How to Get Disability Benefits

How to Get Disability Benefits. If you are no longer able to work because
of a disability, you may be eligible for government assistance. Here’s how to find out and claim your benefits. You will need Application Interview Patience
and attorney (optional). Step 1. Talk to friends and research online to find
out about disability benefits. If you are no longer able to function for
your employer or expect to be out of work for at least a year due to a disability, you
may be eligible. Though an attorney is not necessary, your
chances of being approved are better if you have one. Step 2. Obtain an application from the local Social
Security Administration office. You can get the form online if you’re over
18 years old. Then submit the form and make an appointment. Step 3. Interview with a representative who will ask
your permission to speak with a doctor about issues regarding your disability. The information will be used to complete the
disability report. Step 4. Answer questions about the work you performed
before the date of your disability. Provide background information regarding your
family, military service, treatment, depression, pain, and previous worker’s compensation incidents. Step 5. Expect Social Security representatives to
examine whether the years you worked qualify your claim and whether your condition merits
benefits. The Disability Determination Services office
will also evaluate your current work activities and abilities. You may qualify for Supplemental Security
Income, or SSI, if you are elderly, blind, or disabled, and can demonstrate financial
need. Step 6. Pass the board’s review of suitability to
be submitted for approval. If they’re not able to make a clear recommendation,
the board may order a special state medical examination before making a final determination. Step 7. Wait for the claim to be reviewed by a state
agent who will determine your eligibility for benefits, which generally takes less than
four months. Did you know Nearly 600,000 people filed for
disability benefits online in 2009, more than doubling claims from the year before.

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22 thoughts on “How to Get Disability Benefits

  1. @gloomybearluver It's a good gig if you can get. I got out 15 years ago when it was easier to get. Now that the economy has fell into the shitter it's better then Unemployment insurance. Plus you can enoy life and not stess yourself out worrying about getting a job. Spend your time growing Medical marijuana and watching the world go to crap on YouTube. LOL

  2. @V3RM1LI0N Just act crazy, get some proof that you are a nut. I know one guy who would jump in front cars in intersections till he got his,.

  3. @dafranx Yes they are. You can go to the site listed on the video and find all the info you need. I do believe most, if not all disabilities qualify. Especially if it hinders your ability to work.

  4. Buy and sell shit on ebay or work from home! You obviously have internet to watch this video. This is killing our economy. There are entire families on disability

  5. Can this replace my six figure salary? Is there a cap on benefits? How does the military get full retirement and disability. I know a guy who gets 4800 Military retirement and 4800 disability. Same as other congressman. All of them just sat at an office and hurt there backs outside there jobs.

  6. Looking for disability Benefits?
    Over 30 Years Experience – 24/7 Help Line · Qualify up to $2663 Per Month

  7. I'm actually disabled…need this video…you jerks..think all people's who can't work are lazy and drug addicts are NAZI ASSHOLES

  8. Thanks. I came across "Mr. Social Security" Youtube channel that has some great TIPS & TRICKS for getting disability.

  9. Get state disability first while you wait for social security if you live in a state where you paid into the states disability system when you worked

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