Government to submit supplementary budget bill to National Assembly next Thursday

we are going to start with domestic
politics today though the South Korean government will submit a supplementary
budget proposal to the National Assembly next Thursday during a meeting between
the government and the ruling Democratic Party this morning the two sides said
the focus of the budget will be dealing with matters related to people’s safety
such as fine dust pollution and support for the recent wildfires in Commando
province as well as taking pre-emptive measures against downside economic risks
although the exact figure has yet to be revealed
they said the extra budget will be drawn up considering the country’s tax revenue
South Korea’s finance chief had earlier said that the budget will not exceed 6.2
billion u.s. dollars the ruling party called for cooperation from the
opposition bloc saying they should put their political interests aside as the
extra budget is for the people the government is aiming to get this bill
passed in May you’ll be the third extra budget of the moon jaein administration

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