“High Protein Coffee” Recipe (Simple & Tasty)

Hey, what’s going on guys? Just wanted to
post up a quick video here before I head off to the gym, just showing you guys a very simple
way that you can use your protein powder aside from regular shakes. And that is to actually
use your protein powder to make protein coffee by using it as a coffee creamer. That might
sound kind of weird, but whey does come from dairy. So it does make sense. And it actually
does taste pretty good. So, there’s really not much to it. You’ve got coffee, you’ve
got whey protein and you’re just going to mix the two together. I’m currently out
of my normal tag of protein powder. So I just picked up this pocket here just so I can make
this video for you guys. I’m going to try to pour this in carefully without spilling.
But I’m trying to kind of balance the camera here at the same time. So, again, just damp
the protein powder in there, like so. And then you’re just going to mix it together.
Now, depending on what type of protein powder you’re using, it may take a shorter or longer
time to mix up. But let’s give this one a try here. So, it does take a decent amount
of mixing. This one — this one mixes up really good actually. I don’t think I got the whole
pocket in there. But just mix it together like that. And then one other small addition
I like to make is to throw in some cinnamon. And so, there you have it, protein coffee.
And it actually tastes pretty good. Yes, I’m using this just kind of as a pre-workout drink
at the moment. This one here is chocolate flavor. You can pretty much use any flavor
that you want. That’s just a matter of preference. But I do prefer using the coffee — sorry,
the chocolate flavor for this. And again like I mentioned, different protein powders will
mix up harder or easier, depending on the brand. But if you really just go at it and
stir it around quite a bit, most protein powders will blend up in there. So, yes, just a quick
idea for you guys. I hope you like this. Make sure to like, comment, subscribe, share all
that good stuff. And the official website is Seannal.com. And I’ll talk to you guys
again, soon.

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