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vitamin e capsules has many beauty benefits for face, hair, lips, hands, legs, stretch marks, and many more but, do you know how to select vitamin e capsule for external applications? There are many vitamin e capsules in the market remember two points while purchasing vitamin e capsules you can identify natural vitamin e capsules just by composition name if you see, d alpha tocopherol then it is natural vitamin e capsule Natural vitamin e capsules oil absorbs well on skin It should be liquid in nature liquid or oil of vitamin e absorbs well in body

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57 thoughts on “How to select Vitamin E capsule for skin| vitamin E tablet selection for DIY recipe | Agatha World

  1. in the medical store all also available vitamin e + omega e3 capcual is this best for skin price 85rs

  2. madum mujye blue colour mea capsule Milla ha mea usekarsaqti ho pack neh milla capsule khula waha Milla ha capsule

  3. I bought vitamin E capsules yesterday, but I realized that they are synthetic. Can I use them on my skin???

  4. Can I use evion 400 for hair growth…can I mix with my much vitE capsules add for 300ml oil…pls ans me mam

  5. Mam meri age 13 year hai nd mere skin pe bohat pimple hai specially mere forehead pe, so kya main isse use kr skti hu skin pe pimple k liya ?

  6. Mam, I am having vitamin E Capsules ingredients completely different containing vitamin E . aloevera ,gelatin ,glycerin,purified and De ionised water, , flamenco satino powder, soybean oil. So is this safe to use ??

  7. उत्तम विडियो ! मैं अच्छे रिजल्ट के साथ मस्तानी हेयर कैप्सूल का इस्तेमाल कर रही हूं और इससे मेरे बाल एक महीने के भीतर चमकदार और मजबूत हुए है, आप भी इसे इस्तेमाल करे और अपनी प्रतिक्रिया दे –

  8. Vitamin E as an antioxidant helps to maintain overall health preventing various diseases. I came across an informative writeup on Vitamin E Sources, Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage & Precautions. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin and also helps in the proper functioning of the organs, various activities related to enzymes, preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and some neurological activities as well. Thanks for the video:)

  9. Good day mam, i have Vitamin (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate) E1000 IU softgels and it is a dietary supplement…the ingredients are:soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water… is this safe for external use?or applying on face??

  10. Mam Mujhy Natural Vitamin E capsule Market me nai mil raha ha
    To ab me kia karoo ???
    Koi suggestion hi de
    K ye Capsules Pakistan me kahan se available hn ge

  11. can anyone tell me how to use this capsules
    can i take this capsule with water
    like a tablet.??? iam very confused. i took one casules with water means i took this as we take a medicine for example panadol. plzz helpe

  12. কসমেটিকস এর দোকান থেকে আনতে হবে নাকি কোন ফার্মাসি থেকে আনতে হবে

  13. Ladies make sure is natural Vitamin E and NOT SINTHETIC
    Buy at SPROUTS.
    Natural Vitamin E it must say D – ALPHA
    If it has DL – ALPHA SINTHETIC es no good
    Don't buy at Costco or Walmart buy at Sprouts or GNC. The sinthetic is cheap natural Vitamin will cost doble good luck ! 🙏❤️

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