Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes That You MUST TRY: paleo christmas cookies

looking for delicious healthy holiday
cookies that are also good for you watch this video because today we’re making
three different recipes that you are going to love and if you’re new to my
channel welcome to keep up with live the place where we make delicious Paleo
recipes and talk about what the ingredients can do for your health
so the first healthy cookie we are making are these very thin print cookies
I’m starting off by mashing up some raspberries you can use both fresh or
frozen here I had fresh on hand so I just use that
and I’m mashing them up so that we’re gonna create this really nice Jam with
fresh berries and no added sugar to that I’m adding in a tablespoon of chia seeds
which have really great Omega threes protein and fiber so just stir that
together with a little bit of vanilla and we’re gonna set that to the side
while we assemble our dough and what that’s gonna do is gonna allow it to
thicken and it’s gonna help create that nice jammy texture that we’re looking
for in our thumbprint cookies in a separate Bowl I’m gonna take one egg and
crack that in and to that I’m going to be adding in some maple syrup and you
can definitely use honey here too if you don’t have maple syrup and then I’m
gonna add in a little bit of vanilla as well as some coconut oil which is a
great source of healthy fats and not only helps to nourish and protect the
debt but also helps to make these cookies very satiating and yummy while
keeping them moist so just whisk all of the wet ingredients together and then to
that I’m gonna be adding in some coconut flour along with some almond flour both
of which are high in fiber healthy fats invited me again not only with help
satiate you but are also really good for your skin and your gut I’m going to add
in some baking soda and then mix that together and this is going to be the
base of our dough so this is a very delicious like just normal dough on its
own so if you don’t want even want to do the Barry thumbprint part you can just
make cookies out of this and you just get a very nice yummy basic cookie
recipe so once that is all nice and mixed I’m just using a little scooper to
scoop out a little bit of my thumbprint cookie and I’m gonna roll that into a
little bit of a ball and just and it down with my fingers and then I
am just using my finger to make a little hole in the center because we’re gonna
be adding in that chia jam that we made earlier so just do this to each of your
cookies until you have all of them and then you’re gonna take your Chia jam
mixture and you’re gonna put that in the center now if you don’t like grass
berries you can definitely do this with strawberry blueberry any kind of berry
that you like just mash it up and use that in the center you can even do a
combo of two different berries if you wanted to or a blend of berries so if
you wanted to do a raspberry blueberry mixture you could definitely do two at a
time as well so we’re gonna put those in the oven and
bake them and once they’re done you have these delicious berry thumbprint cookies
made with good for you ingredients and guys they taste so amazing and they’re
so festive too next up we’re making peppermint mocha cookies so if you saw
my holiday cookies recipe video last year you saw me make peppermint cookies
and this year I’m doing a little bit of a twist by adding in a little bit of
mocha flavor so I’m combining some coconut oil and some coconut sugar and
I’m just stirring that together to allow the sugar to dissolve a little bit and
then to that I’m adding in some peppermint extract but if you also have
peppermint essential oil that is food grade you can definitely just do one or
two drops of that to make it mocha I’m adding in a heaping tablespoon of ground
espresso I did decaf just because if you did normal caffeinated and you had one
of these cookies late at night it could keep you up I’m adding in some arrowroot
powder which really gives the cookies a nice soft chewy texture as well as some
cacao and then for the main flour I’m using almond flour here it works really
well it’s loaded with healthy fats protein and fiber and also provides more
blood sugar stabilization than your normal green failed flours so that’s
what’s great about almond flour is I did does help with those healthy fats and
that fiber then I’m going to be adding in two whisked eggs to our mixture and
just folding those in until our batter is nice and combined
now you can definitely leave out the espresso powder if you don’t want that
coffee flavor and you just want a plain peppermint cookie definitely leave that
out if you want if you don’t espresso powder you can also use an
instant coffee or whatever kind of ground coffee that you have on hand will
work definitely in this recipe and then we are going to be adding in some dairy
free chocolate chips so I did about a quarter cup full and then we’re gonna
fold those in until that is distributed all throughout our dough then I’m just
taking a baking sheet which I lined with a silicon mat I find these silicone mats
are really easy to use if you don’t have silicone mats
I would suggest parchment paper it just makes cleanup a lot easier or grease
your baking sheet so I’m using a spoon and I’m just making my cookies now I
like my cookies to be like a proper sized cookie versus like mini cookies so
I would say I use about two two and a half tablespoons per cookie flatten that
out and then I’m topping it with a little bit of crushed candy cane I found
these at my local Whole Foods and they were made with real food ingredients the
color in them was made with beet juice so there’s no red dye or anything like
that so if you can try to find the candy canes that are made with real
ingredients and then bake them and you have these wonderfully delicious
peppermint mocha cookies have so much flavor and so delicious and then we are
making a chai snickerdoodle cookie so I’m starting off with some maple syrup
and to that I am going to be adding in some coconut oil now if you are looking
for a gingerbread recipe I do have one for last year that I will link it down
below because I know that’s another classic holiday cookie flavor so if
you’re missing the gingerbread I do have a recipe for that and I will leave that
down below adding in an egg and some vanilla and then we are just going to
combine our wet ingredients I will also leave my whole holiday playlist down
below too so if you want more holiday recipes be sure to check that out too
that I’m adding in some almond flour as well as some coconut flour and some
baking soda you guys see the blend of flours really works well and helps to
create a really nice texture to the cookie then I’m adding in a spice blend
which is just some cardamom some ginger and some cinnamon and all the ratios
will be left in the description box below so that you can follow along but
those are the three main spices that are in chai cardamom it’s a little bit more
difficult to find you might have to go to a larger grocery store to find
but I did find it at my local one so just fold all of those ingredients
together until it is nice and combined and you have a nice moist wet dose that
we can scoop out our cookies so again I have my baking sheet lined with a
silicone mat and I’m scooping out some of my cookies and the great thing about
all of these dough recipes is that they are definitely freezable both before and
after so if you want to make a big batch of the dough and then freeze it and bake
them off fresh you can definitely do that with each of them or if you want to
bake off a huge batch of cookies and you’re not going to eat them all within
I would say 24 to 48 hours keep them in the freezer because that actually keeps
them more fresh in the fridge little note secret is that the fridge actually
dries out most cookies so after I bake these I just drizzled them with a little
bit of coconut butter just because I think they add a little bit of basically
icing on the top and then that way they also look a little bit extra pretty and
a little bit extra festive so I’m just drizzling that on the top a great thing
about coconut butter too is that once it hardens it’s not going to be soft on the
cookie right because it’s hard so you’re not like worried about the cookies are
messy so you can kind of like stack them and not worry about it so drizzle that
on the top and then just for a little bit of garnish
I just drizzled a little bit of cinnamon on the top while the coconut butter was
setting so that it would set into the coconut butter but these are so
wonderfully flavorful and delicious and a little bit different than your regular
holiday cookies so I hope you guys enjoyed those healthy cookie recipes if
you make them be sure to tag me on Instagram so that I can share them if I
had to choose a favorite I don’t know I’m really into the thumbprint cookies
this year I definitely haven’t had them in a few years and I made this recipe I
was like oh my god they’re so good so I think that one is my favorite make sure
you subscribe because in my next video it’s going to be my first vlogmas
video so it’s going to be like I’m gonna do a bite week so every week there’s
gonna be like a different blog miss video smooth festive stuff I’m making
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that I’m also gonna leave my holiday playlist right here so you can get lots
more healthy recipes there’s breakfast ones like gingerbread
pancakes errs Nanaimo bars there’s peppermint bark there’s so many good
really good recipes in there so check that out after this video I hope you
guys are all having a great day and I will see you next time bye guys

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  1. Ohh finally someone upload a healthy desserts thank you sooooo much😀❤❤❤. Love u and merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄❤

  2. Liv, I noticed one thing. You put so much effort into videos but your subcriber count is the same. 😭
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    Btw, can you make a video on healthy shopping online and in place? I find really hard!

  3. Girl, you always come through for me! These cookies are perfect for taking to holiday gatherings where everything is loaded with refined flour and sugars. You're the best, Liv!😘

  4. My family and I love you so much Liv! We could not make it through the holidays without your delicious recipes girl!! Thank you so much. Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. You may be interested in seeing if you can source lupin in Canada (not sure if you can, I'm in Australia). It's new, quite paleo and high protein. It's also good in terms of carbon footprint and I know that very low energy diet (VLED/VLCD) products can include it so the amino acid profile is great too. Check out Let me know if you try it! (p.s. I don't have any affiliation with any lupin producing companies, I'm just keen on sustainability and health).

  6. Enjoy these healthy holiday cookie recipes! These paleo christmas cookies are DELISH. Also, download my FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK:

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