Full-Time RV Nomad Health Insurance Answers

everybody welcome back from Kissimmee
Florida on a beautiful February afternoon here nice and warm outside
there might be some rain on the way today I’m really excited to share with
you I’m gonna give you some information about my mobile health insurance that I
hinted at it a few videos ago I asked her some feedback on that and I come to
find out that a lot of people are really interested and how I’m able to find a
national PPO insurance company that will let me go out of state so in this video
I’m going to give a lot of specifics I’m going to show you some numbers at the
end of the video there’s also gonna be some links in the video description I’m
gonna give you my policy writers direct email Zachary Roberts as well has his
webpage there so that if you’re interested in this you can also go to
him and have him write you a custom policy as well not being paid for this
or anything not getting any kickbacks from him but because he helped me I feel
like he could definitely help some other people who are just kind of kind of lost
out there and wondering how in the heck are we gonna find something that works
outside of our state so I got a lot of important information to share with you
in this video don’t worry we will get through it
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video now on to health insurance first of all let me give you a little bit of
history Jax and I have been full-time RVing for nearly nine years now it’ll be
nine years this summer and in that time this is the first year here in 2019 that
I have had health insurance that was accessible outside of my state of
residency back home so for a while there it was Washington State and then also
South Dakota all of the insurance premiums that I was
paying for myself I could only use in those states really irritating because
pretty much every medical problem I had was on the road somewhere else and I was
paying out of pocket in fact I paid right here a couple
months ago what two hundred and fifty dollars out-of-pocket for an urgent care
visit and then I had to pay for all of my prescriptions out-of-pocket a hundred
percent as well and that really added up on the road and it got me thinking I
actually reached out and I got in touch with a policy writers Zachary Roberts
and again his information is also in the video description below if you want to
get in touch with him I’m gonna go through some of the numbers here so I’m
gonna flash some stuff up up in your screen right now if you want to look
ahead but essentially I’ve got a five thousand dollar deductible I pay $30
copay for doctor office visits and Urgent Care so it doesn’t matter if you
have a primary or you go to Urgent Care and get to be seen a lot quicker it’s
always going to be $30 for the first three and then I don’t pay any more
co-pays for the rest of the year I will just say you might want to pause the
video if you want to zoom into some of these numbers specifically just so you
can see what I’m at understand that your policy is going to be custom it’s going
to look differently some numbers will get tweaked and that’s what you can find
out is what exactly you’re available and what you’re gonna pay I’m just sharing
some of my information I am a nonsmoker I’m in pretty good health but I do have
some prescription drugs that I have right now for heartburn and high blood
pressure and right now I’m paying about ninety two dollars a month for this
health insurer it’s plan right here as you can see I
got a $5,000 deductible $30 copay is picky dollar wellness benefit co-pays
inpatient up $200 a day outpatient $50 per day all the
informations right there the one that’s not going to be listed on here is the
prescription drugs so I have a couple cards ID cards I can use my prescription
drug card at CVS and so far all of the medications that I’ve been prescribed
all six of them here in 2019 were paid a hundred percent by my insurance
absolutely zero balance due for any of that which is awesome oh my gosh so
having that connected to the insurance plan and I talked about how fast it was
I mean I was in and out in less than an hour being seen by an urgent care doctor
getting my prescriptions in my hand getting out on the road I’m gonna show
you a little bit about how this works here in this program so my particular
insurance has run through or managed by my benefits keeper and I would have to
log in and my insurances through life shield but this blanket has a couple
different ones yours might be different for the same policy but you can see this
page right here allows me to just find a doctor okay so I’m in Florida but I have
insurance in South Dakota how does that work well right here we can enter in a
new zip code okay so I’m in Kissimmee Florida right now and then you can
search by the type of doctor that you’re looking for whether that’s urgent care
or vision or you need emergency care because you broke your foot or your
ankle or something like that and then you’re gonna get all these addresses so
I have actually filtered this down to just my providers and so all of these
and you can see there are a lot just here in Kissimmee Florida all of these
are available to me and I would not do the online booking I would definitely
call the number on here and either make an appointment or if you’re doing the
urgent care then it doesn’t really matter just find out what their hours
are go in show your card and it’s gonna be a $30 copay for the first three each
year and then nothing after that so so this this interface right here is simple
and easy to use and I’m not restricted to only using it in South Dakota so I
strongly urge you to do your research and find out what else is available for
but if you don’t have any other options and you’re kind
stuck like me with your state back home insurance and then useless on the road
definitely give this a shot and look at those links below and talk to Zachary
Roberts about possibly finding one of these national PPO plans that will allow
you to pick from all of the places all 50 states in the country for your
insurance needs and I think that’s really really helpful I didn’t even know
something like this existed to be honest with you and I had to do quite a bit of
research and then obviously I wanted to test it out a few times on the road to
make sure it really works the way I need it to work and I am really happy with it
so far so far if something changes I will definitely let you guys know but
shoot Zachary roberts over there an email if you’re looking for something
similar to what I got here and let me know if you found something better or if
you see something working better for nomads out there let me know in the
comments below so I am staying here to Cracker Barrel here in Kissimmee Florida
which is RV overnight friendly big thank you to that and I’m nearby Orlando I am
hungry and I love their food here if you’ve never eaten a Cracker Barrel you
ought to try it they have some really good homestyle food and they have RV
parking long slots that are there marked for RVs and buses and a sign indicating
and so far no cars are parked here I really appreciate them giving us a spot
to park now what am i doing in Orlando because I mean obviously I’m not on the
coast well I had plans I had plans for when I first got in to Florida not not
talking about Disney I had other plans and I’m working my way I got to get
there plus I maybe seen Angela again here soon remember she is still over in
Texas and she’s got a senior cat that’s just got to take care of so until we are
physically our B&R be still some tricky complications there that we’re working
on but anyway go inside and get some food I love the feel of these homestyle
restaurants you can sit outside they’ll call your
name I’ve done it before Jacob’s party of one your table is ready
cuz at a party one person another party I usually get the dinner sampler but
they serve breakfast breakfast this time just to switch it over I come here about
once a week by the way it’s always good food I ain’t gonna live
just like like Waffle House to me you know kind of like that comfort food type
stuff and you know I don’t like shaming people I just I think I don’t get it
I come back out and it’s like I have to shame him because it’s not like they’re
mentally incapable know they’re doing a devious than now if they walked out and
like they had a blind cane then I’d be okay that would be even just about as
creepy no but you’re being an a-hole there’s
there’s no way you can read you just being an a-hole there are lots and lots
of spaces closer to the restaurant I mean it’s pretty clear there’s no reason
for this guys explain that to me guys issues anyway
I can’t make people smart or not be enable Jackson I will see you soon guys
hope you enjoyed the insurance video and I’m looking forward to getting back on
the road all right I guess you

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46 thoughts on “Full-Time RV Nomad Health Insurance Answers

  1. Eric, have you tried day trading? I think it is a good time to look into it, set aside a small amount and see if it works out.

  2. Wow now I don’t get this, my work pays half of my health insurance and my cost is still way more than yours. Almost the Same per week as yours per month. Also your max out of pocket was better than mine and copay about the same or yours is a little better.

  3. And if you're a veteran, the Health Care system works really well on the road. The Traveling Vet program is awesome.

  4. Glad you are doing well. Insurance can be a pain. Part of the problem is that each state has there on rules for the insurance companies to follow and some can be "strict"

  5. "your just bring an A-HOLE"??? what, is it now time to bow to you?
    maybe the insurance will cover dr. visit's for the "little man syndrome???? possibly? maybe?
    get for real little man! your FAR, FAR from the red carpet!

  6. Thank you so much for the insurance info! It must be so frustrating when people park their cars in RV ONLY spots!! I’d carry some post it’s and stick a note on the windshield!🥴

  7. Saw you a week ago in my thousand trails park. But you were busy as usual. Lol. — you hit this out of the ball park with this medical insurance subject. Glad you covered it and hope you ignore any trolls about the subject.

  8. Another A-Hole moment is when you pull into a Flying J that has 2 RV fueling lanes and A-holes driving little micro cars are refueling.

  9. I had same health issues, high blood pressure and slight heart burn. Did a lot of research and decided to go try Keto foods and results are outstanding. BP is normal and no HB. You might want to look into the Keto way of eating select foods. I never feel hungry and it is not that hard to follow. I have more energy and sleep soundly at night.

  10. many dr offices will say they are booked for months. the affordable care act isnt so affordable after all huh? you have a good plan keep it. otherwise urgent clinics are useful and generic drugs at wm or community clinic pharmacies.

  11. Libertyhealthshare.com
    The best solution I found
    Your antacids are killing you slowly, you are too young to realize it. Lose weight change your diet, get healthy without drugs.
    Thank you for you for your videos.

  12. Medical insurance that doesn't work when you travel out of your home state? That's a thing??? I've never had that restriction or even heard of it.

  13. I'll say it for you Eric, those people are assholes. My Home Depot has reserved spaces for Veterans, and what do I find in there, handicap cars when there are empty handi spaces. Yeah they may be Vets but come on, use your handi spaces, I can't.

  14. Thank you so much!!! I've been in the road 6 weeks after quitting my job and therefore I lost health coverage. I talked with Zack & he is awesome with a great insurance offering. Thanks a bunch! Happy Daytona 500!!!!!!!

  15. Eric I just signed up for the VPN and if I may suggest that you place affiliate links for the services you recommend. I just switched from HMA to this VPN to help support you and would do so for other services as well.

  16. Thanks for the information. Health insurance is a big deal nowadays.
    We ain’t getting any younger.
    Rock On, in good health.

  17. Thanks for the information on insurance. This is a big concern I have had. Hard to find any information on this…..other than "affordable care act" crap in my opinion and not affordable by no means. Thanks again for sharing this information.

  18. The  Question is not your Deductible at $5000 but your Maximum out of Pocket at $4000.   You will have already met your Max out of Pocket for the year before the Deductible is met?   Are those numbers reversed or is it $4000 after the $5000 deductible is met limiting your exposure to $9000 plus premiums per year before 100% of the costs are covered.?

  19. I hate people that think they are "too good to follow simple direction". Death,… ok, ok… too much… (not) ALL of their belongings should be taken from them and distributed to people that would use them in better ways. I know a few people that could use that pickup. That car should just be crushed so the owner could have something to cry about… You should put a heavy duty bumper on your RV so you could push those worthless peoples vehicles right out into the driveways. (sorry… NOT) Then call a tow company to have the unacceptable IDIOTS vehicles moved by someone that can legally remove them. Effyouseekay them. (here, let me help you all… "fuck them" F-US…? right. F YOU. Worthless bitches.) I would remove those people, Permanently. THEY are the reason for people finally doing "really bad things". (Unfortunately, innocents suffer.)

  20. Thanks for the info for health insurance on the go. Chicken fried chicken is my goto, with eggs. Love Waffle House too, with the luxury of a picture menu, I would get so excited when I hit Illinois and Missouri on the road. I’m from New England, and sadly we don’t have it here.

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