GlycoDrive™ – How Do I Take It?

– Here are the top five questions we get about Driven Nutrition’s GlycoDrive. Number one, how much should I take? That really comes down
to your training schedule and how many carbs you need
to get through your day. One scoop of GlycoDrive has 27 grams of highly branch-chained cyclic dextrin. That is a pure carbohydrate. Number two, when should I take GlycoDrive? That comes down to your training schedule, but a lot of people are finding that adding a carbohydrate source before their workout helps
them get through the wad. I highly recommend also
taking this product right after you get done working out. That’s when your body’s gonna replenish those glycogen stores, which is vital. Number three, how should
I take GlycoDrive? One scoop should be mixed
with 12 to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. If you’re choosing to mix it with water, a great way to go about
having a delicious drink is adding one scoop of Amino or Dysrupt. Number four, should I cycle GlycoDrive? Absolutely not. GlycoDrive is one of the
purest forms of carbohydrates. It’s gonna break down almost instantly, so there’s no need to cycle this. Number five, what happens
if I skip a serving? It’s not a big deal. However, you may find that your workouts are better having a good
glycogen load in your muscles, so if you can add some GlycoDrive or some extra carbohydrates
throughout the day, that’s a good practice. Hopefully these five answers
have answered the majority of questions you have about GlycoDrive. If you have any additional questions, head over to, or click the message us link below and we’ll be glad to answer those for you. (soft music)

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