Go Outside (ft. Nevercake)

*bird noises* *clicking noises* *clunk* *gasp* oh no! *giggling* *high-pitched screaming* Oh, huh, that’s kinda nice that’s so warm *sizzling* *yelling* Hey, GingerPale! Want to come play outside? *giggling* GingerPale! Play with me! Ginger: You ripped up my house 🙁 Sun: Interior decorating! 😀 Ginger: Aaand you burnt my face :/ Sun: It adds character! Get some color! *crying* Sun: oOoH! What’s that I hear? *Ice cream truck music* *gasp* Oh no, I’ve been fooled by a mirage, which is actually created by the Sun heating up the ground causing a convection in the air leading to Variances in the refractive index of the air. So, the light gets bent in a funky way, leading to me seeing an ice-cream truck. It’s just science. And, it’s not actually the Sun making vitamin D. You’re the one making it! The UVB rays from the Sun change a chemical in your skin into vitamin D3. Sun: WAH! Oh No. *Up beat music* Whoa GingerPale (pill), who was that creepy Sun guy and why should I go outside to see him? Well, that was Nevercake, and you don’t need to go outside to see them. In fact, they just released a new video It’s a song! About me! Well, then it must be good or sad. I don’t know. Let’s go check it out! For real, though, they’re good friends of mine and they’re part of the reason I started making videos, so go give them some love So don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you want to see more or leave a comment and let me know what you guys think Of these little skits. I’ll see you guys later

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100 thoughts on “Go Outside (ft. Nevercake)

  1. Your channel seems to me like if terminal montage didn’t make game parody’s and made random videos….. still good tho

  2. If the truck was a merage I could just imagine gingerpail breaking down his front door and dancing and look up to the invisible truck

  3. Well this is an ironic conundrum. First you tell us to stay inside, now go outside? Maybe there’s a way to do both…
    *sits on front porch*

  4. The sun is for free for now… because it could explode but I don’t know when :/ . So enjoy the subpoenas as it lasts

  5. Rays and sunshine
    Sunshine and ultraviolet
    Ultraviolet and rays
    Rays. Ultraviolet.
    (beat stops)

    Are you vitamin deprived? You look to be a bit vitamin deprived
    do do do do do do, lots of people get vitamin deprived
    That's your body, vitamin deprived comes from your body
    get off me
    But your body, musta have to be healthy

    What's that? A tasty snack
    You don't want to go eat a snack like that
    Greedy to absorb all that, You'll end up with your skin all grey.
    do do do do do
    do do do do do to be healthy
    Let's take vitamin D now.
    phone rings

    You see, the body is like a special house!

    With blood, hair, and organs in the different rooms

    Look, there's mister bladder in the basement

    Now vitamin D comes in through absorbing it through skin
    and gets distributed from from to room, greeting the different organs
    Now, the good healthy vitamin is very nice and polite to the organs, and is invited to stay, for the party!
    But the bad, not healthy vitamin D is very rude, and must leave through the catflap.


    That doesn't make sen-

    Phone rings
    What's that? A tasty ray. You don't want to eat a ray like that.

    Greedy to absorb all that. You don't want that. You'll end up with your skin all grey.

    Yes, but something's.. Wrong!

    How do we know which ones are the healthy rays to absorb?

    Well that's easy!
    The rays can be can easily be sorted into a simple EM spectrum shape!
    Using normal plain rays Such as vitamin D, D, and D Keep the body ticking just nicely. Isn't that right?

    Yeh, I need to go!
    But wait, what's this?
    Fancy show-offy rays!
    Like ultraviolet rays, Gamma, and Microwave rays
    These rays will clog up the body With unnecessary detail
    Oh no! look, It's all broken and on the floor!
    Everything tastes great
    But maybe we should wait
    Before we put it on the plate
    Or it could be too late!
    What's that? A yellow ray? You're better off with plain White rays.

    What's that? Plain white rays? You'll end up with your hair all grey.
    doesn't matter, Just throw it away, Why not try something else on your tray.
    But everyone has their skin go grey, Just absorb grey rays and it'll go away!
    But how much have you had today? Too much rays will make your skin go grey
    What's that? Layered rays? That wasn't layered rays

    You shouldn't absorb rays from a stranger's plate.

    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    Stranger's plates
    phone rings ominously

    For context, Read the description.

    This took me 20 minutes.

  6. Ok ok so if you could see ginger’s finger nail through the hoodie meaning his hoodie is part of him and the only part that’s green is his face? Does that mean he could technically be a replication of foreskin???

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