How to Use the Lemongrass Spa Vitamin C Serum | Benefits + How to Apply

today I wanted to give you the inside
scoop on how to use the vitamin C serum from lemongrass spa first let’s talk
about what a serum is and why it’s a must-have for your everyday skin care
routine serums are applied after cleansing but before moisturizing they
absorb quickly into deeper layers of our skin promoting cellular turnover which
gives a natural radiance and a healthy glow the vitamin C serum is a potent and
effective anti-aging serum to add to your daily skincare routine it has a 20%
vitamin C concentration with orange stem cell extract which combats early and
advanced signs of aging the lightweight texture reduces inflammation so mimics
collagen production and allows hyaluronic acid to penetrate the deeper
layers of skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles now that we
got that covered I’ll show you how to use it prep the skin by cleansing and
toning apply one to two drops of the serum into the palm of your hand and
gently warm in your hands take the palms directly to your cheeks
and press the product lightly into the skin then under the jaw and neck
followed by the forehead use inward and upward motions avoiding the eye area and
avoid rubbing as much as possible another option for applying serum is to
use the Jade roller to aid your skin and absorbing these ingredients the cooling
Jade roller is a soothing way to help deliver the serum evenly throughout your
face and neck I have a few more things I wanted to add you can mix serums
together to get desired results for example if you pair the vitamin C serum
with the green tea antioxidant serum it is in reducing the appearance of pores
this serum can be used both day and night as a pre step 2 your favorite
moisturizer if you’re interested in the vitamin C serum or any of our other
products contact a consultant or head to lemongrass spa calm you

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