Homemade high protein dark chocolate WITHOUT THE GUILT

Love chocolate but hate the guilt? In
this video I’m gonna give you my favorite healthy high-protein dark
chocolate recipe. I’m Lara and I can help you live healthy happy and free
subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified so that you get the
notifications when I upload videos every single week. My kids love them my friends
love them my husband loves them everyone loves these chocolates. So in this recipe
you need four ingredients and there’s an optional fifth one as well so let me
show you… ingredient number one is coconut oil so I showed you that the wrong way
around coconut oil. Ingredient number two is cacao powder. Ingredient number three is any nut butter so in this one I’m actually
using peanut butter but if you prefer any other nut butter, absolute fine just use that nut butter instead the next ingredient is some
protein powder so in this one I’m using the vanilla Arbonne protein powder and
then the optional ingredient or to include any nuts if you like them so in
this recipe I’m using macadamia nuts these are all the way from Kenya because I love them my favorite nut but you could use anything in the chocolates if you
want a nut in the middle of the chocolate but you can also do it without
as well and then the final thing you need is these so this is amazing it’s
basically moulds for chocolate and if you don’t have one it doesn’t matter
just use a baking dish and you can just lay the chocolate on the bottom I’m
gonna show you exactly how to do this now. And before I go any further a quick
question for you – drop the answer below – are you a dark chocolate fan or a
milk chocolate fan so what I’ve done now is I put everything into a saucepan I
have two scoops of the protein powder one tablespoon of the coconut oil one
tablespoon of the nut butter and a dessert spoon of
the cacao powder and what I’m doing now is I’m melting everything together now
if you live in a hot country the coconut oil will already be melted and you can
just mix it all into a bowl but I live in the UK and it’s cold in here so the
coconut oil is actually solid so I’m just melting everything down I’m mixing
it together. In actual fact there is one other ingredient you can include
depending on how sweet your tooth is you can also add a tiny bit of maple syrup
or stevia at the very end of this and once it’s all melted you can add it in
but this is what I’m doing I’m just melting everything down now… mixing
it all together. So as you can see I’ve melted down the coconut oil… a nice liquid here and in my moulds I’ve put nuts in some of them and left some
of them empty and you can do whatever you want so my daughter absolutely loves
raisins so sometimes we put raisins in the center sometimes nut it’s totally up
to you and now what I’m doing is I’m gonna take the mixture and I’m gonna pop
it into my mould so this is the messy bit and this is if you have children
children absolutely love doing this it’s actually really fun to do with kids so it can be very messy actually so just
carefully if you can take the liquid and pop it into the moulds and you can see
now that I’ve put the mixture into every single one of the moulds it is a little
bit messy but that doesn’t matter is what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna
put this in the freezer and it stays in the freezer for ten minutes. So final step is to take the chocolates out of the freezer and you can see here
they’re all frozen and this is what I love about these moulds is you can
simply just push them out like that and I have this lovely chocolate there look
at that and you bite into it… there’s your nut! There we have it you now have
the recipe for high-protein dark chocolate and if you’re someone that
struggles with sugar cravings then I actually have a few more recipes on my
blog and I’ve put some in the links below and they can really help you if
you have a sweet tooth and if you are someone that’s looking to have more
energy throughout the day then you can download my free ebook which is also in
the comments below. Check out this video next which is all about sugar cravings and if you like this video be sure to hit the like button subscribe and share
it with your friends

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14 thoughts on “Homemade high protein dark chocolate WITHOUT THE GUILT

  1. Can absolutely vouch that these are utterly delicious!! 😋So there you go – parents love them too! (Btw – I’m a dark choc fan!)

  2. Milk chocolate fan for sure‼️. Geez this looks yummy! I love raisins too, that would be a great addition😁

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