Hamstring Workout: Best Hamstring Exercises For Mass (Weak Point Training Ep. 2)

Today I am fired up because we’ve got a killer
hamstring workout that I want to share with you guys. Hamstrings are so important because the majority
of your body’s fast-twitch muscle fibers are located in your hamstrings. And on top of that a ton of guys have muscular
imbalances when it comes to their lower body. So if your quads are really developed and
your hamstrings aren’t very developed, you’re going to have muscular imbalances which is
going to lead to a lot of injuries. Back in the day, I played basketball and I
would pull the shit out of my hamstring all the time. I remember one time my senior year during
basketball, I pulled it so bad during the season; I couldn’t play basketball for three
weeks. I couldn’t go to parties, couldn’t hang out
with girls, couldn’t do anything. I was bed-ridden for three weeks because I
didn’t prioritize my hamstrings. So this workout is meant to throw on top of
your existing leg work out or it could be its own individual workout, so I can’t stress
enough how important hamstrings are, so I’m going to head to the gym and show you guys
my favorite hamstring routine for mass and aesthetics and overall preventing injury. All right guys, we’ve got the stiff-leg kettle
bell deadlift. What we’re going to do here – and you can
also do this with a dumbbell – what you’re going to do here is start off on one leg,
keep your chest up, and you’re going to keep a stiff leg all the way down and you’re going
to drive through your heel, back up. Get big stretch, back up. I’ll show you from the other angle. So I would recommend keeping it out to your
side like this. So that is the stiff-leg kettle bell deadlift. So just make sure you keep a good center of
balance. Try to keep your chest up. And as you’re coming down try not to bend
your knee. And then what you’re going to do, you’re driving
all through your heels, so you’re coming up all through your heel. Keep the tension on those hamstrings. Getting ready to load up on the Smith machine. So this exercise is fairly similar to a stiff-leg
deadlift, although you are going to be on the Smith machine and what this allows you
to do is focus all of the tension, all of your mind-muscle connection directly onto
your hamstrings and your glutes, as opposed to feeling it a lot in your lower back. I know on stiff-leg deadlift if you go too
heavy, you tend to feel it a lot in your lower back and it’s tough to really channel that
mind-muscle connection right in your hamstrings, this exercise allows you to achieve that. So I wanted to show you guys one more. I went a little bit heavier on this just to
show you the proper form one more time. So your hands are a little inside shoulder
width apart. And then you’re pushing your butt back, you’re
driving through your heels. Make sure that the weight is coming off of
your heels and not your toes and once again, so crucial, just channel that mind muscle
connection in your hamstrings. You should feel 100% of the tension directly
in your hamstrings. Try to keep your chest up throughout the movement
and you guys will have some killer hamstrings. Getting into one of my favorite supersets
of all time. I know starting off it just looks like the
prone hamstring curl, and that’s exactly what the first part of the superset is. So I like to go fairly heavy right around
my 10 to 12 rep max for the first part of the superset, really focusing on squeezing
those hamstrings. Then what I’m going to do here is I’m going
to drop the weight to about 40% of what I just did and I don’t know what you call this,
but it puts a ton of pressure on your hamstrings in a different angle. We’ll call it the – we’ll call it the kangaroo
hamstring superset. As you can see, I don’t know how to explain
my form here, but just try this guys, it works so well on focusing on your hamstrings. All right guys, last but not least, we’ve
got the hamstring ball curls. This is my favorite hamstring exercise because
you get an awesome burnout. I want you guys to go really high rep on this. Go completely to failure because it’s the
last exercise on the workout. So I remember back when I first started doing
this when I was like 16 – 17, I could only do 5 or 6 of them, so if you can’t do that
many starting off, don’t worry about it. Just try to continually improve upon it. So I’m going to go to failure here. Hamstrings are pretty warn out right now. So let’s see how many I got. What you want to do too, you kind of lift
your body up. So the starting position obviously isn’t like
this. So you’re going to lift your body up. Just try to brace yourself with your upper
body. I’m starting to slide. This is killer. I’m going to stop there. I got leg day in three days. It’s Wednesday today. I’m going to do leg day Saturday, so I don’t
want to kill myself. I think I got 45, so feel free to challenge
yourself. Let me know in the comments below if you guys
can beat that score. And that is a wrap. I’ve got a gorilla that I’ve had on my back
for the last couple of years and I just want to be 110% transparent with you guys and I
just want to be real and authentic and not hide behind a lie. So a couple of years ago — first of all I
was like working out in California at the time and I would always see this guy at the
gym. This guy was straight out of Germany. This guy’s name was Magnus. And I always see him at the gym. Really big, strong dude. And we get talking one day and we kind of
started hanging out. It’s funny because we met – he shows me this
crazy, funny cat video and we just started like talking since then. The guy like loves funny cat videos. But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get back to the story. So I started hanging out with Magnus and we
started working out together and he starts asking me if I’m natural or not, if I’ve ever
taken steroids. I’m like, “No man, I do YouTube videos. I try to teach skinny guys how to bulk up
and gain lean muscle mass the right way.” And he’s like, “Yeah, man. I used to try to do it the all-natural way
and I started taking steroids. I get them from my friends in Germany. They ship them down.” And I was like holy shit, this guy’s like
on steroids. He’s on this like crazy German steroids. So long story short, I decided to try them. Magnus and I would pin out butt cheeks in
the bathroom together and we’d take steroids. That’s when I made some really crazy gains,
like I’m up to 195/200 pounds, 8% body fat and without Magnus and without the German
needle, I definitely would not have been able to make it happen. Just want to be real with you guys. It’s tough for me to say. I’m kidding guys. Holy shit, I hope none of you guys believed
that. Guys, like you guys in the comments section
that think I’m on steroids, I’m not even that big. I haven’t even known what the hell I was doing
in the gym up until more than like a couple years ago. I have good aesthetics and I know what muscle
groups to develop that makes me look good and look a certain way, but guys I’ve got
17 inch arms, not even 17 inch arms. I’m 195/200 pounds at the very, very most
on a good day. I’m almost 6 foot 1, so I’m like 6 foot and
one-half inch, almost 200 pounds. My squats under 400 pounds. My bench press is well under 350 pounds. These are not the stats of someone on steroids
who’s been working out for ten-plus years. The thing is guys, my genetics are like a
five or a six out of ten. Any one of you young guys – if you’re 17 or
18 and you apply everything I’m telling you in these videos and all of the outside the
box tips we give you guys on the mass-gaining recipes and the really advanced training techniques
– you could look like – if you’re 17 or 18 right now and you’ve got average genetics
there’s no reason that you can’t look like me by the time you’re like 23 – 24. And you guys are so impatient. You guys want to look – you go on Instagram
– and honestly I blame social media because you go on Instagram and you see pictures of
guys who have been training for ten-plus years, who have a perfect diet, who’ve trained their
ass off and also have some pretty good genetics and a good proportion of them have also taken
steroids. And you see guys like – I don’t know, like
Lazar Angelov and you see all these big mainstream fitness models on Instagram and it makes you
want to get there even quicker. It’s like an emotional response, it’s like
an impulse that you have to social media, but guys, do not fall prey to that bullshit,
just stay consistent. There’s no shortcuts to any success in life. If you want long-term success in fitness,
in business, with banging tons of chicks, put in the fucking work and just stay with
it. Stay consistent. Focus on incremental improvements each and
every single day. And that’s what this shit is all about you’re
going to feel so much better about yourself and you’re not going to go through an emotional
rollercoaster when you’re taking the shortcut. I just wanted to illustrate my point with
a crazy little story about Magnus. All right guys, that is a wrap with the hamstring
workout. I’m about to watch some week two NFL action. Got my FanDuel team queued up, ready to go. Hopefully, make some money today. And I just want to ask you guys, what do you
want to see going forward. What type of content most interests you. Just throwing out a few ideas, I have a ton
of experience with athlete training. I know in particular how certain NFL players
have trained in the off season. I went to a sports academy back in the day,
so maybe showing you guys some NBA style or NFL training. Do you guys like the crazy 3,000 and 4,000
calorie meal videos. If you guys have any questions as far as certain
supplements definitely leave it in the comments below, as well as any type of fad in the fitness
industry. Like I know we covered a video on intermittent
fasting. Any type of training style that you guys are
coming across that you want me to go over. So don’t be afraid to interact with me in
the comments. I’m going to try to do a really good job of
answering each and every single one of you guys’ questions. Let me know what type of videos you want to
see going forward and looking forward to seeing your guys’ responses.

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64 thoughts on “Hamstring Workout: Best Hamstring Exercises For Mass (Weak Point Training Ep. 2)

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  16. The Kangaroo "shortens" the hamstrings. IE, not stretched when you're completely bent over at the waist at the bottom of a straight leg dead lift for example. I start with my leg curls in this position and then superset lying all the way down chest to the pad on lying leg curls, then move to seated hamtractor and then move my chest a little closer to my knees when doing so toward the end of my set at failure. You'll find that you can keep pumping out reps this way and extend your set another 8 reps per position when you fail on the first movement of completely shortened leg curls. Give It a try. You'll be amazed. Throw in some partials to completely exhaust your hams at the end when you're failing on the hamtractor. Just remember to warm up first. It kills.

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