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21 thoughts on “How to Make Vitamin C Drops for Infants.

  1. such an easy recipe 🙂 also, that is great that Corby hasn't really gotten super sick since taking this! I'll have to give this a try when the time comes

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you fore this very simple way to make vitamin c drops. Saving this video and the recipe for later too when we need to make them.

  3. how many drops would I need to give my 1 year old. I know it should be a 1000mg or 1 gram but how many drops would that be? I'm sorry I suck at math

  4. Thank you for this information! Why do you use both ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate? Could I just use sodium ascorbate?

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  6. Great information. Can I ask how many grams per equation to number drops ?
    Starting at 100mg daily first month and building up 100mg monthly.

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