Good Trouble 1×13 Promo “Vitamin C” (HD) Season 1 Episode 13 Promo Season Finale The Fosters spinoff

How do I look? [Callie] If they had these records, they might win their case. You will never work anywhere again. This is about doing what’s right. Do not do something that you might regret. I did it. Who are you gonna choose?

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100 thoughts on “Good Trouble 1×13 Promo “Vitamin C” (HD) Season 1 Episode 13 Promo Season Finale The Fosters spinoff

  1. The montage of Dennis saying goodbye to everyone and giving them hugs made me cry when we realized he probably killed himself I honestly hope he didn’t especially when we started to get his back story and why he’s where he’s a now…..I thought him and Dahlia could’ve been good for each other

  2. I want to see how this storyline with Mariana gonna play out I was surprised that lady gave Mariana the files but she’s probably tired of the white boys she work with too

  3. Who else went crazy when Callie boss saw her and Jamie talking to they Private Investigator I was a lite nervous for her and that Judge is horrible and can be bought

  4. Is it just me or are Callie and Gael kinda boring. Like I like them individually but I am so not invested in their romance. I really like Jamie but to be honest I haven't really been invested in a Callie relationship since Brallie. And that ship has been sunk with no resurfacing potential. I love Jamie I want to root for a Callie couple again

  5. Callie jeez… you're a grown ass woman now and you're still ruining peoples lives. Anyone with eyes could tell you had feelings for that man and instead of figuring it out you bring another person into it and now you're gonna hurt Jamie who by the way is great ass human being. He's gone out of his way to help you not only at work but he's helping out your friends. He even bought Gael's damn painting. I'm getting pretty sick of Callie actually… on the bright side I would be into seeing Mariana in a relationship with her boss. And I hope Dennis is ok.. they did well this episode cause I did not see that coming.

  6. The only irritating thing about this show is this love triangle that went on for too long taking up precious time that could be used to give us more Mariana time

  7. Lol Callie is dreaming. Also Im so excited for Mariana and scared for her. I hope hope hope Dennis didn't commit suicide.
    I was hoping for a sister moment between Callie and Mariana coz they both have so much going on.

  8. I wish Gael would move away he’s so annoying on the show. Jasmine should be added to the storyline and Gael should go.

  9. if Callie doesn’t choose Jamie idk what I’m gonna do. She doesn’t end up with Brandon (even tho I understand why) and if she doesn’t end up with Jamie then what’s the point ?? 😭

  10. can i just say that i hated how gael treated bryan tonight shame shame cause i'm more intrested in a gael/bryan than gael/callie!guess that's why they tell you never trust a Bi person oh wait i mean never trust a fuckboy like gael cause he'll use you and then put the blame on you!

    What I want: Dennis to survive (making him not try would seem weird now, but maybe someone ?Davia? shows up in time?). Alice is happy with…Joey? (I can't remember her name…) Mira to be gone because she's annoying, honestly. Malika's family situation to be dealt with because honestly, it's not the most interesting to me. The Jamal case to be closed because this one case has taken up the entire season. Callie to choose Jamie and stop goofing around with Gael, who needs to figure out what he's doing. I know Brian had some anger management issues when he found out, but can we blame him? And I want Mariana to pick Evan (I won't hate it if it's Raj because he seems like a nice guy, really, but I do ship her with Evan more).

    What I predict: Dennis dies. They're dealing with sex/sexuality/race, so this is another big issue that they haven't really dealt with. Dennis will kill himself and it will be a hugely depressing plot. Alice and Mira will be together and the wedding is called off, which sucks for their SOs that I don't remember the names of. Malika's mom is going to be like dying or something (or her brother?). The Jamal case will be going badly and Callie will steal the files, maybe getting fired. Callie will not choose until season two, but ultimately will pick Gael for some reason. Mariana will be in trouble for confessing to making the spreadsheet, leaving off with her potentially getting fired only for us to find out in season 2 that with the spreadsheet, she can actually get her bosses fired for discrimination and so she keeps her job.

  12. Callie & Gael storyline went from interesting to irritating as the season went on. Mostly just Gael TBH, Callie deserves better (**Jamie**)
    Also, 50% of the drama for all characters is based on 1) misunderstandings, 2) withholding information, and 3) not speaking up when they should.
    Also also, Dennis better not die.

  13. Just let Callie be with Jamie and stop all that drama with her. It’s ruining the show just like it was ruining the fosters.

  14. The last 5 minutes of the previous episodes had my heart pounding. I felt the realism from that scene.
    Callie and Jamie should be together, but it’s not going to happen. The writers are not going to give us what we want. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. If she doesn't choose Jamie I'm done with this show, season 2 can fuck it. I can't stand Gaelle anymore, he is annoying AF.

  16. I hope she is going to stay with Jamie because I'd love to see Callie in a functional long-term relationship at last. 😪

  17. callie is so selfish and only cares about herself thats something i don't like about her character …. She doesn't deserve Jamie for sure and she clearly goes perfectly with Gael …same troubled people in my opinion ..they deserve each other

  18. everyone here be taking about calls love triangle when I'm just looking for comments about DENNIS, LIKE I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DENNIS

  19. I absolutely love reading the comments and finding out that people feel the same way I do about this triangle mess. Like please stop Callie should be with jamie. And can Mariana get more screen time . ALSO FORGET ABOUT THE TRIANGLE FOR A SEC WTF HAPPENED TO DENNIS.

  20. I love how they finally showed Mariana's story for episode 12 and the other characters as well and not just Callie and Gael lol

  21. We already know she is going to choose Gael.. why does she always go back to toxic relationships *ex. brandon*

  22. Ugh okay. I was against this series when it was first announced and I'm glad i was wrong. I love the topics and how it is portrayed on this series. So many live triangles. I just hope that kallie becomes smart and stay with jaime. Gael is too much baggage but kallie love the drama.


  24. I’m looking at the comments and people are saying “I want jamie and Callie together because they have functional relationship” that’s exactly why she’s going to pick Gael to make it more fun and complicated

  25. 0:18 seriously Caille? Why is she always doing things like that. Think before acting, don't make te same mistakes you did in The Fosters

  26. I want Callie to end up with Jamie. We already know everything about Gael and he’s obviously a very boring, destructive person. But we still haven’t seen Jamie’s house (or apartment?), we don’t know his hobbies outside of his job, we don’t know much about his past, his friends, nothing. I want more intimate moments between Callie and Jamie where they really bond and talk about their lives. I truly hope the writers don’t screw up their potentially beautiful love story just for edgy, unstable and problematic Gael.

  27. This ending scene of this episode had me in tears. It's always the happiest people that you never know something is wrong. The way Dennis was hugging everyone with his last goodbye had me emotionally connected to him. I love how this show got into so much depth with it's sub characters. I was really rooting for Dennis and Davia. Fingers crossed that Dennis makes it through 🤞🏻

  28. Two things Callie need not blow up her life…again stay yo ass out that drawer! I want to see Gael have a story that doesn’t revolve around Callie make him a character not a plot device so she should pick Jamie and then let that fizzle slow and steamy

  29. Watch her pull some I choose myself shit.
    Let’s be real though it’s Callie. Girl couldn’t be single if she tried.

  30. They purposely break Bryan and Gael relationship so that Callie can end up with Gael. Everybody know that. Jamie and Bryan are just two characters to make things complicated to create two unnecessary love triangle . Bryan Knew what he is into but certainly not the right way to treat him. Gael is the one who should be blamed. He agreed to be with Bryan just because he thinks Callie is with Jamie. First he thought Bryan support his stupid art work and Callie is not. That's why he chooses Bryan. Now when that Callie show some interest in art and now Bryan is not supportive enough because he asked him to take his shirt off? Gael is hoping to be with Callie and that Callie is already sleeping with Jamie? Why they play with Jamie and Bryan's feelings like they are just toys? I hate Callie and Gael…Gael is certainly annoying and give bad name to bisexual people…LOL

  31. omg callie we're tired of your shitty love life, just get out of the picture already and give us MARIANA!! 😒😒🔥 and dennis with davia 😍💗💗

  32. I hope denis didn’t kill himself. It was his stupid ex wife’s fault. You don’t go around telling ppl stuff like those. Please don’t kill off denis. He was my favorite character.

  33. Denis said he had a plan! One that'll help Jesus with his tiny house project.. Idk I'm a lil bit confused. But am hoping nothing happens to him

  34. I want Callie and Jamie to be together soooo bad😫 I love them ❤️ I just rewatched moments of them in the end of the fosters tv show

  35. I love this show, but I’m tired of this love triangle bullshit. Callie needs to stop getting herself in dishonest relationships. You would think that she would learn from her past experiences in the Fosters.🙄

  36. So here's the plan, go with Jamie and them have him break things off. Then later on, make your move on Gael. The End

  37. Bryan deserves a real man not a reptile. I hope we see him with a man who truly appreciates him and doesn't play any games

  38. Honestly Callie needs to choose neither, she doesn't seem suited for a serious relationship at this point to me. She has some growing to do.

  39. Fuck that love triangle. I NEED DENNIS TO BE HELLA ALIVE. He's probably one of 3 characters that I really enjoy.

  40. Why does the male officer without the helmet at 0:15 kinda looks like Aaron Brennan from Neighbours? (Only Australians would know what I'm talking about)

  41. Omfg just watched it and they better not strin this triangle along in season 2 Callie and Gael are so boring to me they’re so depressing together for some reason while Jamie brings out a more likable side of her

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