How Do I Get 🤫Blood 💉Tests Without A Doctor 👨‍⚕️

welcome I’m a deep green with Amy today
our green star member Laura will be telling us about blood tests that you
can maybe get without your doctor’s prescription and please give a warm welcome how much
of you I know lots of you I think all of you since I know you pretty well have
along this path whole food plant-based eating felt like you wanted more control
over measuring the status of your health a little more empowerment and I felt
strongly that way and some of you know my story about high cholesterol and
wanting to change things in my diet and check regular week to see how those
changes were affecting my cholesterol levels so my physician was really not
wanting to participate in that she was okay you go ahead and go add your Brazil
nuts and add your kefir and we’ll see we’ll see you next year
so I went online and I’m going to share with you what I found and see if it
would be helpful to you the lab company is called
Ulta you can see it up here all the lab tests and where you want to go if you
decide to go this route it’s scroll down this is just through Google you can you
can see I just went to Ulta lab tests calm and then as you scroll down you can
go to the login they will send you your results so here’s my results page and
you are able to print it out like I have done here or keep it if you trust the
cloud and store it for me you can order education information
about your situation if you want to know more here’s where you can order your
tasks so this is just test categories you can
look at weekly promotions if you want to see what’s on special this week or you
can go most popular and a lot of times those are pretty good price next puzzle
I’ve noticed panels condition so if you just go to search tests and you can
explore around so you can type in what kind of test you’re interested in so any
is there a test that you would like to know about yes okay so let me show you
something here I can put in EP books EPA and then do the search and it is
actually coming up with something earlier I put low lowercase EPA in like
that and they did you find anything and when I put uppercase EPA in that I found
things so it made me a little bit touchy that way I don’t know it’s in a better
mood right now than earlier this afternoon so here is the most popular
one omega threes in omega-6 fatty acids that you can from your blog but some of the tests
that they do our urine tests okay the plasmid was overnight fasting yes
gives you directions ELISA what’s included in item above six biomarkers
okay there’s more here so here to telling you more specifically what is
testing for arachidonic acid so that’s an omega-6 fatty acid that’s associated
with inflammation as you probably know your UPA ratio DHA EPA omega-3 index
I’ll make it succeed next omega-3 ratio so you can yeah so you can know what
that is for forty eight dollars and if you wait for the special or find out
what the specials are or like twenty percent off of that if you order it
before they’re always discounted it’s happily
discounted it always shows up yeah and if you look at what your insurance is
charging compared to what this is charging its you’ll see that it’s so we
can put this in your so when you’re checking out you use Easter man if you
would get another twenty four yeah b12 b12 okay so fine with me twelve cabal my
manifold a panel which can be good because those two no one can mask an
efficiency and the other too much folate is concerned now that all our so much
food is four to five of folate then it can mask a b12 deficiency so this is
getting getting a look at both of those if we look at this one the most popular
one for $38 following is a list of what’s included b12 COBOL of it and
fully panel two biomarkers thirty-eight hours so somebody said
vitamin D and you you said if I played they call it 25 hydroxy but if you bless
we type in inspired this one’s important to know if you
haven’t had your vitamin D level tested you probably know it’s not common in
food it’s real unusual especially for vegan food and it’s maybe in your skin
and Tom and I eat the same he has better sunscreen habits and I do but his
vitamin D is way up mine is so if you don’t know what your vitamin D is that’s
really a good thing but most physicians would be ready ready to order a wider
than D test this wandering 1500 so calcium ionized calcium
vitamin D 125 hydroxy vitamin D 25 hydroxy so what’s happening there vitamin D when
you give it from your skin or from food it’s not activated until it goes to two
places it has to go to your liver or it picks up one hydroxy ion and it has to
go to your kidney where it gets into a second one so they’re measuring both I’m
seeing because this is complicated it doesn’t matter if you get enough in else
isn’t working how not just what you’re getting in and what you’re doing with it
yes in this thing that activates all of that that makes it go to the kidney and
go to the liver is your parathyroid hormone and so that that’s right there
by your thyroid gland so that’s not working right yeah it’s not gonna
activate it so there’s all these pieces that have to work together and
they’re measuring to see where the problem might be let’s do it okay yeah
so let’s just write es H a little low case and see what it does system right
so we have 3 t3 t3 t4 and TSH there’s a TSH hey animal listen one that’s most
popular I don’t see it but if we go TSH antibody I mean there’s just all of
these in-depth tests like just was in reviewing more for tonight amazed at the
detail and the unusual tests that are and I don’t know what all of these do
you can go to the education place and they do on my page under comments this
was a Philippa you know they say well we’re I’m still high even though you
know working hard what the desirable range is how they calculated the the
value that they got not a lot of advice about what to do to
make it better if there be some potential liability for them there and
about that this is there’s an ordering physicians name on here so so there is
an order that signed by a doctor but it’s not my doctor and it’s somebody
who’s never seen lipid profile measures LDL particle number and size which are
more predictive of future heart attack and stroke events and just knowing what
your LDL is to people where the same cholesterol is can have a widely
different particle and size measurements making for very different something I
hope you find this useful let us know in the comments below if you have taken
advantage of this or what text it may be if you want to share with those test too
if you have any questions getting in the comments below – and please click up
here to subscribe and remember be strong be well

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