If you watch our weekly row-by-row garden show you’ve probably heard us talk about kale soup and If you don’t watch our weekly row-by-row garden show. You’ve probably been hiding under a rock You need to check that out every Thursday at 8 o’clock on our YouTube channel But anyway kale soup is one of my favorite fall and winter Dishes and we’ve got plenty of kale in the garden. So today I want to show you how we make it. Now we’ve got two Varieties of kale growing out here in the dream garden, we’ve got this Lacinato kale here, which works really well for kale soup But today hello tiger We’re going to be using this Blue Knight kale that Has been needing to be picked for a little while. So we’re gonna use this frilly leaf kale And make our kale soup. So step one pick some kale now since we’re picking this just to take in the house and cook Right now we’re not going to put it in bags like we showed you in the last video. So we’re just going to Get these bottom leaves off here these big ones And Probably want to make sure we have plenty always better to have a little too much and not enough so we’ll probably pick Enough to fill this whole little basket right here just to make sure we have plenty. And while we don’t have any big onions ready at the moment We do got some of these here we can pull as green onions everything tastes better with a little onion in it so We’ll grab a few of these bigger ones These are the ones we planted in October and let’s see here And that should be plenty there so we can uh, Use these bulbs right here To go in the soup at the start and then use these green onions as a nice little garnish there Alright, so we in the kitchen now, we’ve got our kale. We took the stems off of it the big stems at least and Got it washed, or as we say in the south washed And I got it chopped up in little pieces here got that nice and clean it wasn’t too dirty We’ve got our green onions that we harvested got those cleaned up a little bit so we can slice those up nice We got our pan over here getting hot And the first thing we want to do is to go ahead and slice up into little cubes Some of this market bacon here to put down there with the onions to get started So let’s get this bacon open here see what we got there We don’t need a ton of it, just a few pieces of it will do. Save the rest of that for later And just gonna cut this up Into some tiny little pieces here cut in half, I’ll cut it once that way And then just some little bitty pieces here And we’ll throw that in there and that’ll give us some good Flavoring Kind of kickstart this kale soup. So we gonna go ahead and get our bacon in there Everything tastes better with a little bacon, right Let that just start getting happy in there. While that’s cooking We’ll cut up our onions and get them in there too and on these onions here I’m just gonna make little slices like this right here nice young and tender Some Savannah Sweet onions here Get those cut up We’ll save them green tops for later Alright that bacon’s in there doing its thing Getting a little crispy Letting some of that bacon fat loose in there and then we’ll go and dump these onions in there Let them kind of Start to get translucent a little bit Cooked down just a little bit in this pot we’re doing this in You could do it in any big pot you have but I like these Enameled cast iron pots they just get real hot and they hold heat well And just really good for cooking these soups like this where you just kind of Adding a lot of stuff one ingredient at a time Alright that right there starting to look pretty good. Now we’re gonna start adding our kale now We’re not gonna put any water in here. We’re not going to boil our kale. We’re gonna kind of Saute it and kind of cook it down. So we’ll just start to add a little bit Just a little bit at a time Let that kale start to cook down there And then once that cooks down we’ll add some more This pot won’t hold that whole sink full of kale. So we’ll just do a little bit of time till we get it all cooked down and then we can add them other ingredients. That’s probably enough right there for right now Once that cooks down we can put some more in there And if you want to you can go ahead and put your lid on there and it’ll kind of speed up That process and get it cooked down a little quicker and while that kale is cooking down I’m going to get my beans ready to put in there I like to use these white great northern beans here. But I like to wash these things off all that kind of Syrup off of them that comes in that can And if you’ve got some beans that you put up from your garden That would work even better. So we just gonna rinse these beans off here And that should be good now also while that kale is Wilting down. I like to go ahead and cut up my sausage. I’ve got some mild Smoked sausage here And this stuff will give that kale soup some really good flavor. We just cut it in little slices And have some meat in there And this kale soup will be a complete meal you get your veggies you’ll be getting your taters and Be getting your meat everything. Now you can put how much every sausage in there you like, but in my opinion it’s hard to get too much I think I bought 2 pounds at the store earlier and Probably going to use at least a pound and a half of that Alright. Let’s check on our kale here See that’s nice and wilted down there Gonna be some good stuff right there. I probably won’t use all that kale I wash just because I still got to put my sausage my beans and my taters in there so about pot half full of kale just like we see right there is gonna be just right. So now I’m gonna get my sausage in there And I’m gonna go ahead and get my beans in there and it be time to cut up some taters now. Now we don’t have any homegrown taters this time of year So we have to use these store-bought taters and I got some Yukon Gold taters right here. We’re gonna do and we grow these things We plant ours in February and harvest them in May we grow these Yukon Golds and really like them but One thing about them being really good is they don’t last long So usually by the end of the summer we have eaten all of our taters. And I’ll just throw these in there with all that other good stuff and we’ll add our liquid last The taters is kind of like the sausage you can add as many taters as you want You just want a few taters or if you don’t like potatoes for whatever reason you don’t have to add taters to it But it does give it a nice little Texture there. So I put my taters in there and then as far as the liquid goes, we don’t add water we use Chicken broth or chicken stock and if you’ve got your own homemade chicken stock, that’s always better but we use store-bought chicken broth this time and it usually takes about two of those 32-ounce containers in there to get it to a nice level right up towards them where them taters are there as everything in here is cooked except the potatoes. So all we need to do here is crank the heat up Let them potatoes cook and when your potatoes are done your kale soup is ready to go Alright, I believe them taters ought to be about ready now, let’s Take a look and see here We don’t need them we ain’t gonna mash these so we still want a little texture to them we want to make sure they’re done. Oh yeah that taters done And that soup is ready to eat. I didn’t mention this earlier but a little pro tip You wanna put you a bay leaf in there that will add some nice flavor in there as we’ll just make sure you take it out. You don’t want to eat that rascal. So that’s our kale soup right there. We got our kale in there bacon, beans, sausage, taters, Onions, all kind of good stuff. Let’s dip us out a little bowl here so it can be cooling off Get a little bit of everything some of that kale, sausage I like a lot of sausage in mine Taters add a little more kale there and then we’re just coming in with a few of these green onions that we Got from the garden earlier Some of those there on top shut your mouth that’s gonna be some fine eating right there. So we got kale soup with sausage potatoes there’s a little bit of bacon and onions we started with and Chicken broth in there and got finished off with some fresh green onions from the garden What kind of kale is it? It is Blue Knight kale so a frilly leaf kale. Mmm Sammy hush, sammy’s wanting a little bit. Yes she is. So I’m ready to dig in. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve already been snacking on mine. What you think? Looks a little hot to me. A little hot? I let it well I let yours cool off for a minute It should be should be good to go. I was telling folks earlier you about can’t put too much sausage in there That’s pretty good I like them fresh onions on top like that gives it some texture a little bit different kick it flavor that That blue knight kale it seems to hold its texture pretty good. Even through cooking the soup there it uh it don’t get mushy it’s actually got a little more texture than say if you were to you know Turnip greens or mustard were I think it’s got a little uh a little more crunch to it Do you find a different flavor profile with that then you do the Lacinato? hmm They’re probably pretty close. I think that Blue Knight is is better if you gonna eat it fresh raw on a salad But I’ve made it many times with the Lacinato kale it’s just as good Mm-hmm good tater in it, this is just a complete meal. We got you got your carbohydrates Your protein and your vegetables, that’s right, all in one dish. Sammy you gonna have to wait till we get through. Yeah maybe a piece of light bread you could throw in there or a little piece of cornbread or corn bread or cracker besides that That’s all you need. Pretty stinkin good. Alright, folks so I hope you enjoyed Walking through there how we make our kale soup that we always talk about on the show if you enjoyed this video Give us a big like, give us a big thumbs up, give us a big share, and I’ll see you on the next video.

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