How To Stay Safe From Wuhan Coronavirus

As of this writing there are 81 confirmed
deaths in China alone from the Wuhan Coronavirus, with 2,700 infections all across the nation. That is of course only the deaths confirmed
to be related to the virus, which can be tricky to identify versus a severe flu or other respiratory
illnesses. The total death count could very well be higher
than the 81 claimed, but what is particularly terrifying is that the total infected count
is almost certainly much greater than the 2,700 confirmed in China alone. That’s because the Coronavirus is contagious
even before symptoms set in, unlike the famous SARS virus from the 2002 SARS outbreak. That means that you could be infected yourself
right now, and spreading the infection, without ever realizing it until finally, in about
two weeks time, you start to come down with severe flu-like symptoms and difficulty breathing. If that’s not scary enough, in one day alone
the death toll for the virus jumped from 56 to 80, with 24 dead in just one day. That means the virus is spreading at an exponential
rate, and if this rate of increase continues on its present course, we could be seeing
thousands dead in as little as a month. Likely though, this won’t be the case as Chinese
health authorities are taking incredible steps to stop the spread of the virus. Two new hospitals in the worst affected regions
are already under construction, and the nation has mobilized both its civilian medical experts
and the military to stop the halt of the virus. Unfortunately, all these incredible efforts
may be too late, as the virus has not just spread throughout China, but has made the
leap across the ocean. As of this video’s release, the virus is
present in a dozen nations, including France, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and the United
States. In the US alone over the weekend of January
24th to the 26th, the cases of confirmed infection grew from 2 to 5, and many more are suspected
to be infected and completely unaware until symptoms begin to set in. With the possibility of the Wuhan virus showing
up in your town growing by the day, what can you do to protect yourself? Many authorities in China are recommending
people wear face masks to prevent the spread of the virus, though if you’re looking to
stop yourself from picking up an infection, this is not a very reliable method. Even before the Wuhan virus, the practice
of wearing face masks in public has been very popular across Asia, but the reality is that
these masks will often do little if anything to stop an airborne virus. Simply put, this is because the masks are
simply too porous to filter out viruses and other bacteria. Some studies have shown that the masks are
effective in reducing the rate of infection, but these were all carried out in clinical
settings and have little bearing to what a mask-user would encounter in the real world. The one way that masks are very effective
in fighting against viral outbreaks though is in their use by those already infected,
as the mask helps stop transmission. If an infected person is around you and you’re
wearing a mask though, odds are it isn’t going to do much to stop you getting sick. The American CDC refuses to recommend surgical
masks be used to help fight transmission for those individuals who are not already sick,
citing a lack of evidence that they actually help stop infection. Instead, to combat the Wuhan virus and others
like it, the CDC recommends that you simply wash your hands regularly and use tissues
every time you cough or sneeze. Trapping airborne viral particles is far more
important than trying to stop them from getting to you with a mask, as typically people are
infected orally thanks to poor hand washing techniques anyways. If you do use a tissue, make sure that you
get rid of it as quickly as possible to limit the chance viral particles will get on surfaces
around you. You’ve likely heard that when you get sick
you need to pile on the Vitamin C, and if you’ve been anywhere near a drug store in
your life then you’ve no doubt seen the dozens and dozens of Vitamin C supplements next to
the cold and flu relief section. Well, feel free to start passing on the Vitamin
C for now, because science has been trying to tell us for decades that the Vitamin C
craze to fight infections is nothing but a case of bad science and very greedy marketing. In fact if you regularly take Vitamin C for
cold and flu prevention, you’re really only helping to build up a pretty nasty case of
kidney stones- a study tracking regular taking of Vitamin C over the course of a year showed
that it did not prevent cold or flu and only lessened the duration of infection by 8% in
adults. There is no diet or supplement that is going
to keep you safe from the Wuhan virus, and instead prevention is going to be more on
your physical habits than what you put in your body. Wash your hands regularly, especially after
spending time in public, and before any meal. If you’re an international traveler, you should
check with your embassy to see if they have a field testing kit for the virus yet- currently
the American CDC is working on exporting such a kit to other nations. You should also check ahead with your embassy
in your travel destination and see if they have any health advisories or travel warnings
for the region you are visiting. Lastly, perhaps delay your trip to China for
now, as the disease is rapidly spreading outside of the region it was first identified in. The good news is that though the disease has
shown it can kill even healthy teenagers, its death rate is still relatively low. You can help fight this global outbreak by
acting as if you are already infected: always cover your mouth before you cough, and cough
or sneeze into tissues that can be quickly disposed of. If you cough or sneeze into your hands, immediately
wash your hands and sanitize any surfaces you come in contact with. You may after all not suffer anything more
than severe flu like symptoms, but your carelessness could cost someone else their life. We want our beloved fans to stay safe from
the Wuhan virus, so we hope you practice each of the techniques in this episode to help
fight the pandemic. For all our fans in Southeast Asia or affected
countries, we want you to know that we’re rooting for you, and hope you keep safe. Now the best way we can think of to keep you
safe from the Wuhan virus is to stay indoors and enjoy more of your favorite youtube channel,
so why not click this video over here, or if not, how about this one instead. We promise the only viral content you’ll come
across with us is fun, exciting, and awesome videos, so click now!

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100 thoughts on “How To Stay Safe From Wuhan Coronavirus

  1. Everyone
    Do not panic
    1.Wash your hands
    2.wear face masks
    3.Always cover your hand when coughing
    And last of all
    4.stay indoors and don't go china
    Panic will make this situation worse
    Please stay calm as scientists are working on vaccines

  2. Hey guys! Guess what? Chinese people aren't the only ones who can get corona virus! Woah! So if you don't live in China, and there are Chinese people there, unless they've been to China recently, you both have an equal likelihood of contracting the corona virus. So please, don't be racist.

  3. Bro u way behind talking bout 81 deaths and 2700 infected ..bro it’s over 1000 deaths and 40,000 infected ..u gotta get quicker with putting the vids out lol

  4. In U.S.A the CORONA virus 🦠 is in California,Washington,New York,Illinois,Arizona I’m scared it will go all over EARTH 🌎 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  5. Prepare spiritually as well as physically……and have no fear, this life is but the blinking of the eye but it s not the end “Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?’" (John 11:25-26)

  6. It is a weapon released on purpose.
    In recent months the Chinese people were standing up for freedom.
    Now you know the truth about Corona.

  7. I'm infected but I'm immune to it now some dudes in hazmat suits are coming to my house and offering 550k to come with them.

  8. Boii what if u have the allergic rhinitis and everyone around you eyes you to have the corona virus????

    It's so cautious to go aside tbh esp if u have allegic rhinitis bc even though u want to suppress it, it's quite hard bc you don't one everyone around you to be suspicious of you 😂😂😂. Been there done that. But folks, Stay safe and have clean and proper hygiene wherever you go! 💖

  9. Can a mosquito bite? another infected person with the coronavirus and give it to another person by biting them, too.

  10. When you realize that Bruce Wayne hangs out with bats that are riddled with bateria and diseases. The stench from the bats can't be healthy.

  11. The corona viruses only killing the old and weak and very rally killing a a health adult
    The media: it is the worest thing ever
    Tuberculosis killing 1 person ever 30 seconds: am I joke to you

  12. I lived is Southeast Asia, Philippines… We all Filipinos are preparing ourselves now… and Jan 13 and 14.. the Taal Volcano suspected on L-4 Alert

  13. When I went for consultation with a doctor because of my flu, she told me to double my dose of vitamin c. So is the doctor believe in the bad science?

  14. As we all know that a carrier could spread the virus easily without showing any symptoms for 14 days (or up to 42 days in a recent study) , how is wearing a face mask not considered an effective preventive measure if everyone is wearing one why the CDC is so against it? I just dont get it

  15. Apparently Coronavirus dies (apparently) in like 60 degrees Celsius and that's like… a hundred something in Fahrenheit… so should I go to an extra steamy and hot sauna?

  16. I think one way it was spread so fast in China is like the video said poor hand washing. I spend some time on China and very rarely do you see people wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I even remember seeing a restaurant worker in their uniform returning to work after going to the bathroom and they didn’t wash their hands. So gross.

  17. a strong immune system is the best defense against any virus, bacteria or disease, and diet absolutely CAN strengthen anyone's immune system.
    so enjoy those onions, that garlic and even your orange juice 'cause they might just save your life one day!

  18. Wish the world would come together for 2-3 weeks just to have everyone in every country/continent to stay indoors call it a global vacation 😂. So they can collect data and study how many more ppl are infected/ to reduce the risk of exposure

  19. The virus is only dangeeous to children,old people or the immunalcompromised so if you're an healthy adult you should have no risks of dying from the virus.

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