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21 thoughts on “How to Study Protein-Ligand Interaction through Molecular Docking

  1. I t was nice but at the end its appearing as shown below.Kindly help me to sort out.

    Running AutoDock Vina for 3erd.pdb failed; see Reply Log for more information

    Application stderr
    'C:UsersDhanuDesktopmolecular' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  2. Excelent video, I want to ask how to know the best pose ? . You just have to count the number of H-Bound and check the distances ?. Another question, Do you know how to perform dynamic symulation with the docking results?

  3. very nyc and informative video, but can u please share docking with a receptor with the library of compounds using Autodock Vina.

  4. mam I want to find out the interaction between the constructed synthetic gene with the cell surface marker protein, by which tool I can see the interaction

  5. There is no demnostration of the autodock vina installation or application. COuld you please make a video for this

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