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2 thoughts on “Gun Control Debate Heats Up As Florida Shooting Suspect Appears In Court

  1. as an outsider ( people who living outside america ) i really wishes the government listen to their citizen to give more strict rules in gun purchase since more easily purchase gun by unauthorize people it will rise the risk of unexpected violent either to local people or to tourist.( i afraid to go at night when im visit America) and i dont know why i feel this likely will be ignore like usual because NRA will like usual lobbying hard to against it ? come many time incident like this had to be happened till the condition be change ?

  2. 'It's devastating': Cop stayed outside during Florida massacre while students died Deputy Scot Peterson sat outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for four minutes as gunfire continued inside the school. He's now resigned. No Cop will come to your rescue as fast as a speeding bullet, time and time again they wet their pants hiding behind or in their cars. It's up to you to defend yourself, if this was the UK we would be hearing about the evils of Knife crime in schools from the be a good victim crowed. If you do not think so look up "Stop Knifes Save Lives" on google and you tube.

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