How to Treat Proteinuria (Protein in Urine) by Ayurveda? – Alternative Treatment for Kidney Disease

Greetings Sir, Greetings Ma’am. Greetings We welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. What are your names and where have you come from? I am Rajesh Puri and this is my wife Urmila Puri and we have come from J & K. She is diabetic from the last 12, 13 years. She was losing proteins from the last February. From J & K we went to a special hospital, in Jalandhar that treats kidney patients. They said she has to be admitted and her biopsy will be done. I said Ok but first we need to discuss the problem with our family. One of our relatives who belongs to Jaipur, he told us everything about Planet Ayurveda, so we came rushing to Chandigarh. We came to Planet Ayurveda on 15th March. At that time her protein loss was 11,189. OK Sir, please show prescription to our viewers. See, this is the protein loss – 11,189. Okay, this is her report of March 15, when history was done, it was her protein loss. Yes it was her protein loss and Albumin was 4+, then the doctor prescribed these medicines for 2 months. We did take this prescription for 2 months and her protein loss reduced to 2156. Whereas its limit is below 150, which means she had improved a lot. After 2 months it improved a lot. We came here after 3 months, 14-06-2019 and he changed some of her medicines, and today her protein loss is 840 and today’s date is 12th August. It certainly means that within a few months, her health improved and allopathy said that she has to be admitted in a kidney hospital and will be required to do biopsy test. But Ayurveda has impressed me immensely and today I am a free man. I am thankful to the person who suggested the name of Planet Ayurveda, and I am absolutely satisfied. Did the doctor change her diet? Yeah he had refrained her from taking any milk products. There are a few diet restrictions for the patient. For the benefit of the patient. Yeah so that patient should improve. The patient gets a full support with a diet change. Absolutely and the doctor who is present at Planet Ayurveda always converses with you in a smiling way. The way he has a word with the patient, the patient gets cured by 50%. Yes sir he is very helpful. Yes he has many positive qualities and the whole staff over here is extremely co-operative & too nice. We start in the morning from J & K and I’ve seen people coming from all the corners of India with different diseases. I did ask many and everybody spoke in his favor and is getting the full effective results. First time, you may have done the analysis in such a way. Absolutely true, when someone has suggested we thought let us check we would have gone back to allopathy but when I saw her protein loss reduced from 11,000 to 2,000, Impressing me immensely. My patient did all this but even I was happy that my patient has got treated. We didn’t have to get admitted and do biopsy, but were happy sitting at our home. It was a very safe treatment. Yeah absolutely, when her medicines got finished we ordered it online and got the medicines delivered within 2 days. Sir, we have many viewers watching this video and what will be your message to them? I must say that If anyone is suffering from any disease, they should come here and give Planet Ayurveda a chance. I am not forcing anybody to come here, but they themselves will be satisfied. Just come here on a trial basis, you will certainly get satisfied. Thanks Sir & ma’am for giving time and providing such important information to our viewers. Thank you so much.

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