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22 thoughts on “How to Eat More Foods with Vitamin E

  1. @pat1981lux

    Would you rather live an unhealthy life and eat foods you do like? or would you rather eat foods you dislike, every once in a while and live a healthy life?

  2. you enjoy life more when your healthy.
    the better you eat, the more focused and attentive you are. you wont have so many mood swings and you'll have more energy to do things.
    alchohol is a temporary scapegoat from your problems.

  3. @TheJMachine it does matter where you "get your body needs". So much happens with food today the vitamins are dissolved by the time you get to it. Have you ever heard of monsantos?? Why do you think there is more cancer then ever in this world?

  4. what about personal rating option with a 10 letter limit or so along with pooling those so others may select what someone has already created to provide likewise (hopefully constructive ) criticism or create anew ?

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