How Hardy Micronutrients Are Different Than Standard Multi-Vitamins

The question is what kind of
multivitamin should we take? It definitely would NOT be the kinds
of formulations which have been used in almost all of the existing literature published on
mineral vitamin supplements to date. Such publications only confirm that
poorly designed supplements show little potential to create an enormous improvement in public health
like Dr. Boudreau talked about. We simply cannot rely on this research
to reveal the benefit of supplementing minerals and vitamins. These are strong statements which
require some proof. Almost all the current studies attempting to measure
the effectiveness of vitamin mineral supplements have considered only a
single nutrient. The analogy of the dam given earlier helps us understand the principle that because there are numerous vitamin/vitamin, vitamin/mineral, and mineral/mineral interactions in
virtually all metabolic reactions in the body, it’s essential that every required
nutrient be present in adequate amounts for any to perform properly. Many
vitamins require co-factors to function in the body. Since we know that multiple deficiencies
are almost a guaranteed condition for
everyone, testing a effectiveness of the single
vitamin without assuring the presence and adequacy of all essential minerals and
vitamin co-factors which interact with that vitamin would
be futile.

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One thought on “How Hardy Micronutrients Are Different Than Standard Multi-Vitamins

  1. I find it amazing that Hardy Nutritionals goal is not to help in just one area of clinical nutrition but all areas in a balanced formula.

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