How to Lose Belly Fat for Teenagers

You guys have been asking me for this video for so long, after this video came out So I want to give it to you right now, are you ready? How to lose belly fat for teenagers. This one is going to be good! You haven’t heard this stuff and I’m guaranteeing you results in as little as one week Are you ready? Let’s go! 1. This is going to sound a little crazy, but I need you ladies to trust me because I trust you. Eat on your knees in an upright position Eat on your knees in an upright position to help your body digest food fast and lose belly fat faster You are going to lose belly fat if you simply make that change alone You are going to love this one! 2. So I want you to spend About 20 minutes doing this ab contracting and releasing. How does it go? Do it with me now, suck in your stomach as tight as you can and breathe in the nose and out of the mouth In the nose, out the mouth ok? And you are going to do it for about a minute or a minute and a half Then I want you to release and relax your stomach for double the time Rinse and repeat until you get to 20 minutes Do this in at least one fourth of your classes, you can do it for more but I recommend 1/4th for 20 minutes 3. This is the one you are going to love me for. Eat Unhealthy food. Am I your favorite youtuber yet? Life is too short not to eat pizza and ice cream but it’s how you do it These are the only rules I’m asking you to stick to and you will be good You don’t want to do it more than 2x per week You want to do it before, preferably before 3pm but at the latest 7pm And you want to make sure you do it on days you are going to workout. Don’t do back to back days, space it out. You will still lose belly fat and you will still lose weight. 4.I know everyone tells you to drink green tea, but nobody tells you when to drink it or how to drink it to lose weight and to lose belly fat Drink it early in the morning before school, then anytime you decide to go out for a jog or a actual workout? Drink green tea beforehand It’s going to help boost your metabolism and you’re going to sweat a whole lot more. It is so much better for you if you have it this way Lets go to the next tip but before we do if you really liked that one, please give this video a thumbs up Girl I do 1,000 crunches every single night, really? The wrong thing to do is ab strengthening exercises alone. You are going to want to do ab stabalizing , ab strengthening and cardio This is the magic formula to lose belly fat stupid wild crazy fast. 6. If you don’t do anything else and you just follow this, you’re going to lose belly fat stupid fast I want you to , get on a sleeping schedule. The same exact way you use an alarm to go to sleep is the same way you should use an alarm to go to bed On the weekends (I know you are going to hate me for this) but do not oversleep Don’t believe me? Simply stick to your sleeping schedule for the next week. Measure around your belly button Right on your belly button. Then measure 4 fingers above, and 4 fingers below with a tape measure Then I want you to do the same thing at the end of the seven days Let me know if you lost any inches. This will prove my point to you, you will lose belly fat fast if you just get on a sleeping schedule alone If you love these tips and they made you happy, please give this video a thumbs up. favorite it so you can remember what to do Just in-case you forget and get off track. Try it out after you have tried it for at least a week, let me know how your results were How much you love me and share it with your friends because I’m sure they would love to know how to lose belly fat too so don’t be stingy with the information. What are you struggling with so I can make videos that”s gonna help you achieve your goals a lot faster but the healthiest way possible. So many more tips on the site, come back and subscribe. New videos for teens every thursday

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100 thoughts on “How to Lose Belly Fat for Teenagers

  1. Hey teens, I’m gonna take this to the test. Check back in a week or two. I already took photos of my stomach and I will compare with my size too.

  2. Does this really work because I really want to loose weight I am 12 years old and I’m not confident to show my belly and I really want to loose belly fat 😔

  3. Now that I've heard this, every skinny person I know seems to also have a sleeping schedule! Will definitely try this stuff out!

  4. Gonna Try this I will be back in 1 week tomorrow is monday rn its sunday night, hopefully this works if it does I will say so..

  5. While on the "fetching tuti space" (Google it) plan, a couple of my colleagues lost over 13 pounds! Learning about this intrigued me to Google such program too. After trying it, I was also able to attain weight loss. I will keep posting updates to inform you if this gets far better or worst being that this has just been 7 days after all.

  6. I've been doing this for about a week and I'll keep doing it, but I haven't seen really any results. I don't think I lost any belly fat at all. I'm doing the eating on my knees, workouts, ab contracting, and the sleeping schedule

  7. riiiiiiiight. Two weeks of half term holiday. I only have cadets twice a week and ballet tomorrow…… LETS DO IT! (I shall report back later)

  8. Hey this is an old video but maybe you will comment to me, or someone. How long/when should I do the abs and cardio?

  9. Is Fenoboci Diet Plan helpful to lost tons of weight? We've read numerous good stuff about Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine).

  10. I am trying to lose my weight coz in P E they weights us in front of everyone but luckily I wasn't the one who weights the heaviest in the girls.

    I am over 40kg at the age of twelve.
    PS: I don't know if is lb or kg

  11. Ok so I have 1 month and 2 weeks and I weigh 203 pounds I want to drop 30 or 40 pounds or anything I just want to look thinner I've been trying but it's not working if I stick to this will it work I'm really dedicated 💕

  12. 1) eat healthy
    2) eat while sitting on ur knees
    3) do planks
    4) suck stomach for 20 min
    5) do not oversleep
    6) drink green tea before an exercise

  13. I like this specimen. She makes a compelling argument.

    I will be back in two weeks (or one week if the results are stupid wild crazy fast)

    Wish me luck lol. And good luck to anyone who tries this!

  14. Is there a way do do both belly and thighs? Also, my hands have a lot of fat idk why but I don’t like it, how do I get rid of it? Ya girl wanna look good for freshman year.

  15. I'm gonna try this but which tips should I use if I don't do all of them. And I'm 12 so I'm not technically a teenager so is it still safe I guess

  16. Im too busy to work out but i wanna losr this belly fat cause imma be in a musical for school so i gotta look good you know

  17. I’m gonna start doing this NO COOKIES OR JUNK FOOD THEN ALRIGHT LETS GOOOOO the motivation I’m gonna need to not eat damn Oreos 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. I was never insecure about myself until I became a teenager which sucks.
    I’m usually happy with myself but I’m having problems with my stomach, hips and thighs. So I’m working on one at a time.

  19. So i weighed myself and I'm 59kg, my grandmother ooffff
    So I'm gonna try it bye
    Update I will ofc, I'm not coming back after two years to give you an update cya.

  20. I’m looking at this expecally cuz one time in 3rd grade I was invited to a swimming field trip with my friends and I declined cuz I was too self conscious.. I regret it tons!😭😔

  21. Imma be back in a week cuz imma going back to school in a week and Disney in march! Pls work!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  22. Okay y'all I'm gonna try to do this and I'll be back in two weeks if I manage to stick to it!!
    ok I'm also gonna write everything so i don't forget lol
    1. eat on your knees in an upright position
    2. Suck in your stomach and breathe (in your nose out your mouth) and do that for a minute, relax for 2 minutes, and repeat that for at least 20 minutes
    3. You can eat unhealthy food for 2 times a week spaced out before 3pm
    4. Drink green tea before school in the morning and before you work out
    5. For exercises, do ab stablilization, ab strengthening, and ab cardio
    6. Get on a sleeping schedule every day and don't oversleep on the weekends

  23. I'm gonna try the sleeping schedule , I'll see how it goes and I'll try doing some exercise s , I'll be back in 2 weeks! Wish me luck

  24. I’m tryin lose weight for prom and my crush gonna be staring at me Ilan imma be like
    “Boi bye”

  25. I’m starting this on August 10, 2019. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and nothing seems to work. I have always thought I was fat or ugly. I was working out for about 3 days before going to the doctors for my physical. I actually lost 1 pound. I was happy but I knew it wasn’t gonna stay long. I’ve cut back on eating unhealthy foods and eating less. I’ve gotten to the point to where I’m just eating dinner as my only meal (idk if it’s healthy but oh well). I’ve been trying drink a lot more water. I really hope this will work. I will be back in a week to check up on you how it’s going. I need courage to do this. Plz like if u support me…

  26. Keli: have a good sleep and stay in the same schedule
    Me: ha that’s never ever going to work sadly I try man I try and I’ll still try I’ll tryyyyyyy 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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