How to Hit Your Daily Protein Target (Q&A 40)

[Adee] Today we are talking all about what I like to call the king of all the macros and that’s protein companies love to promote that their food is high in protein so you might be eating a bunch
of snacks here and there that have more protein powder added than you think
might not be protein coming from whole sources like animal meats or vegetables
might actually just be coming from protein powder which is okay but you
definitely don’t want to get all your food from just one type of protein
source so some things that are gonna have protein powder in them that you
just might not realize are gonna be protein bars it could be
those protein pancake mixes like FlapJacked and Kodiak Cakes they’re
definitely gonna have added protein powder in them as well even sometimes
when you go get a smoothie from a restaurant or have any mixed coffee
drinks from different places they might be adding protein powder if there is
extra protein in the nutrition information Hitting your total protein typically I’ve seen that this is more difficult for women than it is for men
but it is one of the more difficult macros to hit at the end of the day if
it’s not something that you’re paying attention to I mean carbs and fat just tend to be slightly more delicious if you’re
listening and you think protein is the most delicious you’re definitely an
anomaly but clever ways that you can get protein into your diet that you might
not have thought of is adding liquid egg whites to certain things so adding egg
whites to your oatmeal and putting that in it won’t come out the consistency of eggs but it’s definitely a way to add volume to your oatmeal and
add protein as well there are also varied ways look kind of like we talked
about in the first question but there’s different ways you can add protein
powder to different things when I discovered that protein powder mixed
into my coffee was delicious it was a game changer for me it kind of tastes
like a mocha latte it is absolutely delicious don’t knock it until you try
it I also would suggest that when you’re sitting down for a large meal try and
get some type of protein source in each meal so making that a priority whether
it’s a salad adding protein to that salad or when
you’re making that salad make sure that you have a bunch of high-protein
vegetable sources in there there are a lot of plant-based sources that are
going to be higher in protein we actually have an entire blog on the
working against gravity website that’s all about vegan sources of protein so if
you search Working Against Gravity vegan protein sources that blog is going to come up it’s a laundry list of things that you can choose that are plant-based When you’re setting up your fridge to make following any nutrition program
easier what you see is what you’re going to most often eat so the first thing I
would do is rearrange your entire fridge most of you are probably putting your
vegetables in your fruit and you’re really healthy items in the crisper to
try and keep them fresh but how many of you have gone way too long and haven’t
eaten them and I had to throw them out because they’ve gone bad right so I
would suggest instead of putting the healthy high volume low calorie options
in the drawer crisper take them out and put them front and center on the shelf
to make you ten times more likelier to eat them not sure if ten times is
actually super accurate but I know that if you read a book called Slim by Design
he actually did reference a study that talked about exactly how much more
likely you are to eat those things if they’re front and center on the shelf
instead of tucked away in the crisper what you can tuck away in the crisper is
the things that might not be as focused on your nutrition program so things that
are going to be higher calorie more highly palatable things like
chocolate or cheese’s or dressings or dips or things that you can definitely
over indulge in make those less accessible and less likely to see so
that’s gonna be my best tips for you to set up your fridge For those of you that planning ahead is going to make things easier for you having Tupperware is
going to be a game-changer for you I’m not necessarily a planner but even for
me having Tupperware and being able to put a meal into the Tupperware and take
it with me whenever I’m going somewhere makes sure that I’m never going to be
without food on the go I’m not going to be hungry out and looking for the most
convenient option which generally doesn’t fit my nutrition plan so having
really good quality really big and stable Tupperware that can go and
not leak with you that’s going to be really helpful when you’re following any
nutrition program So now combining the two things together how to set up your fridge and how Tupperware is helpful for you something that might be really
helpful for people that are struggling to hit their protein is to have a
Tupperware filled with precooked protein I mean if it’s really difficult for you
making it as convenient as possible having an entire Tupperware filled with
cooked chicken breasts or cooked flank steak or whatever it is that you love to
eat it’s going to make it really easy to just grab some measure it out and have
it so that you can hit your protein goal for the day You have no more excuses not to hit your protein these are some great tips to make sure that that’s going to
be a macro that’s no longer difficult for you

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2 thoughts on “How to Hit Your Daily Protein Target (Q&A 40)

  1. hi 🙂 i like your videos but things that u are talking about are such a general knowledge, everyday these days knows what common protein sources are and people don't normally have problem hitting their daily portion, what most people have problem with is for example how not to over eat. One advice, u'll probably have more success on Tube if u'll stop pushing this general knowledge videos and talk about something relevant. good luck!

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