HOW TO MAKE PROTEIN WAFFLES | Best Protein Powder Waffles Recipe with Coconut Topping (Gluten Free)

leggo my eggo forget about it today
we’re making protein waffles yeah all that’s right you guys today we’re
doing healthy waffles and we’re doing them totally clean each totally Max approved. We came
up with this protein waffles recipe because sometimes you guys are looking for something
different besides maybe a smoothie for breakfast or eggs and this is a way to
clean out your breakfast and get something really tasty and that you
thought you could never eat again alright guys here’s the recipe Alicia’s
got you covered check it out and all the ingredients are max approved we’ve got half a cup of almond milk 2
eggs half a cup of Max’s Best Bootcamp protein powder the toasted almond flavor that’s kind of my favorite some vanilla
and some butter baking soda to to get started with our waffles the first thing
we need to do is mix together all of the wet ingredients then we’ll put together
the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then pour the wet into the dry and
mix it all together so we’ll whisk together our two eggs are half a cup of
almond milk a quarter teaspoon of vanilla and 3 tablespoons of butter under the dry ingredients you put half a
cup of your toasted almond protein powder or whatever protein already have
on hand a half a teaspoon of baking soda and a
pinch of salt now we put the wet into the dry and
whisk and now we make the waffles depending on your waffle maker you
really don’t need to coat it with oil but it makes it just a little bit more
crispy so that’s what i do first then I pour in
about a half a cup of the batter and let it do its thing oh yeah that looks good right there there it is my job are you guys couple
of things about this recipe to take note of one it is totally approved ok and some of
you might be thinking Alicia the butter in this recipe yeah and you know that does not make us
fat too many calories make us that ok and also a lot of the processed foods
and butter is actually a real food if you have a dairy allergy or you
prefer using coconut oil that’s a great option ok the other thing
is we’re using my brand of protein powder if you don’t have that available
to you go ahead and use your favorite brand and one more thing somebody may not have
yet invested in a waffle maker but you can get him for twenty thirty dollars no
problem and this recipe is worth it alone you know these protein waffles are beautiful max
but i feel like something is missing and we’re not doing any of that syrup you
guys so don’t even think about it we actually came up with a really cool
topping check it out so for our topping we need a third of a
cup of coconut cream and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla but here’s the key guys it’s got to be
full fat unsweetened coconut cream that you put in the refrigerator for at least
a couple hours even better overnight that way you don’t
have any added sugar and you get the right texture just put the two ingredients in a bowl
or a blender and whip it whip it good once you’ve got nice soft peaks in your
whipped coconut cream you’re good to go just put a dollop on your healthy waffle throw
on some berries and it’s time to eat all right you guys will look these are
absolutely delicious we hope you enjoy it and like that protein powder waffles recipe. Have a great rest of the day we’ll see you next time!

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