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100 thoughts on “HOW I REALLY TRAIN || MY CURRENT WORKOUT SPLIT *update*

  1. Hey my friends!! It's good to be back!! Every week of training looks different for me but I try to give an example 😘. If you're after info on some of the moves and how to perform them I give lots of details on instagram (: all my love!! ❤️xxx

  2. I just discovered your channel! Your videos are so informative. I can’t wait to try some of your training movements!!! I’m a firm believer that each session should push you to your limits. And your sessions look challenging!

  3. Can you make video for beginner to plyo exercises? I'm two weeks into Cut but whenever plyo day comes, I'm really struggling with them 🙁

  4. Have you ever injured yourself while training? I'd love to see a video about that. I tend to hurt myself when I workout–prone to chronic pain. Perhaps you have already addressed this in a previous video. xx <3

  5. I won’t be having access to the gym for a month and I’m definitely using your Bodyweight moves!! Your Bodyweight exercises are the best, maybe you should think about making a video on only Bodyweight moves, anyway, thankyou! ♥️

  6. Love the gymshark fluffy hoodie! I see it can also be used as a gym accessories as well 😉 Thanks for always being an inspiration

  7. Can you please change the font of the notes on screen to a not cursive in the next videos? It is really hard to read for viewers who don't control English perfectly… (Me for example 🙂 )

  8. Hey I love your workouts soooo much! I recovered from an ED and have only just started to find some happiness bodily and with my food in the last year or so, It's so inspiring to read your story! Can I ask how long a rest do you leave between sets/exercises? thanks you!!! xxxx

  9. 1:35 Thank God your decorations and keys stayed on the wall 😁😁 I hope I can go on a fitness retreat with you in the near future😍😍 xx Dori

  10. It's really nice to hear someone so in shape say that they don't feel the need to workout every day, and that this would just be an ideal week. I find myself feeling so guilty when I skip a day and feeling like I'm 'falling behind'(?) the people that I aspire to look more like. This is a great video!!

  11. Hi! I was just wondering: do you eat in a calorie deficit? And can you lose fat without being in a calorie deficit? I've been seeing all these posts about how a calorie deficit is the only way to lose fat, and I know that I shouldn't do that because I am in recovery for my ed. Thanks so much! You are such an inspiration!😁❤

  12. GIRL! Okay so I did a combo of a few of these exercises for my whole body day, and let me tell you my legs are DEAD! Literally two days after and I still can barely walk, I haven’t had a good workout like that in so so long and it feels amazing. Absolutely love this style of training, gonna keep trying it out and experimenting it for abit I am obsessedddd! 😍😍❤️

  13. Started doing your workouts and I love them soooo muuuuch !! Also at what time do you go to the gym for it be so empty? haha

  14. Yay welcome back!! You should do a gymnastics video with Nile Wilson! He did one with Grace (fitUK) and it was so funny! He could teach you some mad tricks 😁💕😘

  15. You are such an inspiration to me Natacha! Thanks to you I recently entered Miss Swimsuit UK!! Sadly I didn't qualify for the finals, but with your help I could get there! Anyone reading this, if you could pleeeeeease go to the miss swimsuit uk instagram page and like my photo I will be eternally grateful!! My name is Chloe and I'm the blonde in the red bikini <3 <3 <3

  16. How do you keep track or record what workouts you do? I follow your workouts in aflete, but it looks like you just freestyle it…?

  17. Missed your uploads Natacha but glad you had a fab time in Kenya! ❤

    I always admire your core strength and the many different and unique ways you challenge it in your workouts and gymnastics!

    Was that something you really had to work hard on?
    If so, how long did it take you to build up a strong core?

    (Among other things) I want to be able to go back to pole classes and progress at the same speed as everyone else. To date, I've only really been able to excel at moves that rely heavily on my legs – like the standard crucifix move and climbing the pole! 😅

  18. Tumbling is a complete mind game and is unlike any sport so keep your head up. One thing I find that helps me is imagining the more in my head and let my muscle memory kick in.

  19. Not only are your workouts amazing and intense and fun, but your personality just absolutely makes my heart smile! I love watching your videos!! 🙂

  20. Hey
    South African fan here.
    Could you maybe speak about the medicine ball and how you select the weight that you use?
    I ask because of home workouts. We are a small group of ladies that live and workout together. And it seems like having a medicine ball as part of the equipment that we use is a good idea.
    Big fan of your Instagram, i tend to go through a couple of your posts before a workout to remind myself how and what i am aiming to do. You bring attention to underrated things like breathing and muscle tension (not sure what to call it actually, but contracting and relaxing muscles other than the ones that you are aiming at with any particular exercise).
    As mentioned big fan, any chance you are considering a trip to the sunny rainbow nation?
    Thanks for being a HUGE inspiration and thanks for your constant no holds barred honest approach to sharing your skills and knowledge : )

  21. can I say that I want to be you when I grow up even though I'm already in my twenties?😂 seriously Natacha you are so inspiring! love your workouts, love your music taste, and most of all love love love your personality💛

  22. You really motivate me to get back to gymnastics again… and it's been 13 years since I stopped so I guess I'm gonna have a lot to work on but whatever it's worth it ^^

  23. I’ve been trying out this split this week and it’s been awesome to mix up my workouts, thank you!
    Do you usually follow the same exercises on each training day for a few weeks, or does each week have different exercises?

  24. Hello Natacha
    I like your videos. You are a hard worker and have an amazing physique!!!
    Always see you in workout gear.
    So i wanted to ask.
    Can you do a video on getting ready for a night out? Like a few options on outfits and footwear.
    You are gorgeous would like to see you all dressed up and ready to go out.
    Thank you.
    Tell Mario "que no se ponga celoso" he has a beautiful girlfriend 😎

  25. Hi Natasha I want to say how much you have changed my lifestyle with your workouts and your energy. I want to say thank you and I absolutely love your vids they are fun fun fun

  26. Right after watching this video i found a gymnastic class for adults for myself:) You are an increadible human being. Thank you for being you♥️

  27. Have you had any like gut problems or know someone with thyroid issues? If yes, I would love to hear about it, Im stuck with major gutproblems and thyroid issues that effects my wellbeing alot and you are a big insporation so would me very nice to hear what you have to say about it. BTW Love your videos!!! Keep on in the exact same way, ive been following you for a while now and you always seem to know exactly what topics to talk about 🙂

  28. These type of videos really give me a lot of motivation. I was feeling soooo lazy the other day, just laying around on my hpone with no motivation to do anything at all. And i watched few of your workout videos and suddenly i wanted to work out. Its not how you look that motivates me, but how you look during the session. Like, i wanted to be able to do the things you can, and i know to achieve that i need to keep going lol and dont let my laziness take control. So, i got up and did a workout after this video. I like these videos, please keep them up. Thank you for the motivation.

  29. So refreshing to see a different style of training. Loved this! I've always been interested in more functional training but have no idea where to start, did you start out with a trainer or have you learnt along the way?

  30. Omg you are like capitain marvel😍 I wanna achieve this one day, congratulations 🎊 (I’m really impressed)♥️♥️

  31. This was super helpful, as I was looking to mix up my workouts, and I was curious about yours. Seriously your upper body strength is really impressive! I was wondering if you train on your own for gymnastics, or take adult classes or something lol. I am 16, and have wanted to learn some gymnastics, but I feel like it's too late to enter a class.

  32. I want to do gymnastics but my mom said with 4 kids she has to many expenses☹️Your so pretty and rlly are an inspiration. You must work rlly hard! Love from Florida❤️😊👍

  33. If we want one of your workout guides that is most similar to the workout split and exercises that you show in this video, which one would you suggest?

  34. Hey Natacha ! Could you make a video on plyo workouts? I’d be very interested. Lots of love 💕😍❤️

  35. I wish i had 20 years less…to try EVERYthing you do…but still I'm 40 and
    I exercise well and fix my goal too….
    First goal …handstand
    Also…i watch loats of video…but really you make the difference.. i Think you are a gymnastik…all the other put on video only squat etc…you improve yourself and try an incredibile amount of exercise and style
    So i hope you could going on this way..its beautiful to see a young tuta create own work!

  36. I usually watch your videos during boring cardio 😴 makes it go a lot faster thanks 😁 can you do a stretch video I have quite a few injuries and mainly from not stretching, so I know I should but I still don't!

  37. I wish we had adult gymnastics near me! I did it a bit as a little kid and miss it, but alas- nothing near me allows adults.

  38. Where do you find the different moves? I always do the same moves for upper and lower. Like squats, lunges then pull ups, rows, curls, etc. some of the moves you do look fun but I’m always at a loss when I start a workout what I should do. Do you have any websites or resources I can look at to learn more strength exercises?

  39. God Natacha is an actual BEAST, those one legged squats were ridiculous what the hell. Super motivating + wholesome content

  40. I think your videos are great but those eye-lashes are muy distracting. The whole time i am trying to pay attention when you are talking to the camera and i am locked onto those bad boys. Audience engaging tip we shall say.

  41. p.s. don't think everything you post on IG has to be perfect, I think watching you learn or re-learn a skill would be great.

  42. You are SO COOL! I can’t believe I only just started watching you! Thanks again for the Eating Disorder video, it helped a lot. As for your fitness routines, I am so inspired! Once I have more time in the next few months I’m definitely gonna start going gymnastics again and start climbing again as well, and make more time for dance. You’re super inspiring! I owe you one!!!!!

  43. You are such an inspiration!!! You inspire me to get back into gymnastics and I’m going to! Thank you💜

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