HAIR BURST Hair Vitamins REVIEW My First Impressions

Oh my gosh! Okay guys sorry, I need my glasses for this, don’t judge me. Hey guys Miss Lauren Leigh 11 here and today’s video I’m going to be talking about an exciting thing that I’ve come across it’s to do with an experiment. Now experiment what am I talking about? If you’ve watched my previous video about my one-year anniversary of my big chop, I mentioned I was in a challenge called the MahoganyCurls healthy hair growth challenge well this time round MahoganyCurls has decided that she’s going to be doing an experiment. Again I’ll put it in here So you can have a look right up here okay and basically What the challenge is or experiment is to see over the course of the year so it starts from january 2018 to january 2019 over the course of the year if hair supplements or vitamins what have you whatever you want to call them If they’re worth it and if they actually really work okay. Now I’m a bit skeptical about hair supplements I usually have my Smoothies and my greens and what-have-you but i’ve never taken any i’ve taken vitamins but not necessarily specifically for my hair. During the time of the one-year big chop i didn’t take any vitamins at all actually, I literally had a lot of sweets That’s my guilty pleasure, but I didn’t take any vitamins that I needed to and I’ve still gained quite a vast amount of length and it’s healthy on top of it. Again I didn’t drink as I was meant to, but this time I will be because I’m taking the vitamins I will be doing the extra and obviously drinking as much water a day as I should Okay guys let me get into it. Okay so the vitamin that I’ve decided to take is this right here and it’s called Hair burst chewable vitamins and this is Specifically for hair growth but it does have obviously other vitamins in there so if i don’t See any progress in my hair because as i said i’m a bit skeptical if i don’t see any progress then at least i’m taking my vitamins This is a 30 day supplement and you take it’s got sixty pastilles so take two pastilles a day and i’ve taken four now, so i’ve done my two days so far. Oh my gosh! Okay guys sorry I need my glasses for this. Don’t judge me okay they clean yeah there are warnings on the box and the warnings are if you’re pregnant breastfeeding taking prescription medication or under medical supervision It is advisable to consult a G.P prior to taking any supplements Discontinue use and consult a G.P if adverse reactions occur do not exceed that stated dosed and blah blah keep a reach of children they it’s got vitamin a five in b5 vitamin b6 vitamin b12 vitamin vitamin c vitamin d vitamin e selenium and zinc okay I don’t actually know what selenium is, but I should go and do my research and find out i do know what the majority of these vitamins do but i haven’t heard that one? before, so I will be Googling and seeing what that is. Okay guys, so i’m going to show
you The box now, as i said i’ve opened it already i did want to do a reaction video of me opening it straightaway but guys I just couldn’t wait i just wanted… i love sweets as I said and i just wait… I know they’re not sweets but they are kind of like fruit pastilles so i just wait to try them and i just couldn’t wait so sorry guys, so here’s the bottle And it’s got i don’t if you could see those i’t’s got these pastilles in them i’ll open up for you got protective seal and they smell very very pastilly, very jelly like this is what they look like they’re heart-shaped squidgy pastilles Guys, i’m really tempted to eat this now i need to go and raid my kid’s sweet box and get some jelly tots or something. I’m gonna be showing you a little length check i’m gonna be doing an update in three months To see if i have had any growth? As i said this is one month supply i do find a bit pricey the price was 20 pounds but it was reduced in superdrug to13 pounds 33 pence hence why I got it and it was the last bottle so it was left for me so let me just try it who knows i might see some improvement. If i do i will continue taking these but if i see any adverse effects ie breakouts which I have one now, I don’t know if that is due to it, I hope not but If i see any adverse effects as i said i will discontinue these and i will then move on to something else which i’ve got my eye on, which is biotin liquid but if i do go on to that i will do a review on the biotin liquid but that’s for another video. Let me just do the length check so gonna be checking it on my chain so my current length so my hair literally just stops Both sides– this part at the back of my hair they literally just stop just passed slightly past my chain and it past my collarbone and i’ll show you from the back if I can get that same piece of hair Okay, so that’s the current status that i’ve started at. As I’ve said i’ve taken four pills and i’m going to see a result we’ve just four pills so unless they’re magical Let me do a length check on the front. So this is the current status of My bangs so they’re literally under my chin right here Just, above my chain at the minute Yeah, so i’m i’m just gonna go here to try this challenge this experiment see how i get on but guys if any of you Have tried this and you’ve had any adverse effects or you’ve had some positive effects please let me know leave your comments down below thank you for watching this video give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and Like share whatever you want to do alright guys thanks for watching and i’ll see you soon bye

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2 thoughts on “HAIR BURST Hair Vitamins REVIEW My First Impressions

  1. Hahaha the intro to your big chop is me!
    I'm on my fourth month of hairburst. I'm not sure if it's growing due to my haircare but it is definitely improving health.

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