How To Squat: StrongLifts Shows Proper Squat Form

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100 thoughts on “How To Squat: StrongLifts Shows Proper Squat Form

  1. Stretch your hip flexors daily, deadlift, to build strong hamstrings, and front squat to strengthen your deep abdominal wall.

  2. Wow. Nice vid. My brother used to be a fatty. He transformed himself from 283lbs of pure fat into 213lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. I found myself flabbergasted. I just joined myself because I'm working to get stronger muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  3. I am a dancer with great range of motion, doing SL 5×5 to build up balanced/functional strength.
    Great that you are aware of your issues – though it is difficult to know just how bad it is.
    If you have great form, hit parallel, mind your back and how the bar travels, I would try 5×5 still. If it's so bad that you're doing half-squats, do corrective exercise first.
    Best advice: CONSULT a professional – doctor, physiotherapist, what have you. Can't be too sure. Good luck!

  4. Hi there, have you heard about "MUSCLEader" (look on Google)? On their website you can watch a great free video showing how to build visible muscle very fast while eliminating body fat at the same time. Brandon and hundreds of guys with the same goal experienced amazing success because of this technique. It may work for you too.

  5. To be honest, you're not going to know until you get into later life anyway as to whether or not it has fucked up your knees. I can see why it gets discouraged, the sheer amount of pressure you're inflicting on your knees 3x a week.

  6. Honestly, the whole 5×5 workout which I started this week is quite good and I see me doing it for those 3 months, we'll se what later, BUT this video simply sucks – it's titled "how to squat" but you talk only about why doing full squats is important, for 10 minutes, but there is nothing about if your toes should be outside or not, if you should lean forward etc.

  7. You spent way too much time talking why one should go parallel. People get the point you don't' need to spend the majority of the video justifying this. We came here to learn how to do the squat with good form and improve our techniques, not a lecture on why we should go parallel.

  8. I imagine ass to the grass squats aren't the best for strength or he'd be doing them instead. Those are more if your goal in lifting is closer to "gloots for the sloots"

  9. Copy and Paste into Google  Morsch Muscle Madness to discover the thousands of regular  people who got ripped who never thought they could.

  10. Got some advice for u too.
    1) Try to slow it down my man, Where are you rushing to? You are getting minimum from your squats. Slow down the negative to 3-4 seconds and try to extend a positive to about 1-2 seconds… Don't take such long time when you are back on top… You'll rest when you done with your set… and also you spring too much when you get to the top. Keep it steady. Last thing, you lean forward too much. If you have been doing it for 13 years like you said realize it will take long time to correct these bad habits. Obviously lower the weight, doesn't take an expert to see that you are lifting too much, makes your form suffer. Just compare your form with lighter weight vs heavy weight… If you can't lift heavy with the same good form from light weight then you should never add weight until you train your nervous system to do it right…Good luck.

  11. What are your thoughts on front squats? When I do back squats, I never feel anything in my abs but do in my back. I tried front squats the other day and could barely do 1/2 the weight I'd normally back squat! Curious what you have to say about front squats verses back squats.

  12. i am not saying according to one video only go read some of his articles on his website maybe it is just to draw attention, solid program though

  13. My brother shot me this program back in November. I have never lifted in my life, I just worked and played MMOs all day. I don't lift a lot compared to a lot of guys, but I am very proud of my current 245lb squat for 5×5. And I keep adding weight! I've stalled 3x so far since Nov but I keep pushing through. It's the hardest physical work I have done in my life and it feels damn, damn good. I don't know how to describe the feeling after a good workout, but its like the biggest high you can have.

    I love this program, I wished I would have learned about it in my 20s. I think the biggest motivation is how good I feel and I have started to get questions at work where people ask me if I have been working out or saying I look bigger.

    Hell, as a skinny fat guy, my t shirts are getting tighter around my chest and my arms are starting to fill the cuffs of my t shirts. I've never had that before. It's a great, great motivator. 

  14. I'm currently gaining weight, going to the gym 5 – 6 days a week, working on different muscle groups each time. I did my first set of squats today for leg day on my own and managed to squat 70kg 3 times. I went down to 60kg to get 8 reps 3 times. My weight started out at 58kg and now I'm 65kg 2 months on. I'm 6ft.

    How often should I squat?

  15. I actually hurt my right knee when squatting, the first time I did it, it was fine and then after the second time, my knee was sore, not painful but just mild soreness, that was a couple weeks ago and when I squat I still feel it. Any advice?

  16. How the hell do you justify calling this a "proper squat"?  A proper squat requires that you lower the weight in a controlled manner.  You're just letting the weight drop.

  17. can you do these kind of informative videos for all the compound movements? bench, deadlift and, overhead press? i never really learned the proper technique when i started and now i have bad habit that i really need help with!

  18. I'll add something to this guys techique that will keep the help out. He should push his elbows forward which will open the chest which will out the weight back on his heels

  19. elbows need to be pointed down head straight in front and the bar on the back just below the neck with your shoulders squeezed back to create a shelf,form wasn't terrible but wasn't good either 

  20. Big thanks for your efforts, I just started with 5×5 workout and loved the great and free information in your videos and your website.

    One question: After the 1st day of A I am supposed to do B tomorrow, my muscles are sour today and usually it is getting worse the 2nd day. Is it ok to squad again or should I rest my muscles if they are sour and skip the squads for 1 session? (I started with 40kg (2×5 empty bar, 3x +10kg, 3x +10kg – then I recognized I should not overdo it and stayed at 40kg total to do my squads 5×5 – I have overweight 120kg on 1.90m, so I have to press a lot of my own weight).

    Is it ok to workout and squad when your muscles are still sour from the 1st workout?

  21. I litterly feel I will flip backwards on my back when I try go down any lower then 1/4 , i think its my flexbility I am very inflexible on my hip abductors and hip flexors
    How can I fix this? Should I just stretch? What stretches?

  22. thank you so much!! i've been doing squats like these for a few months now, no one taught me but i am hitting parallel every time because it just feels right until yesterday when this guy told me i shouldnt be going below my knee joint etc .. glad that i'm doing it right!! thank you!!

  23. This is a really good video and you really know what you are talking about but jesus fuck those hips rise way too early relative to your shoulders… Looks like a standard weak quad problem..

  24. You squat as fast as you fucking talk. Can't understand foreign shit. Is that English you're talking in?

  25. Should I go just under parallel or all the way to the bottom? I've started to go all the way as I think it's more difficult. Does it make a difference though? 5×5 supports both styles?

  26. Omg! That is not propped form at ALL! 1st look up when you are squatting. 2nd MAKE SURE YOUR BACK IS STRAIGHT his was not at all. 3rd make sure your toes are pointed forward. 4th put the Bar on your shoulders not your UPPER BACK! (YOU could pull a muscle in your shoulder if you have to much weight.) And 5th don't go down so fast! ( You want your muscles to tear down going fast is not do squats)

  27. This is a low bar squat if anybidy is wondering. Also I agree. most people think it's just a leg workout. I say it's a lower body workout, from lower back down. thats why I recommend doing squats and deadlifts on the same day. make sure to lower the intensity if u do this

  28. Can you please also include how to do a correct squat? i.e – How long we should hold the squat for, breathing techniques, how far apart our legs should be, etc. Cheers!

  29. My 46 year old knees don't care to drop that quickly. Also, I tend to keep my back a little more upright, especially when I get heavy. If not careful, it is easy to turn a low bar squat into a good morning. garder levage. Love the "Captain Under Bodies" comment. Les amis ne laissent pas des amis sautent jour de la jambe. (Yeah, used Google to translate. It's been 30 years since French class).

  30. Is he bending too much at the hip ? It almost looks like a good morning.  Or is this ok ?. Cuz i feel ALOT more comfortable doing my squats the way this guy is doing it….but i was told that my form was wrong and unsafe. SO????

  31. This is an excellent video that is full of great information. Have you ever heard of Mark Rippetoe? He also advocates the 5×5 routine.

  32. First off, you will not get 6-pack from doing squats. Do you have 6 pack abs currently?

    2nd, your form is a bit off, your legs are too far apart which probably means your ankle flexibility needs to improve

    3rd, you are leaning forward too much. you need to stand up more straight, not perfectly straight but more straight..even on a low bar…

  33. This is a butt/low back squat, I think most novices who might do this program are more eager to strengthen their legs. At most you will see some activity at the very top of your quads and hamstrings if you do these. 

  34. length of a femora is individual, so it is important to know how much each person has to extend their hips back. If your femora are short then not too far, if long then further out. 

  35. Hey guys I would appreciate some help. I'm struggling with bar placement. As the weight gets heavier it's hurting my wrists. If I put the bar higher up on my traps it doesn't hurt but then I'm not squatting with perfect form like him. Bit of a catch 22. Suggestions or links to resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  36. Hey dude, you're form looks impressive, however, you've set your cage up backwards. You'll trip yourself if you need to take step back and it won't be pretty with the weight you're moving!

  37. Many many thanks mehdi I love this programme..I do have certain days when I fail some exercises, but I keep pushing and keep following your videos and app for form tips.your time effort is much appreciated thanks again 👍

  38. I noticed now, doing Stronglifts 5×5, I'm up to 180 lbs but I don't think I've been hitting parallel anymore. I know I did when I started, of course it was easy. but as the weight increased, I think my form decreased just a bit too. I need to low the weight and really make sure to hit parallel.

  39. To anyone who reads this,

    The power rack in my gym has safety pins that can't be adjusted. I'm not tall enough to squat below parallel with the safety pins at the level they are without hitting them on the way down. Therefore i've been squatting with my knee and hip joints just about parallel. You can look at my video if you wish to know what I'm talking about. I don't want to squat outside the rack either because I need the safety pins to catch the weight. I don't think there's anything I can do about this but if you think diferently let me know,

  40. I used to grip the bar like this. I got severe wrist pain and I changed my hand position by pushing my elbows back farther. This did two things for me. One, I was not bending at my wrists any more. So no more wrist pain. Two, elbows back farther caused my upper back to tighten even more giving me, what I believe, is a more stable back position helping me retain the neutral spine. In fact, the hands are not supposed to hold the bar at all. It should only support it in position on the back. The back holds the weight. I can't imagine my hands holding 400 lbs with my wrists in that position.

  41. wonderful video i like the attitude here it's about doing things the healthy way not about boasting or taking doping

  42. Hurt my back for the second time doing squats the other day. Physio said my lower back muscles were in spasm.
    I'm pretty sure it's not bad form because I keep my back straight, push through my heels and am conscious of form. It happened before (and this time) as the weight I'm lifting approaches my own body weight. Shouldn't be an issue because a lot of people squat well over their body weight.
    I've always had kinda weak back muscles. E.g. my back muscles get tired before my abdominals when doing crunches. Would a weight belt help prevent this? Or would it be best to do specific exercises to strengthen these muscles before trying squats again?

  43. i physically cant get parallel. i try but i cant quite do it. yet. not neccessarilly wont ever do it. but cant yet.

  44. was this how to squat or why to get parallel? what about bar placement? how wide should my feet be? should I flare my toes outward? I just started 5×5 and was hoping for a better "how to squat" video.

  45. I honestly get pretty close to parell when I squat. I am only 2 to 3 inches away from parallel tops. I consider this pretty good most guys don't even go that low. I also don't know what this guy means saying goes only parell. I. Would say he goes 4 inches or more below parallel

  46. Your form is horrible. You go down way To fast, you look unstable and the angle of your back changes. You should watch "so you think you can squat"

  47. This seem to be terrible form from a contemporary standpoint.The bar is too low on his back, he leans too forward and that puts the back in peril. Lastly he seems to lock his knees out which is hard on the body too. But what do I know!

  48. Good advice, but you should really straighten out your wrists. What this means is that your traps and delts carry the bar. Your wrists should just sit on top to balance/stabilize the bar wobble.

  49. Never bounce out of the bottom of a squat, which is exactly what the person demonstrating the poor squatting technique is doing. Pause at the bottom and then power up, bot do not ever bounce out of the squat….unless you like paying for orthopedic repairs to your knees….

  50. I haven't squatted in a week almost cuz I squatted 90 pounds 5×5 and my legs are still sore and recovering
    Bottom line..5×5 works
    My knees don't hurt which is great cuz I usually have knee pain when I'm just getting out of bed

  51. My issues with the squat is that 1. without any weight on the bar, i cant go past parallel for some reason. And 2. Despite having proper form, i keep getting lower back pains.

  52. WOW. This whole time I have not gone parallel and was wondering why my knee was hurting. Good thing I came back to this video! Thanks a lot, been loving your program.

  53. i am on my 6th week of the 5×5 program, and 9th week of lifting. first 4 weeks of 5×5 i did half squats, i realized that doing half squats wasnt actually doing much for my legs, infact it was hurting knees, so now im doing exactly what you are telling us to do in this video and i am getting a full leg work out.

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