can touch the ground with my hands on the elevated pike !

  14. I have a question. I want to mix calisthenics and weightlifting. Would a 3 day a week program that looks something like this workout well?
    Sunday – Full body calisthenics
    Tuesday – Upper body weights
    Thursday – Lower body weights

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  15. God bless you kiddo but do u really fucking think normal ppl can do those exercises??? C’mon bro u made me waste a min and 30 seconds of my pathetic life !!!!

  16. "pick a technique that's diffucult for you and practice that, before the workout" *me, does L sits on the floor*. Workout starts… L sits 😭. Love your videos bro. Killing me here 😂

  17. Do any of these exercises hit the biceps and lats effectively?? I'm looking for a proper full body workout to try out. So far I've only been doing muscle group specific workouts

  18. Yo how it go bro, I just started following you man, you got some good shit to share, looking forward to watching, be easy blood.

  19. Have been doing various beginner exercises from this channel for like a month and was just able to form an LSIT!! Only held for like 2 seconds but still very happy because I remember how impossible it felt the first time I tried one.

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