How to Gain Weight Fast,Avena sativa & Alfalfa mother tinchers potency,dose for weight gain

Hello friends.Welcome to my channel. I am doctor Ritu Jain. And today I am going to talk about few medicines which is AVENA SATIVA MOTHER TINCHER and ALFA ALFA MOTHER TINCHER. So today I am going to talk about these two medicines because more number of queries that I receive are for weight gain. When I talk about medicines and patent so in them the most important medicines are AVENA SATIVA and AlPHA ALPHA MOTHER TINCHER. Some people ask patents that i have told whether to take AVENA SATIVA MOTHER TINCHER i say that you can take it because they are work well for weight gain. So today I am going to talk about that and at the end i will tell you what is the dosage that you must take and how to take. First I will talk about AVENA SATIVA PEOPLE SAY IT TO TAKE IT SEPARATELY they can take but generally for weight gain i will tell you is ALPHA ALPHA then it is already mixed with ALPHA ALPHA MALT. But I am talking about the need of this medicine.So AVENA SATIVA MOTHER TINCHER should be taken because Let me tell you how it is made.AVENA SATIVA is very common thing which has become very common in today’s life which is also called OAT meal. It means avena sativa is made up of oat meals so in today’s date oat meal is known as one of the healthiest food for weight loss or also to gain weight as it is energetic it is a very good meal in which we can gain energy and also have good symptoms which means you will like it and you will get nutritions but in homeopathic the medicines from this are already prepared many years ago because it is a healthy food It is formed into medicine so that you don’t have to eat the oat milk instead you can eat the medicine you will get the required first of all let us talk about the symptoms that it covers It is an energy booster that can be used as a energy boost people who feel tired or weakness generally can be used in nervousness.AND it also covers a lot of mental symptoms. Covers the nervous system properly. so even it works on your mental memories. Your mental performance increases because of it’s usage. Along with that it even builds up your body. Which means it helps your body to grow,so but I am not saying that if you take this medicine your body building will increase it helps you to increase your body building bit it will work only when you take proper protein diets. Your diet absorption will be improved because of that.Like for example I will tell you an example If you want to build a house then you need bricks to build it because of that your wall will stand. so bricks are the first and important thing that we need but if you only have bricks if the brick is kept it and even a slight touch will collapse the bricks but to keep it together or stick it together cement is needed. So I am taking this example SO cement according to me in this example is AVENA SATIVA If you do not take AVENA SATIVA ,like if you do not put cement in between the bricks then it will not be strong enough and only with cement you cannot build a house, along with cement you need to keep the bricks in between the cement.S o this is the example that I am giving people say they have taken AVENA SATIVA we are taking it from past 2 months or 6 months but there are no results. so i always tell them unless you don’t increase your diet then how will it absorb in the body. Body needs protein and fat, to build a body so you will get that when you take diet. but other things like memory will improve your functional changes will improve and also your nervousness but body building it important that to build you need heat. So for that you need to take proper diet which is very important. People who have numbness or paralysis they do not have strength people ask that our hands and legs are weak and are also very lean and weak so what do we do to treat those.So AVENA SATIVA medicine patients who are weak or do not have strenght so for that AVENA SATIVA works very well. Let us talk about the dosage of AVENA SATIVA. The dosage is taken in mother tincher form. Mother tincher is few drops, around 15-20 drops along with mild warm water then it will work very well and it must be taken three to four times in a day. It depends on the situation and severity if it is a very severe condition then we can take three to four times which is very important for AVENA SATIVA i.e, 15-20 drops three times a day in mother tincher form. So this is the dosage for AVENA SATIVA. And along with this if you drink milk then you get better results. Now I am going to talk about ALPHA-ALPHA TONIC. ALPHA-ALPHA mother tincher is also an energy booster. It is a very good medicine. Nutritional influence is also there in this. Which means your nutritional power people who suffer from nutritional deficiency, for them it works very well. it increases your nutritional level. It has one more important point, that is it works very well for digestive system People whose appetite is very poor or digestive system is not proper for them it works very well. There are a lot of questions regarding weight gain. So according to that i have uploaded this video. You can find the answer for your questions from these two medicines. so the symptoms are if the digestive system is weak,or you do not feel hungry then it will work on your hunger and will improve your digestive system but you don’t grow fat as soon as your digestive system is improved but to gain weight you should improve your digestive system but for digestion you should eat food by yourself , if you eat healthy food then digestive system will absorb it properly and your body will also absorb it and your body will build up but here also it is necessary that your diet intake which should be proper intake .In general if your taking good diet without medicine but it is not digesting not absorbing by the body and your body is also not building up. Then those people should take this medicine. and there is a problem that you are taking the medicine but there are no results or you do not feel like eating then this medicine will help you come over and improve your digestive system and increases your absorption. only MEDICINE will not help you because medicine will work only half and the remaining half you have to do. if you are in a diet then for that it is important that you take these things.Then apart from this if I talk about other symptoms that it covers up ALPHA-ALPHA TONIC works mon mental and physical health of your body mentally also it gives good results physically also it gives good results.If malnutrition happens and a lot of deficiency happens then alpha-alpha tonic will help and gives good results. and diabetic patients usually have deficiency or weakness then for that also it gives good results it can also be given to pregnant womens. and for nourishing women it increases the milk production. It also works on the nervous system . There are a lot of other important things about these two medicines there are many broad symptoms but i have told you about mainly for weight gain for good medicine for good results and and diet intake is very important and ALPHA-ALPHA tonic dosage is you have to take 15 drops two to three times a day just like AVENA SATIVA for all the mother tincher dosage is same. So I have told you about all these and do tell me about today’s video like my videos if you like it and if you want me to upload more videos don’t forget to share my videos you can share it on whatsapp and facebook very easily. share this video also let this reach to people because maximum people are worried because of this like my channel and share my channel and also hit subscribe. THANK YOU

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