How To: Dumbbell Chest Press

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell chest press. First thing you’re going to do is find a set of dumbbells that you can do, and what you want to do is put them in front of the machine when you start to dumbbell chest press if you like to take them off the rack I like to put them on the ground first, make sure things all set up what you’re gonna do, I like to pick up one at a time put them on my knee, grab the other one put it on my other knee and then sit down. Now I also have a trick if you go on my playlist and type in my tricks there’s a way to pick dumbbells up if you’re using heavier weights, so you don’t waste too much energy. I’m going to do it right now, I’m not gonna explain it if you want to see it go to my tricks dumbbell flat bench press. So what I’m going to do is bring the dumbbells back and now make sure your feet are firm on the ground and now there’s a wrong way to do a chest press even with dumbbells as well and the wrong way is bring in the weight down over your shoulders and the upper part of your chest. Puts a lot of unwanted stress in your rotator cuffs and it’s not going to bring your whole chest into the exercise what you want to do is actually come under your chest like this dig your shoulders into the pad make sure your wrist is straight, and then I come down to a 90 degree angle you’re just a little bit past 90 degrees and then push straight up and you can even see more of the chest coming into play and that’s because I’m holding the dumbbells over the lower part of my chest so come down again like this come down the 90 degrees and then straight up and now you always breathe out when you exert the force you’re going to breathe out as you bring the dumbbells up so down. One more, breathe all the way up Put the weight down on the ground and that’s how you do a dumbbell flat bench press. For more information, feel free to subscribe to my channel because I’m putting out new exercises all the time Later guys

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100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Chest Press


    The ultimate chest building exercise! Dumbbell pressing for the win!!

  2. bullshut dumbell bench press hardly built chest it will workout your arms and shoulders more controlling dumbells waste a lot of calories resulting in cardio

  3. This secret tip it's for all my youtubers friends.: When i do some dumbells presses and im gettin' hard ache & pain on triceps and delt-chest areas . i suggest to quit the excercise cheating this way:.. Try to undress your sportshoes and soxs of your feets while you are pressing and leave those foots wears waiting a few seconds 'til the sox colds 1 to 2º this for sure you mind need some cheat for avoid a fool work .This " skill-trick " i'd doing by decades and now i do official public in this comment . Good luck and remember be very smart in your routines and normal life ever.

  4. Will using a 20lb weight and lifting it straight up with both hands also be effective for someone who almost never lifts weights? If so, how many reps would you recommend? And How often?

  5. This is close grip dumbbell bench press !!! Enter in youtube – Special narrow dumbbell bench press 2X50kg 110lbs X 9 reps !

  6. Lol this dude is my doppleganger. Just a bit bigger. Well quite a bit haha.

    My shoulders are killing me so I'm trying to find a variation that can help? Anyone got ideas?

  7. I find it hard to balance the dumbbells and keep my arms "straight", I'm not using heavy weights, would really appreciete an answer, thanks!

  8. I saw some bodybuilders do almost half rep in bench press and other workouts and violates full range of motion. why do they do that? is it common for experienced guys?

  9. I'm a beginner, I do have a little muscles in my chest, but my question is I have been doing the Dumbbell chest press for a week and don't even feel my chest working. Is that normal ? Ohhhh, yeah, only sometimes I do feel some in the corner of the chest when I pull down the Dumbbell. Same with the bench press.

  10. I’ve been doing these wrong. I’ve only been lifting for like 2 weeks and I already feel some pain in my shoulder from having the weights in line with my shoulder too much. My friend told me I should have it in line smh. I’ll remember this next time I go. Thanks.

  11. Very helpful.. Simple mistake but im a beginner, ive been holding them more above shoulders than chest, delts are jakked tho so cant complain lol

  12. What specific area does this hit? By the way this is a perfect substitute for bench right? I dont have a spotter so its inconvienent to constantly ask someone.

  13. thanks I was wondering why I was feeling so much strain on my shoulders. I know to arch my back when benching with barbell, but didn't think to do the same with dumbbells.

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  15. Great video reading the guys comments on this too makes me feel tons better cos I've had some issues too sore shoulders and things my form was all wrong so thanks for the video and to the guys that have commented too it really helps

  16. Ok, you're too sexy. I got distracted from learning form to just watching you work. I'll just have to watch again 😋.

  17. Great videos need to get rid of the tssscchh it's not easy to listen to on headphones and I watch this video every week

  18. slight wrist pain when doing these, but the more force i put on my chest the less it hurts. so it’s obvious, squeeze my chests a lot right?

  19. Am I able to do this with the dumbbells turned to the side? Or is that worse? I find it a lot harder to grip the way you have it.

  20. Your body gets used to the exercises you do so you need to shock your muscles so if you do 100kg bench press do 150kg and then 140 them 130 etc shock the muscle is key.

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