Health Insurance 101: Coverage , Deductible, Payments and tips

Hey everybody, I’m Tyler McCluskey with first family insurance today’s video is going over health insurance 101 What does it mean for you and why you have to have it for yourself and your family? So in today’s day and age a lot of people talk about auto insurance home insurance flood insurance You see a lot of commercials out there on TV going over that but you don’t necessarily see everybody Talking about health insurance and why it’s so important most of us as Americans think that they get their health insurance through their job but in 2019 more and more people are having to buy health insurance on the individual market So today we’re just gonna go over a couple key Parts of what health insurance is and how it works for you guys So first off when you’re buying a health insurance plan, which you mostly need to be concerned about with is what is your deductible? That’s the biggest part about your health insurance is how much is your deductible? That’s the amount of money that you are going to pay first Before your insurance plan starts kicking in and paying the rest of the benefits now For most of you that talked to a lot of our clients They think that if I have a high deductible, what’s the point of having health insurance? Well, the reason for that is you’re gonna get all the discounts and everything that your health insurance gives you before that Deductible is actually met. So let’s give you an example if you unfortunately were to go into the emergency room and you have a $5,000 deductible on your plan and You’re in and out of that hospital within a one day time and they give you a bill for $3,000. Well if you have a reputable health insurance company What they’re gonna do is they’re going to discount that bill down for you through the network negotiated rates That’s gonna bring your price down significantly if then if you didn’t have any health insurance at all So that’s gonna be your immediate savings right there But after your deductible is really what the point of having health insurance is for. It’s the major What-ifs in today’s day and age that need to make sure that you’re covered. So don’t be concerned so much about just how much is my Deductible is it two thousand dollars is a five thousand dollars what you need to know and be concerned with is do I have something? In place for god forbid if I get diagnosed with cancer or if I have a heart attack I’m sure many of you watching this video knows somebody that has been diagnosed with cancer in the past or had a heart attack or some major Catastrophic or critical illness? Okay your health insurance that is there in those scenarios to protect you from those cases So if your bill becomes much much higher than what your deductible is That’s when your health insurance is really going to kick in for you. So Remember that as you guys are purchasing a plan find a deductible that’s going to work for you But don’t be so concerned or stressed about that point. All right Next is also the co-pays a lot of people want to have co-pays for their plan to go see their doctor as many times they want to a specialist whatever that might be most health insurance plans will either have a discounted rate or a specific copay for one of those services again Make sure you talk to a licensed agent so you can let you know what’s going on in your area Because all the insurance plans are going to be available in your county and state based Besides that the most important part is making sure that you get a health insurance plan All right, don’t go another day without having health insurance because that’s gonna be the most important thing to do Everybody goes around make sure they have car insurance Renter’s insurance cell phone insurance, but don’t be a statistic of somebody that doesn’t have health insurance It’s the most important thing that you can have for your health your body and your family This is just our first video on a little health insurance 101 We’re gonna be sending you a lot more videos from here to come you guys have any questions? Please make sure to feel free to reach out to the person that sent you this video or to the phone number below We’re First Family Insurance. Have a great day

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