Homemade Protein Bars Recipe – Made Personal by SORTED

[Mike] Hello, I’m Mike and welcome to my flat. [Jamie] Alright? [Jamie] Oh, come on! [Mike] We are Barry, Ben, Jamie and Mike, [Mike] the guys from Sorted Food. [Mike] When it comes to cooking, everyone likes different things, [Mike] so today, join us in one of our homes to see what we love to eat and why. [Mike] Get ready, ‘cos we’re making it personal. [Mike] One of the requirements for building muscle is to eat a lot of protein. [Mike] Now, I find the only way I can do this is by having protein bars or shakes [Mike] between meals and protein bars are really expensive, [Mike] and I find them sickly so we’ve come up with an amazing alternative. [Ben] Which is our own homemade version. [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] They’re not too sickly, [Ben] they’re not nearly as expensive, [Ben] still do all the right things, and they’re so simple to make. [Ben] To start with we need to melt down some good quality chocolate. [Ben] Now this is 85% cocoa. [Mike] That is decent!
[Ben] It hasn’t got all the extra added fat in there, [Ben] but it’s amazing. It’s quite bitter. [Mike] It is carbohydrates but it adds really important flavour, [Mike] and it’s not many, so it’s alright. [Ben] And next, onto the bar itself, [Ben] and that starts with ground almonds so all those can go into the bowl, [Ben] along with, porridge oats. [Ben] So, a slow release of energy as well, but this is essentially the body, [Ben] to our bars. [Mike] It’s what you need; if you’re gonna have one of these for breakfast, [Mike] it’s slow carbohydrates [Mike] they’re low G.I. index, [Mike] oats are great. [Ben] You’re not really a very morning person, are you? [Mike] No, I’m certainly not. [Mike] So it’s 6:30 in the morning. [Mike] I’m supposed to be getting up to go to the gym. [Mike] Gonna go tomorrow. [Ben] More dry ingredients and this is whey protein, [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] so that’s all going to go in there as well. [Ben] Now for the flavour, okay so we’ve added the unflavoured stuff in there, [Ben] now we’ve got all sorts of crunch and textures. [Mike] Pumpkin seeds, high in zinc; [Mike] uhh, and we’ve got some sesame seeds there. [Mike] Good texture. I love the flavour of sesame seeds actually, absolutely love em. [Ben] Yeah, texture, flavour, and colour. [Ben] Notice it’s pecans and pumpkins, they’re different colours, different textures, [Ben] they do different jobs, [Ben] but they’re all good in some way or other. [Ben] Next up, the final dry ingredient is sugar. [Ben] Not a lot, like literally like a heaped tablespoon. [Mike] Now that might look a lot to you here, [Mike] but bear in mind we’re making eight bars, [Mike] so you know, that’s hardly any.
[Ben] Not even a pinch of sugar. [Ben] So mix all the dry ingredients up, [Ben] and then in with the wet, [Ben] the first of which is big flavour as well: [Ben] peanut butter. [Mike] Yeah, I was absolutely over the moon we were able to use peanut butter. [Mike] Used to eat it out of the pot. [Ben] You still do. He edits fridgecam in the office with one hand, [Ben] and eat peanut butter out of a jar in the other. [Mike] And do you know why? This is why these protein bars are gonna solve a lot of problems, [Mike] because, you know, that’s really high in fat, [Mike] peanut butter, and it’s unhealthy for me to eat that amount [Mike] however, it’s got such good protein, [Mike] that I find it’s too easy not to do. [Mike] So these protein bars are gonna solve that problem probably, [Ben] Control the amount of peanut butter.
[Mike] put another ten years on my life! [Ben] Control the amount of peanut butter you eat.
[Mike] Yeah. [Ben] Actually you’re just a fan of nuts in general, aren’t you? [Mike] Yeah, I am. I’ve got, um, nuts all over the house so I’ll remember to eat them. [Ben] He’s not joking. [Ben] Next up, a couple of shots of coconut oil. [Mike] You know some good facts about coconut oil, don’t you? [Ben] So I’ve been told, great for mineral absorption, [Ben] so all those minerals we’ve put in with the nuts, [Ben] zinc and stuff like that, [Ben] this is gonna help them get absorbed, [Ben] and, one for you, [Ben] help protect the liver against alcohol poisoning. [Ben] With your penchant for whiskey, I think that’s… [Mike] What are you saying?
[Ben] I told you, these are personal to you, Mike, [Ben] these recipes.
[Mike] I eat sensibly and healthily in moderation. [Ben] Little bit of vanilla; more flavour. Nothing synthesised, it’s nice vanilla extract, [Ben] not essence. [Ben] And finally, milk, [Ben] and this is where it will start to get really sticky, [Ben] but the whole lot goes in, [Mike] Okay, go for it mate. [Ben] and then you just need to squelch it together until you get one dough, [Ben] and it should be a bit like Play Doh, [Ben] or like a um, a pastry – when you roll out like a shortcrust pastry. [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] Just a little bit tacky, but still malleable, [Ben] almost be able to roll it. [Mike] Right, [Mike] this is sticky. [Ben] It is sticky. [Mike] Hey! I’ve suddenly acquired [Ben] I might have brought this with me to Mike’s flat.
[Mike] silicon bakeware! [Ben] Mike doesn’t have silicon bakeware in his flat. [Ben] I brought that with me but it’s really easy for making this in, [Ben] cos it’s easier sort of getting them out once they’ve set up. [Ben] So push that in, push it in to all the corners. [Ben] The final bit, if you’ve got really sticky fingers, [Ben] just a clean wet hand, [Ben] and already that looks good. [Ben] Last thing is our chocolate, [Ben] and just dribble that all the way over the top, [Ben] spread it right to the edges, [Ben] and job done. You just let the whole thing set up. [Ben] There we go. They’ve had a couple of hours to set up in the fridge. [Ben] We’ve sliced them up into eight, which you said you wanted; [Ben] quite chunky.
[Mike] You need a lot of protein in each bar, [Mike] so yeah, definitely. I’m behind that. [Ben] Perfect. So there we go, our version of protein bars. [Ben] Not too sickly, definitely not too expensive, [Ben] hopefully damn tasty… [Ben] Sorted. [Ben] I’ve said they taste good, now you gotta prove it. [Mike] Perfect. [Mike] Absolutely perfect. [Mike] The thing I like about those, [Mike] they don’t overwhelm you with sweetness, [Mike] there’s no caramel, there’s no sugar in there, [Mike] there’s just the dark chocolate. [Mike] They’re perfect. [Ben] Which is exactly the idea, very very personal to you. [Ben] You asked for them, we delivered. [Mike] You sure did. [Ben] What we wanna know now, is what would you guys consider your most personal food; [Ben] the thing that’s most suitable to you. [Ben] Comment below, and perhaps we can get on to making it.

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