How To Get Vitamin D In Winter

G’day there guys, I’m Jesse Crowe, The Travelling Scientist I’ve been doing some research into Vitamin D And I got a letter from these Aussie blokes, their story is so interesting I just had to go and meet up with them in person. Check this out! Davo: Hey I’m Davo Deanzy: and I’m Deanzy Both: And we’re twins! Davo: But we’re not like the same Deanzy: Yeah cos I’m like hell into the snow, like snowboarding, beers, babes… Davo: Yeah, and I’m like into the beach y’know, surfboarding, beers, babes…it’s sweet Deanzy: But it turns out that I’m like vitamin D-deficient…right? Deanzy: Cos I don’t get any sun up the snow ay? Davo: Yeah, and that Travelling Scientist bloke said, like, Vitamin D is important for… Davo: Uh, what was it? Both: Digestion, Immune System…and…Happiness! Let me try and translate what Deanzy and Davo are saying Basically, sunlight is our main source of Vitamin D But if you live somewhere cold or snowy you probably don’t get much sunlight And you could be deficient in Vitamin D like a Billion people around the world and that can cause serious problems Deanzy: Yeah cos I get like SUPER sick all the time and Like it’s not from mackin gross chicks or anything, like, it’s proper flu, y’know? Davo: Yeah cos I like never get sick and I’m always mackin chicks! Deanzy: Mate, you wish! I get way more girls up the mountain hey! Davo: Mate, beach babes are all about the Davo Gun Show Bro Deanzy: Whatever man, the Snow Bunnies live for Deanzy’s Sick Tricks alright!? Deanzy: You couldn’t even pay for it! …Brotherly Argument… Deanzy: Oi, remember that time we hooked up with the same chick!? Davo: …Yeah Both: Yeah that was wierd…but that was funny! So how much sunlight do you actually need? Well, a lot of research papers have concluded that moderate amounts of Sun are enough to produce the vitamin D that your body needs Basically, moderate sun exposure means some… but not enough to get burnt Like 10-15 minutes if you’re gonna strip down to your underpants Or 20-30 minutes if you’re just showing your face and hands because…maybe it’s really cold outside And you can adjust that time slightly, depending on how much cloud coverage there is And how hot that Sun is… But in general, if you can get 10-20 minutes of sunlight every day Your body will produce enough vitamin D Deanzy: Sometimes I just feel real average, y’know? Deanzy: Just like, I get real sad and lonely… it’s hard to talk about Deanzy: I don’t know if it’s because, like, I live off beers and Maccas…that probably doesn’t help But also, I haven’t seen sunlight in months
and Yeah, I feel like sunlight is a natural source of happiness… I don’t know… Davo: Oi, you’re so gay for the Sun bro! Deanzy: You can’t talk mate, you spend so much time in the Sun you look like me leather wallet ya dick head! Davo: Whatever man! If for some reason you can’t get enough sunlight in your life You can also consume vitamin D through your diet by eating things like Fatty Fish, Beef Liver and Eggs These are all good dietary sources of Vitamin D But if you’re snow bum like Deanzy, or if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian then you should seriously consider taking a Vitamin D supplement Deanzy: Yeah so I started eating fish, and it was like real good! Like it definitely helped with my depression a little bit… but y’know I live in the mountains and I realised that the fish probably wasn’t real fresh… Like it was probably made in China or something…? So yeah, it was a bit weird… Davo: Yeah he was eating this like gross as fish and I was like Davo: Mate, you are gonna get Salmon-ella! *Davo Proud Of His Lame Joke* Deanzy: I started taking a Vitamin D supplement every day too y’know Because like, you don’t get much sunlight, so I just take a pill instead It’s got like the recommended daily dose of vitamin D so I don’t need to stress about my diet anymore I just take one of these pills like every day, fixes me right up! Davo: It’s actually really good to get my snow bro back again… Like, just to see him y’know, happy and… hooking up with chicks Like, I’m real proud of him… Didn’t I guess that bro? Like, I said, I said it’s the Sun man You need the Sun, the snow is gonna kill you bro! Like, I totally guessed that, and I just deserve, like, a medal or something Just saying boys, just saying Deanzy: Anyway, that’s how I get all my Vitamin D Now I just take that pill every day, and I don’t have to stress about my diet so I can like do all the backflips and the babes that I want! Davo: Whatever, don’t listen to him, beach is where it’s at bro! I’ve got all the Vitamin D and it’s right here in my PAAANNTTTSSS! Oi, Babes, follow Big Dick Dave on Instagram, you won’t regret it Deanzy: Nah Nah Nah Nah, Oi, follow Sleazy Deanzy on Insta, I’ve nearly got 1k followers, gonna be SICK! *More Brotherly Arguing* Davo: Whatever, I’m Outta Here! Deanzy: Can’t believe I’m related to you, I’d hate to be your brother! Hey there guys, Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed this video, click the Like button down below And let me know if you have any questions about sunlight or Vitamin D in the Comments section down below Make sure you share this video with anyone who’s gearing up for a Winter season soon And make sure you Subscribe for more Traveling science every single week! See you guys next Science Sunday!

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  1. Which one are you? Deanzy or Davo? …hopefully neither, but feel free to comment below and let us know your favourite way to get more Vitamin D in your life!

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