High-Protein Breakfast

Hey, everybody! I have a different kind of
nutrition tip for you today. I want you to have a good relationship with food. Think
about what food is supposed to be in our lives. So, number one, it’s supposed to taste good.
It’s supposed to give us pleasure. Number two, it’s supposed to be nourishing or provide
vitamins, minerals, and protein. And it’s supposed to be fueling. It’s supposed to have
calories! And so I want to focus on one particular part of that today. I want to focus on the
part where it’s supposed to be nourishing or nutritious for us. And so re-thinking breakfast.
Remember that we’ve got hormones that manage our hunger. We have hormones that tell us
that it’s time to eat, and we have hormones that tell us that we’re full. And so I want
to think about and challenge you to get a high-protein breakfast. Protein increases
our hormones that tell us that it’s time to stop eating. And so when you have a high-protein
breakfast, it kind of starts your day in the right ebb and flow of how your hunger naturally
manages your intake throughout the whole day. So if you have a high-protein breakfast—I’m
thinking eggs. I’m thinking of a, maybe a crustless-quiche-kind-of-breakfast. I’m thinking
Greek yogurt, great source of protein if you get a really quality Greek yogurt. I’m thinking
maybe a high-protein smoothie, maybe a great way protein powder in there if you can tolerate
whey, maybe a little peanut butter in there. Think about focusing on protein. And I’m going
to want you to get like 21 grams. That’s about three ounces of protein food at breakfast
time. That literally is going to energize you for the rest of your day and help you
better manage your appetite. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me,
and you have a great day!

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