how to gain weight- Three Techniques that increase muscle mass

go how to build muscle do do do hey it’s Kyle Leon here this called and
asked me to do a short video for you today talking about the three techniques
that I personally use with success to help pack on lean muscle without fat
so I’m going to stay within the most
important topic a ball when it comes to physique development this topic of course is nutrition now
you’ve probably heard a million times the nutrition is by far the biggest
factor in how you look you probably heard say is like abs are
made in the kitchen and you cannot read a bad diet and the reason why you heard the sayings
are because they’re true if you ask any fitness model a
bodybuilder what the most important how to build muscle factor is and how you look that’s
exactly what you’ll be told know I’m a nutrition
guy and I concocted Tricia with you for hours but what I want to do today is covered
the main topic that I feel will benefit you the most
with the information I can give you this topic is called systematic
newtrouble -ism this case means optimizing our nutrition to maximize muscle without crop know when we’re trying to build muscle
without fat you undoubtedly heard about protein protein protein and yes I understand protein is
important okay protein is the building block a muscle protein
is important to keep I regardless of whether night trying to
build muscle or lose fat but giving your ideal protein intake
down and fat intake down for that matter is not challenging you’re going to be able to accomplish at
fairly easily what is a little bit of a different story though is your
carbohydrate intake now keeping that in mind let’s dive into
three techniques a systematic new tribalism one
carbohydrate capitalization this technique is used
with the lot of success by many people basically this technique a ball
structuring the majority re daily carbohydrates around your workouts pre and post-workout if you’re looking for a
rule of thumb I would go 73rd that mean seventy
percent your daily carbohydrates should be
consumed throw your pre and your post-workout window the other
30 percent preferably would come first thing in the morning to some modify your nutrition how to build muscle this just means adjusting your nutrition to your some other type body type is
another word for some out a type in you might have heard at the three basic body
types by now which are act or more Meza more and and
a more all the different body types that you haven’t heard up do play a difference
you see on that pendulum up ectomorph mesum orphan and a more in
between there are many different variations the body types that a lot of people have not talked
about yet and only saw the higher world-renowned nutritious a sports
nutritionist are identifying the way these different body types react
to different nutrients especially carbohydrates carbohydrates tend to affect the
different body types in a more drastic manner that other
macronutrients so keeping that in mind I’d like to give
you a few tips that might help you maximize lean muscle gains without thought even though I don’t know
you or your body type if you’re on the act or more pics I’d
meaning that you have a very difficult time putting on weight putting on muscle and you’re not actually very very skinny
small bone small wrist you’re going to benefit from really manipulating your higher glycemic
carbohydrates especially around your workout Windows you can afford to go higher glycemic
carbohydrates and higher content of your carbohydrates
throughout your day that’s the one macronutrient but I would
look to manipulate if you’re not moving toward your present
Development Goals so with week after week goes by and
you’re not gaining like should that’s the one macro nature I go
into my diet plan and I would ramp that up as aggressively
as I can it tell you start noticing that I’m
putting on fat that being said if you or conversely on the end a war
pics I’d and you put on thought easily you’re in a
different boat you’re very very sensitive to carbohydrate intake you need to be
very careful about your utilize a stove carbohydrates and uses specifically
stick to complex carbohydrates surrounding your workout but other than
not you don’t really want to dive into pay
any high glycemic carbohydrates and really lay off the carbohydrates at
other times at the day now that being said I think we’re in a
good place to read understand but there’s different body types ok there
that respond differently to certain nutrition plans and finding the right nutrition plan for
your body type is probably something that you should invest some time towards by measuring your results up your
current nutrition plan if you’re not moving towards your
physique Development Goals quickly 3 adjuster nutrition to your week
training regiment this is one mistake with easily avoided
I see a lot of guys making that’s actually hurting themselves more than
they understand you see you could have the very best
generic no meal plan from a book magazine or online report how to build muscle that says I’m supposed to have this no
one this mill to this mill 3 as you know that’s not customized for
you for your body type but its also not customized for your weight
training regiment you need to understand and adapt and
adjust your nutrition to your weight training regiment a lotta
guys will work out at night but then not have the coursework ok our
meal and not have a post workout protein
intake like they should because they feel it’s late at night they don’t wanna
put on thought that’s not how it works you need to go ahead and have the proper
pre and post workout nutrition meal set up for you no matter what time you working out
that’s the main message I want to discuss with you about adjust your trip computer in the Red
Room I think those three texts will help you I know that helped me I
hope they help you the same way they help me with all about
being said the last piece of advice that I want to
leave you with is this go ahead and measure your
results no matter what plan your aunt no matter what training on nutrition plan
your on everybody’s different this is why some
the best pro bodybuilder fitness models hire
professional nutrition training coaches to adopt the programs to them you can’t just blindly follow something
if it’s not working for you your job is to measure your results and
adjust accordingly nutrition tips that given you today I
think will help you go into your plan ummm and adjust some things to see if that
makes a difference if you’re not already experiencing the results that you want but the idea is make sure you measure
your results after a few weeks it’s not working change we’re all about
evolving and changing in learning what’s best for our particular body is our training schedules and our work
schedules are like everything needs to be adjusted for
what’s best for us you can’t blindly follow something and just hope that one day it’s gonna
start working for you I think that a I don’t want to sound like a preachy
or anything like that but this is important stuff to me that when
I learned that really have really helped I hope that I was able to help you in any way
that I could thank you very very much for your time I
hope that was helpful and we’ll talk to you soon how to build muscle

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