– Hey, tough girls, it’s your girl, Latoyaforever, and welcome to my health and fitness YouTube channel, Shestough! Make sure you pop a squat
right on that subscribe button. If you don’t know who
I am, I’m the creator of, which
is an online health and fitness training system. To learn more about, make sure you head on over to my site. Okay, so when I started
my weight gain journey, I had to find out what my BMR
plus my activity level was. What the heck is a BMR? BMR stands for Basal metabolic rate. So this is the amount of calories you burn if your body was just to
be in bed for 24 hours. Just breathing, blinking,
your blood is flowing, cells repairning, heart
beatin, to function, just to live, without moving. Your BMR is the amount of
calories your body burns if your body was just chillin’. So, my BMR, my perosonal
BMR rate is 1324 calories. So this is how much my body
would burn if I was just like– But we’re human, we do stuff, okay? We move around, we’re active. So there are calculators
that will calculate you’re BMR plus activity level, okay? I will link the calculator that I used in the description box below. Okay, so after you
calculate your BMR rate, you have to put in your activity level. I put my activity level in,
and I’m moderately active. I work out five days a week, hunty. I be getting these gains. My BMR plus activity level
brought me to 2052 calories. On a daily basis, I know to maintain my current
weight, which is 135 pounds, I would have to eat 2052 calories. This is the amount of
calories I would need to eat every single day
just to keep this figure. So, tough girls, make sure you go to the description box
below and calculate your BMR plus your activity level, okay? Get that calorie amount;
this is what you need to know to accomplish your fitness goal. All you need to know is
your gender, your age, your height, and your weight–
oh, and your activity level. So, since I know that I
need to eat 2052 calories every single day to
maintain my current weight, which is 135 pounds, I know
that I have to eat more, okay? I have to consume more, I have
to be in a caloric surplus. A caloric surplus is eating more than your maintenance level of calories, and what I did is I ate 2500 calories every single day, sometimes more. Okay, tough girls, let’s talk about food. Let me take you through a day
in the life of Latoyaforever, trying to pack on these pounds. I drink two Weight Gainer protein shakes every single day, one in
the morning, one at night. These two protein shakes
equal one thousand calories. I will leave a link in
the description box below on all the Weight Gainer protein powders that I use or that I recommend. After drinking a Weight Gainer protein shake, I eat breakfast. For breakfast, I’ll have three eggs with two slices of Ezekiel bread, I’ll have a shot of
superfood, because sometimes, I just can’t eat vegetables,
kay? (sniffles, sighs) So I take a shot of superfood, alright? Or, if I’m not feeling like eating eggs and bread like every single day, I’ll have Greek yogurt,
which is high in protein, and we all know that
protein helps build muscle. Trying to get the gains, you
gotta consume protein, alright? I’ll have Greek yogurt with
granola and fruit in it, and I’ll have that for breakfast. Okay, so for lunch, I’ll
have like a chicken burrito with a bunch of vegetables
and, you know, sour cream, salsa, corn, jalapeno
peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, wrapped in like a whole
wheat tortilla, oh, my gosh! Hot sauce, like, I’m
hungry right now! (laughs) I’ll eat that for lunch, and that comes up to about 475 to five hundred calories, which is amazing, it gets you real full. I know some tough girls watching are like, “Girl, I still don’t know what to eat.” Listen, it doesn’t have to be hard. I have a weight gainer program over on my health and fitness website, which is I have meal plans, I have recipes, I have fitness videos, okay? I have a calendar so you
can keep yourself organized, I have a motivational guideline
to help you stay motivated, I have a Facebook group,
it’s private for members only where we encourage each
other, uplift each other. We post before and after pictures, what we’re eating for the day, we just are in this together, so make sure you head on over to to join my weight gaining program. We don’t just want to gain
weight and be flabby, okay? We need to work out, we need to do some resistance training
with dumbbells, alright? Stay away from cardio, we’re not trying to burn all them calories now. We’re trying to build muscle
and keep our bodies toned. Today, I worked on legs. I did deadlifts. I love starting with deadlifts because it really works my hamstrings, it works my lower back, it
works my booty, of course, and with deadlifts, I
make sure I lift heavy, and on my way up, I squeeze
the crap out of my glutes. You really have to engage those muscles. Everybody thinks that they have to be doing this exercise
and that exercise and use a dumbbell and a resistance band with a book on their head to get results. No! Basic is better. Deep squats is a must, alright? You have to go real deep so
you really engage those glutes. When you do your squats, make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and you squat as low as you can go. I would suggest you guys have a dumbbell. The more resistance, the better. This is how you build muscle, alright? So make sure you have some dumbbells, five pounds, ten pounds, whatever
you feel comfortable with. You could start out with bodyweight, but make sure you work your way up so you can have more resistance to really build those muscles. Lunges. I love lunges. I love to do alternating lunges
with twenty pound dumbbells. Oh my gosh, I always feel the burn. This engages your hamstrings,
your glutes, your quads, your lower body, you know what I’m sayin’. Now, the reason why we
use dumbbells and weights is so we can really tear our muscles down so when it repairs itself, they grow. They grow over time,
they get bigger, alright? And the more protein you eat, the more protein you consume, the bigger your muscles will become. Hip thrusts are lit, okay? Like when I do hip thrusts, I make sure I squeeze the living hell out of my butt. Like it really works
your main booty muscle, like the big chunk of
it, the gluteus maximus, yeah, it works that muscle to the core. They burn, I know, but make
sure you guys add a dumbbell. So yes, that is one of my lower body workout routines that I love, okay? I love my squats, I love my lunges, I love my hip thrusts, hunty. I will leave my routine in
the description box below. Make sure you leave your
video idea requests. What kind of health and fitness
videos you want to see next? Comment below, thank you
so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that
video, I hope I brought you some value, I love you, tough girl. And don’t forget that you
need to subscribe, alright? Squat on that subscribe
button, alright? Stay tough. (mid-tempo hip-hop)

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