What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So what do you think? Is it possible to add
new muscle at the same time that you’re pursuing a 6 Pack? Now we know that nutrition is certainly one
of the biggest components of getting Abs. But for those that think that following both
goals at the same time, pursuing more muscle and a lean body at the same time, is impossible, that bulking and cutting is the only way?
We’re going to have some fun today. Start up the fire pit because we’re going
to roast some sacred cows. Bulking and cutting is going to die once again
here today. It is probably the biggest pet peeve, and
it’s going to be a Jeff Rant Video because I can’t stand, every time I hear it. I will tell you flat out right now, and you
probably know the guys that are talking about bulking and cutting. Every single guy that talks about a bulk and
cut being necessary, is a fat guy that likes to be fat for half the year. It’s a fact, it’s the way it is. Guys will
try to make up some excuse to carry excess fat all year, so that at the end of the day when they wind
up leaning out they look just a little bit better than they did before. When they were lean the last time. We don’t need to do that guys. We can absolutely,
100%, get a 6 Pack at the same time that you build new muscle. And for those guys that want picture proof,
all I have to do is look to my own guys that follow our program on Team Athlean and show
you that. And I’m going to do that right now. And we’re
going to look at this as a way to actually acknowledge some of the guys for the great
work that they have done. At the same time, it should add additional
proof to you that YES, this is possible. The first guy up here is Dan Boilore. Now
this is your younger guy, obviously was on the thin side. He would be called average. He didn’t have
much muscle, he didn’t have much fat. Well look at Dan Boilore now. He’s been with
ATHLEANX now training for a couple of years. But he clearly added a bunch of lean muscle.
This isn’t like, oh, you can do this but you can only add about 2 or 3 pounds of lean muscle. Dan has added plenty of lean muscle in this
period of time. If we can go further, we’ve got another guy,
Jim Nas here. And I don’t know what it is about tattoos but our guys on Team Athlean
must love tattoos. And that’s fine, because they can wear them
with pride on these bodies that they’re building, as you can see with Jim. Jim is another guy who was skinny. And he’s
clearly added a ton of lean muscle now at the same time that he got a 6 Pack. And before you start saying that, Oh, well
that’s because these guys were skinny, and it wasn’t that hard, they’re ectomorphs, ok. Let me show some guys who aren’t. Here’s a
guy, Alex Parker, 51 years old, so you can’t use the age excuse either, 51 years old that have what you might think
is the average 51 years old guys body. But now look at Alex. Alex has clearly added muscle. Look at the
differences in the chest, look at the differences in his shoulders, in his arms. He’s clearly added muscle and he does it at
the same time that he got Abs. And we can even got the the extreme, Jack Eltman is another
guy, not a spring chicken. And I can say that because I’m not either.
Jack has also managed to a guy who was clearly overweight to a guy that now has Abs and he
has built impressive muscle too. So let’s go back to what the issue at hand
is. The issue at hand is we’re getting told bad advice from guys that, like I said, want
to be fat for half the year. Do you know what happens? The average guy
that comes out of a bulk, never makes it out of the bulk. He gets so comfortable eating the crappy foods
that for every one guy that comes out of a bulk and actually gets lean, there’s 4 or
5 guys that stay fat. And you see them all the time in the gym,
I know you do. So what do we have to do? We have to bring
it down to what we have to actually do to get lean. And we can do it. And you guys can all do
it too. There’s two components and only two things
you’ll ever need to do if you want to get a 6 Pack at the same time that you’re building
muscle. Number 1. To get a 6 Pack, this is if you
need to lose weight. Not a guy like Dan Boyler but if you need to lose weight, like a guy
like Jack or Alex. Then what you have to do is you have to be
hypocaloric. And that means you have to take in less calories, ok and burn more calories
than you’re taking in. Now you can do that 2 or 3 different ways.
Number 1, you can either exercise more or do more conditioning or cardio, ok. The next thing you can do is you can eat less.
Or you can do a little bit of both, You can eat less and exercise more. Now, here’s the problem. Number 2. you have to stay in Positive Nitrogen
Balance if you want to maintain or build muscle mass. The things that influence Positive Nitrogen
Balance here, is you need to 1. Keep your stress levels low, ok. A. Decrease
your stress. 1. You need to sleep more, in other words,
sleep adequately, recover. And then 1. You need to increase your Protein content
or at least make sure you’re eating enough protein throughout the day to support your body’s lean muscle, in your
attempt to build new lean muscle. So when guys start saying, oh I’ve got to
make sure I eat enough to build new muscle, they keep eating more and more. And even if they’re choosing protein sources
the problem becomes, they choose not the healthiest protein options and I’m not even talking about
dirty bulking. Dirty bulking is complete shit. I’m talking
about guys that are trying to clean bulk and they eat so much protein that comes with other
things. Protein is never really, it’s hard to come
by in isolation, at least tasting well in isolation. Guys will usually have a steak and potatoes
and they’ll have the things that come with it, maybe some sour cream. All those things start adding up and that
starts to give you a lot more difficult time to stay hypocaloric. So the guys that say, Oh it’s impossible to
do, they just don’t have the discipline to eat the right way in the first place. You can stay in Positive Nitrogen Balance,
you can have a high protein diet or high enough to support your new muscle growth and also be hypocaloric, by selecting nutritionally
dense foods. And you can eat a lot in a day, if you select
nutritionally dense foods. I’m talking about on a micronutrient level. Nutritionally dense foods, foods that are
really good for you. At the same time, to support your need for
protein, this is where supplements come in unbelievably, very very conveniently. Guys will argue, are supplements necessary
or are they not? I believe that supplements are necessary.
You guys know how much I believe in them, I have my own supplements, I take them all
the time. I actually have two, we have a workout shake
that we take at night for recovery, which also helps us with our recovery here in this
part of the picture, for a Positive Nitrogen Balance. And we have our Post Workout Protein recovery
too. But that’s 50 grams of protein right there, without all the excess, very low on
calories. So we can stay hypocaloric and at the same
time we can build muscle. But if you’re watching this and you’re a guy,
maybe like Jack was in the beginning. Maybe you’re 30% body fat. Don’t go running to my site trying to buy
my supplements, that’s not your issue. Your issue is that you can’t get yourself
hypocaloric to lose the fat in the first place because you’re eating poor foods. Your 6 Pack is there. You might be doing all
the 6 Pack Promise Workouts in the world but your 6 Pack is there but it’s not showing
because you can’t get hypocaloric. But you can if you start to follow a better
way to eat. If you start eating a more reasonable way, right. And stay away from the bulking and cutting.
Stay away from it. Like I said, for every guy that winds up coming
out of that, there’s 4 guys that never make it. They want to be perpetually fat for the rest
of their life. And they hide under shirts at the gym all day and they wind up following
the big guy life. You know, everybody wants the big guy, big
guy but he’s really fat. So the guys that are watching this channel
aren’t looking for that. The guys that are looking and watching this channel want to
know, Can I get a 6 Pack and building muscle at
the same time? You absolutely can. I’ve laid it out for you guys in a blueprint
that we have in our ATHLEANX Training System. I give you the eating plan, I tell you exactly
how to eat day by day. I tell you ways to optimize your protein intake
so that you’re maintaining Positive Nitrogen Balance. I give you a supplement line, should you choose
to follow it, that will help you to do that by staying low in calories, get rid of all
the fillers and allows you to do that. And you can follow in the same footsteps as
the guys I just showed you, Jim and Alex and Dan and Jack and those guys. And even myself, I put myself out here as
an example each and every week. But please stop with the bulk and cutting bullshit, seriously. I don’t want to hear that ever again. And
if a guy comes to you and tells you, it’s the only way to do it, newbies are the ones
that, forget newbies. What is this guys? Is this a lifelong journey
for you or is this just a one month sprint to see what you can look like for a photo
shoot. Because that’s not what we’re about here either.
We’re about looking athletic, living athletic, being athletic, even if you’re not an athlete,
365 days a year. Not looking good for a couple videos on youTube
and then hiding for the rest of the year. We come out here 3 times a week every single
week to look good every single day. And that’s what we here believe in, at Team
Athlean and that’s what my guys that follow us, do too. So guys, I’m done with my rant. Take the bulking
and cutting, throw it away. That sacred cow has now been roasted. Follow the plans I’m laying out here for you.
Take our Washboard Wednesday Workouts, YES, build your Ab strength, do that each and every
time I put them out here. But for God’s sake, you’ve got to get this
right first. If you think that you want to get both at
the same time, it’s absolutely possible, don’t be discouraged by anybody that says it’s not. Alright guys, if you found this video helpful
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. In the meantime, I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days for you with some brand new workouts. Let me know whatever else you guys want to
see and I’ll make sure and cover it. We’ve got, like I said, 3 days a week and
I’ll make sure I do it. See you guys.

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24 thoughts on “How to Get 6 Pack Abs (WHILE BUILDING MUSCLE SIZE!)

  1. Thanks youtube.
    I'm starting my gym routine for a month and this channel just pop out.
    And thanks Jeff, all of that knowledge surely bring so many great life of people comes back again.

  2. Can anyone help me ive went from 95kg to 79 with no muscle then built muscle up to 87kg obviously not all muscle i was 16%bf at 82kg now 21% and im new to weight lifting ive been going for 6-8 months not everyday sometimes ive slacked off but what should i do do i go into a caloric deficit and carry on the weights or aim to build more muscle but gaon more fat?

  3. I like how Jeff says "Eat more reasonable way….": 😀
    I actually used 2 meal a day plan…. It has effect for some time, but instead of flat stomach, I get bloated. Smaller portions and eating more often sounds more reasonable. There wont be strenght crashes or insulin downs . ;||

  4. I wish Jeff would emphasize meditation and yoga as recommendations. Those 2 things will BOTH help with BOTH stress levels AND sleep, not to mention the improved focus and overall brain function. Oh, and they can balance hormones and reduce feelings of hunger from things like boredom.

    I would argue that if you’re looking for a “magic bullet” to getting abs as well as just improving overall health, the combination of meditation and yoga is about as close as you’re going to get. Controlling stress and getting sleep are the first steps to maintaining discipline/consistency and focus, which are the two most important broad concepts when applied to fitness.

  5. If I keep hypercaloric for a while, I'm gonna lose weight. Isn't it so called cutting? This is quite confusing. I was training and eating for a year then lose 15lb in 12 weeks to 13% body fat. I would like to follow Jeff's instruction but if I stay hypercaloric, I would keep losing weight and muscle. Please clarify! Thanks in advance.

  6. So what about guys that train but still have back fat and a bit of a stomach but everything else is fkn good ? Im askin coz thats me n doesn’t matter wat i do i cant get rid of my fkn love handles 😒

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