How to Make A Keto Post Workout Protein Shake

You recently started following a keto or a paleo diet And if you’re trying to eat lower carb entire fat and be really sure what to have after the gym May be reduced to having a bunch of fruit in your protein shake. You’re just not really sure. What a great alternative would be Well in this video I’m going to show you how to make a teal post-workout protein shake so stay tuned Alright, so let’s talk about our ingredients. So protein we’re going to be using the dr. Axe Bone broth protein powder. My favorite flavor is the salted caramel, but this is chocolate. This one’s pretty good, too We’re going to use some almond butter Coconut oil some extra cacao powder to make it extra chocolaty and Then either hot water or almond milk, you can also add some cinnamon making like a chocolate cinnamon flavor It’s up to you. So whether I’m going to use hot water or almond milk. I’ll be totally honest this almond milk is not really almond milk it a Few almonds and a lot of fillers so it’s not something I’d like to consume on a daily basis But on occasion it is going to make this recipe a little bit creamier I’m gonna stick a card up here where you can check out how to make my quick one-minute almond milk With just using almond butter so what we’re going to do is Today I’m gonna use hot water put some hot water in a blender We’re gonna put one scoop of protein powder Gonna give us about 20 grams of protein. So if you wanted sometimes I need one-and-a-half scoops that’s going to be 30 grams of protein It’s 100 calories per scoop And I’m going to add an extra Cacao powder I like to use cacao powder or cocoa powder because cacao powder is actually its uncuffed It’s unprocessed. So it’s gonna have a lot more minerals in it it also has We’re going to add a tablespoon of power and I’m going to add And So I’m aiming for this is kind of my opposed to snack around 4:00 p.m. And I aim for about $350 for the snack so I hit that right? Right on the nail here, you know each a tablespoon of fat is around 100 calories, generally This is about 40 calories per tablespoon the cacao powder. I’m not going to add cinnamon today So yeah, super easy right now. I’m going to 1 this up The bone the bone broth protein is sweetened with one critic strap so that will make this make sense All right, so now this is blended up basically ready So here we have our super delicious low carb high fat Super chocolaty warm high-protein hot chocolate which is an awesome post-workout keto shake now in this video I should do how to make a keto post-workout protein shake and I hope you’ve got lots of value into this video If you did then please comment below and helpful and let me know Like it and share with your friends, and I’ll see one next one. Have an amazing day. Bye

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