How Much Protein for Toddlers?

If you’re a parent of a toddler, I know this
question has crossed your mind; how much protein do they need? Well, watch this video and by
the end, you will know exactly how much they need and how easy it actually is for them
to get it. For the best nutrition and feeding advice for toddlers, from a Registered Dietitian
Nutritionist, make sure to hit subscribe and hit the bell so that you’re notified every
time I have new video. Chances are your toddler loves carbs. Who doesn’t, right? But you are
worried about them getting enough protein, understandably so. I’m going to break it down
really simple for you in this video and let you know exactly how much they need. All you need to calculate their protein needs
is to know their weight approximately in pounds. So if you need to go grab that, pause this
video and come back. Once you know their weight in pounds, divide it by two and that’s the
number of grams of protein that they need per day at a minimum. It’s simple, right?
If you have a 30 pound toddler, divide that by two. 15 grams is all they need. And guess
what? It’s easy for them to get this. To give you some context, one cup of milk has eight
grams of protein in it. If they have two cups of milk in a day, that covers their protein
needs. Whether they drink milk or not, they still can easily get their protein needs without
having to use supplements, bars, or shakes of any kind. In fact, if you go crazy with
all those supplements, too much protein can actually be a negative for them and crowd
out the other nutrients that their bodies need. Take a look at this visual of one ounce
of chicken. One ounce of meat has about eight grams of protein in it. So, if you see them
only taking a couple bites of their meat, know that they’re still getting a really good
amount of protein there. Now you know exactly how much protein they
need. If they don’t eat much meat or you’re just worried about where exactly they’re going
to get the protein, make sure to go to my blog post and I’ll link that below. It’s called
If Your Toddler Won’t Eat Meat. This is also a really great post for anybody who happens
to be vegetarian. If you liked this video, please leave me a comment and let me know,
and make sure you subscribe to my channel.

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