How to gain MUSCLE MASS with ONLY calisthenics!

[Music] hey what’s up guys and welcome to another one in this video I’ll share my thoughts and a subject that a lot of you guys have asked me about and that is how to get bigger with body weight exercises so I often get messages like I work out for hours every day but I’m just not seeing any results so as I see they’re like three overall factors in this the first one number one is nutrition I don’t know this comes as a surprise for some of you but in case you didn’t know you burn a certain amount of calories every day and if you just take in more calories than you burn you’re going to be in a calorie surplus and when your body is in a calorie surplus you put on weight and a lot of people fail in this pot I’ll talk about later number two is the workout part if you want to put on muscle mass you need to make sure that your muscles get worked in a way that they have to rebuild themselves stronger and bigger for the next time that’s called high pot raphy training I’ve talked about this before and the most effective rep range for achieving high pot raphy is like around six to twelve reps and that of course that doesn’t mean you can just go to the floor and do 12 push-ups if you could do like 20 in a row no my friend that’s not how it works you need to find an exercise that is hard enough so you can just barely complete the six to twelve reps and this is where training with weights is really easy since you can just add or remove the whey and adjust it that way very simple but if you’re just a bit creative with calisthenics you can just do different variations and achieve the same and if you do weighted calisthenics it’s pretty easy since you can just add extra weights to your bodyweight exercises and the third one is genetics it’s completely different from person to person how a body responds to different type of workouts some people can make a change pretty quick and for others it just takes a long long time also you could be like really strong naturally and that’s not necessarily a good thing in terms of gaining muscle mass you know if you could already do likes when you pull-ups in a row you know some people can just do that then you’re not going to put on much muscle mass with pull-ups then you’d have to add extra weights from the beginning but at the same time if you’re really naturally strong calisthenic you can get crazy good at all these tricks you know 360s and 720’s and so on but that’s just not going to give you bigger muscles either also another thing of course is H like if you’re a young teenager your body is bubbling with hormones and if you’re old everything is just you know slower and it’s harder to do stuff like putting on muscle or or losing fat yeah a lot of people often compare calisthenics and weightlifting claiming that weight lifting will get you bigger always and I mean that’s true from what I’ve observed is true if you say 20 random weight lifters and compare them to 20 random people doing calisthenics I think that the weight lifters overall in general would be bigger but that doesn’t mean that calisthenics cannot do the same now maybe people are just doing it the wrong way haha and I like the wrong way let me explain first of all I think that one of the reasons that weight lifters and bodybuilders are often bigger than people doing calisthenics is because they care way more about the nutrition that’s one thing another thing is that I think that there are a lot of people doing calisthenics for this kind of lazy type they just like you know go to the park do some pull-ups just chill a bit don’t really want to pay for a gym membership and don’t care that much about nutrition again so it just works out at the park and hangs out and full respect to that we all have different ways of doing things and the super serious tough-guy attitude muscle minded gym rat it’s not doing like a better job in my opinion it’s just about whatever makes you happy right but it just is a whole other way to work out and with a totally different purpose and then there are a lot of people in calisthenics just don’t train to get bigger they just do it for the tricks and the truth is I almost never work on tricks I just do calisthenics strength and hypertrophy training and then when I shoot some videos sometimes I do some tricks just to show off I guess just I’m just being honest I show the tricks in my videos but my workouts look completely different like you can see in the workout program at my website that’s what made me go from 65 kilo to 7 8 kilo in a year with only bodyweight exercises but the number one key to getting bank and calisthenics and in anything really is still nutrition if you’re a really skinny guy like I was you have to eat a lot more than you’re used to and I think a lot of people really fail on that part I mean look at this comment I found but Tris and we’re working out five hours every day and I’m still not seeing any results bro you’re not supposed to work out that much at all remember the more you work out the more calories you burn and the more you have to eat to put on mass plus when you’re working out for that long amount of time your body and muscles will eventually start to like break down itself in order to get energy from somewhere that’s a bad idea as I usually say like don’t train hard train smart it may sound a bit cheesy but it’s just to illustrate that even though you’re working really hard for like five hours in the gym it’s better if you just work out for maybe two hours in the gym every second day and just make sure that you get a lot of sleep and a lot of food you really don’t have to waste hours in the gym every day you really don’t but as I talked about before of course the training itself matters a lot as well putting on mass if you don’t push yourself to the limit when you work out your muscles are not going to rebuild stronger and bigger that’s a focus on the sets and reps and not spend too much time on doing the tricks time under tension is really important as well I see many fitness youtubers just telling you to bang out as many pull-ups and chin-ups as you can like bah brothers man that’s really bad advice you want to do it slow and controlled with a proper form focus on really like contracting the muscle like mind to muscle focus on that it’s not about doing as many as you can it’s about doing it as hard for yourself as you possibly can like quality over quantity so I hope you guys could use this or something make sure to slap a like down below comment if you have any requests I just want to thank you all for all the support and all the guys contributing with subtitles that really helps a lot you can click down below and you can do subtitles for this video and that helps me so much if just one guy from Germany makes German subtitles to this then a lot more German people will be able to understand what’s being said so thank you guys for doing that I’ll see you in the next video and by the way now we’re on the whole subject about calisthenics and getting bigger make sure to click into my website and check out the workout program I made I’m getting a lot of positive respond on this one so make sure to check it out okay that’s good rushing recording fucking recording hey what’s up guys and it’s just fucking recording [Music]

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100 thoughts on “How to gain MUSCLE MASS with ONLY calisthenics!

  1. Okay so please ignore all the dislikes. I've been attacked by dislike bots and it's been confirmed by YouTube… making this my 3rd most disliked video ever at only 50k views. this is so annoying. makes no sense. I'm in contact with YouTube right now to see if they can solve it.

  2. @Christian_Nielsen You need to start caring about your subscribers and reply to their emails! It looks like you dont give a f#@! about your subs

  3. what is your workout routine bro and schedule every week. My schedule was make me tired in MWF i do 50 pull ups 50 dips and 50 push ups i see result but slow and make me tired the whole day. I workout in the morning

  4. Hi Christian. Did you rest for 1,30 min between sets even when you was practicing one arm pullup or other hard exercises for 1-5 reps ? Please reply . Thanks

  5. i just have started working out couse ur videos. thats where i did get my motivation but.. i think some of u knows the feeling that when u work alone ur not so motivated and i have that problem couse my friends doesn't work out..😕 But i ain't gonna give up! i'm gonna keep working hard!💪

  6. so i started calisthenics like a month and a half ago and after the first month the workout i used to do no longer make me feel the pain i used to feel ( i loved the pain tbh lol) do I switched to a newer workout that had alot of variety of upper body exercises with 3 sets and 12 reps each and yet I don't feel the same pain lol so idk, am i doing smth wrong ? should i increase the reps or sets ? or it just a normal thing and i keep doing what I already am doing ?

  7. It's basically just about time under tention. The muscle doesen't care where the resistance come from. It can come from a difficuilt push up as well as a bench press.

  8. without taking protein shake or any form of plus for my body and doing all of it naturally… can i still gain it???

  9. #butchris is it possible for someone to be buff from genes of their parents? even though they haven't worked out , and is it possible in anyway to confirm how to lose wait and fast?

  10. He forgot to mention Factor 4 : Sleeep (he just mentioned inside the video at some point , but not as a separate important factor). So guys , it is simple , no parting , no watching TV or playing video games. Sleeping everyday at least 9 hours ,because only when you sleep is the time that you actually grow muscles. Sleeping everyday the same time , eg 22:00 and waking up the same time 07:30 (I assumed that it will take you around 30 minutes to actually fall asleep , so your sleeping hours will be from 22:30–07:30 ).

  11. On point video. Great that you addressed both training and nutrition. Also taking a bigger view and talking about Calisthenics, weighted Calisthenics, and lifting weights, kudos 🙂

  12. Hey guys I'm 6 months in and I have a couple beginner/intermediate calisthenics workouts! And I've put up my transformation. It would help so so much if y'all would check it out

  13. I wanna eat more food but really cant since im a still a student and my school offers expensive shit food and my parents wont let me buy chickens breasts

  14. How the fuck can i’ve missed your Chanel. The best shit on youtube (men jag hatar danskjävlar, bara så du inte säger nått till nån🇸🇪🇸🇪)

  15. in my country woman prefer the calisthenic body like,all of my female friend agred , they dont like super big guy, they thinks its scary, i live in asia.

  16. Hey dude! I'm brazilian. I've never seen an amazing video in english about exercises like yours before! Thank you for the information. I've been working out at home for one month

  17. I just bought the full body program how do I find it again if I bought it already, I don’t have a membership with your website though

  18. I m doing calisthanic from 2 months. and now I have my chest from 33 to 34.5 inches and biceps from 11 to 12 inches. so I m progressing well or not? do I need any protein supplements ( like whey protein )? plz reply

  19. Really helpful video a like from me this is the first video i understand the whole mass thing

  20. does calisthencs use up newbie gains as i want to do calisythenics as a transition to bodybuilding

  21. This video has changed my life. One more subscriber! And I liked it so much that I left my * Like *

  22. If you can do a lot of pull ups, dips, and push ups but do really short rest periods (like 30 seconds) can you still build muscle?

  23. agreed. Happy to find you!
    NUTRITION: The Big Deal!!!!
    to me, it gave the discipline to the others two bullet points you mentioned: eat healthy, find an high quality rest and then workout.

  24. #butchriiis i wanna lose some weigh, i have like 18% bodyfat, i wanna have like 10%, and also i don.t want to lose any muscle by making so much Cardio, i m not eating so much so i don.t get any fat, but i eat how much i feel that i need, what should i do?

  25. Hey Christian, what do you think about putting on muscle just by doing hundreds of reps with calisthenic exercises (eg 300 push ups, 300 pull ups, and 300 squat jumps). I am currently doing this for like 5 months now and I've seen huge results, but does this type of routine have any downsides to it?

  26. hi chris my body is so lean, can u suggest some food chart for builiding mass.first of all i need to be fat and confident .

  27. I have been going to gym with a friend for 6 months but just for fun. And my gymcard went out and I cant afford a new gym card so i thought hey leets try calishenics. So i was wondering if you have a diet to build muscle from calishenics to do harder things each week. Srry for a long text

  28. Hi Christian Nielsen.. I don't have a incline bench and i can't afford it either. So can i build muscle with decline push-ups

  29. First thing is you're skinnier than most of the bar brothers. Second thing is you have to 'bang it out all' to get to the muscle exhaustion which is essential for hypertrophy. And the last thing is doing fast reps, with control obviously, seems to be in the hypertrophy side since you can lift more weight, bang out more reps, activate the fast twitch muscle fibres which are in big proportion compared to the slow twitch ones.(BTW I'm not a BIG MAADD fan of bar brothers which you may eventually consider)Thanks…

  30. Starting my journey today. I did have a small body weight workout I stuck to for 3 months and I got ripped. I got lazy and quit but I still benefit from those three months and that was 1 full year ago. You can follow my journey on Instagram: @onewayfutbol

  31. Hey Chris, recently found you by going through a lot of fitness you tubers. Really enjoying your honest commentary and you have inspired me to attempt calisthenics, keep up the great videos.

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