Harrisburg Bishop Gainer speaks about Catholic Clergy sex abuse scandal

We’ve all heard the saying “words are cheap.” But my words, at least last week’s, and my words now at this mass, are invested with profound remorse, firm resolve and consistent action. That these horrific actions by some members of the clergy which violated the dignity and innocence of children must be absolutely eliminated from the church’s life. Over the past decades our diocese has taken significant and effective measures to protect our children and to identify and remove any persons who would intend to do harm to them. this significant
change in the church’s situation is in fact recognized in the grand jury report.
When the report testifies, we know that the bulk of the discussion in this report concerns events that occurred before the early 2000s. That is simply because the bulk of the material we received from the dioceses concerning those
events. We recognize that much has changed over the last fifteen years. in the
name of our own church I voice again my heartfelt sorrow and sincere apology to all to welcome since that this line I have survivors
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