How to cure Vitamin B12 Deficiency at home for FREE !!! (with English Subtitles)

Hello Friends! I, Kaushik Dhandhukiya, welcome you all on our Swasthya Premi Pariwar YouTube Channel Swasthya Premi Pariwar is performing health awareness activities throughout India for last 2 Years… As we all know, now a days health conscious and aware people are spreading a word in every country of the world about… How to cure any kind of ailment with natural remedies without any kind of medicines? With the same motto we work at “Swasthya Premi Pariwar” (Health Lovers’ Family) We try to save people from costly treatments and teach them that if nature’s some basic rules are applied to life style It is very easy to maintain health… and if ailment is incurable a person can surely recover from them to a great extent… In this episode I will talk to you regarding Vitamin B12 deficiency and cure for the same…. As we all know, Vit B12 deficiency has been skyrocketed within last 10 to 12 years. So the question is that why is it spreading at such higher speeds? Even science accept that Lord Shree Ram born 10000 years ago, and Christ born 2000 years ago. Then why the deficiency arised dramatically? and a great problem is that we do not ask questions…. Today I will discuss 3 topics with you. viz
1. What is Vitamin B12? 2. What are the symptoms of deficiency? and
3. How Vitamin B12 deficiency can be cured at no cost without any injections? Vitamin B12 as the name says is a very precious vitamin which is very healpful for functioning of nervous system and brain. Vit B12 affects the processing from cellular metabolism to DNA synthesis. So it has been said that deficiency may prove fatal. 2. Symptoms of deficiency…
No feeling or sense or tingling in hand or legs, lower appetite, Cold in hand or legs, feeling deprived on energy, lower memory power, irritation persists etc. and now 3. If deficiency occurs then how to recover from it? But before answering the dilemma, I would like to share some important insights regarding Vit B12. When our team started a research, we found that in 1992, in a journal of Royal Society of Medicines transcribed… something regarding Vit B12, and in 1997 the another journal named Blood also contained details of Vit B12. I would like to share that details in easy words, we have two kind of supplements as source of Vit B12. A tablet or an injection. And Vit B12 is made of 2 kind of ingredients. 1. Mythylcobalamin and 2. Cyanocobalamin. So if anybody intakes an injection of Vit B12, he or she is injecting mythylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin… But as depicted in these 2 journals, cyanocobalamin may be poisonous for the body… in 1992, 1997 and then after many times these has been published… why so published? Because mythlcobalamin is made of as the name reveals mythyle and cobalamin and as that of cyanocobalamin is made of cyanide and cobalamin and when we hear cyanide we feel it as poisonous So when cyanocobalamin enters in your body it will separate and cobalamin will be consumed whereas cyanide must be thrown out of your body by kidneys cause it may prove harmful for the body… Now the second question, How it may be cured? People don’t ask a logical question that if your body will consume the Vitamin B12, it’s resources will be wiped off and then? Then deficiency occurs again… and the suggestion will be to take an injection again… The second logical question is that if Vit B12 is found in non-veg food then think every non-veg is alive before it’s been cooked or killed… So every chicken is made of an bird or every mutton is made from an animal and if every non-veg has Vit B12, it means every living body has Vit B12 and if that’s so, we humans are alive too and not the artificial… So how it can be cured? I believe that it can be cured by consuming non-veg I am going to introduce to a simple and special kind of non-veg, which your family will allow you to consume Even you may consume it in front of deity or within your worship place and your religion will not apostates… cleanse your mouth properly at bed time and in morning take a glass of warm water and sip it. Take a sip and move it around in your mouth so that saliva blend with it properly then swallow it. What will happen is that during the whole passed night a humongous amount of bacteria will be germinate and discarded… When you drink this water, bacteria will sink with water, some of them may be alive and some may be dead and dead ones are non-veg and so it will serve the same as for non-veg food and level of Vit B12 will rise… The other very sensible information which I love to share with you is that daily requirement of Vit B12 is very little, how much? For understanding let’s have an example… If a person live for 100 years, total amount of Vit B12 needed in a human body is just 87 milligrams… that’s all we need in a lifespan of 100 years… So there is no need of any kind of injection or medication. Some basic grandpa’s rules will keep you happy and healthy… Thank You very much for watching Swasthya Premi Pariwar’s video… As I said earlier, almost every country has such kind of movement going on… We also want to spread this to every nook and hook of Bharat (India) and spread a word about natural cures of every curse… and above all this can not happen without you. Your support is very precious for us. If you want to join us, subscribe us and like our Facebook page. Our Facebook Address is: Once again, Thank You very much for your valuable time… Will meet again…

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