I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: I want the biggest hips. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: It’s a celebration cake for my hips that I am going to make. COMM: Bobby-Jo Westley is on a one-woman mission to become the proud owner of the world’s
biggest hips. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: The last time I measured my hips they were almost 100. My goal is to
have the biggest hips. COMM: Last time we met Bobby, she had hips that measured an eye-watering 93 inches. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: My hips are sexy. I like them. They are like saddlebags. COMM: And it’s not only Bobby who likes her super-sized hips. This mother-of-five
has found herself with quite the fan base after posting photos of her figure on social media. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: I am famous for my hips and my butt. Yeah. It’s the first thing people notice. COMM: But Bobby’s mission is coming at a cost. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: Having big hips is kind of difficult. When I go down up the steps I
have to turn sideways. I can’t sit in chairs with arms. The last time I went to a doctor
I weighed in at 542. I am still 5ft 2in. COMM: Today nutritionist Nadia Sharifi has come to visit Bobby. NADIA SHARIFI: When did you find out that you had a thyroid condition.
BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: Six years ago. NADIA SHARIFI: Six years ago. And now, did
you gain more since then? BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: Yeah. I have gained a lot.
NADIA SHARIFI: So, I want you to be able to know that eating healthy is very important. Right? BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: Yeah. Right.
NADIA SHARIFI: So, and even if you make a tiny little step, it’s better than no step at all. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: Right. COMM: Bobby puts a lot of her weight gain down to having an underactive thyroid and
insists it’s not down to her diet or lifestyle. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: When people look at me, and they say, ‘Oh! She is big. She must
eat a lot.’ No. To be honest, I don’t eat a lot. It’s medical. Sometimes I don’t
eat breakfast. I really don’t eat lunch. I will pick here and there. But I will eat
like a dinner. NADIA SHARIFI: Nutrition as we went through her day was a big part of it. She doesn’t
eat enough. And when she does, it’s unhealthy food. So, thyroid is a little part of it. But really her nutrition and the way she eats is the bigger part. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: When I get people on social media who says I am fat, I really don’t
react to it, because I am fat. NADIA SHARIFI: I think the consultation went really well. You know, she is definitely in
a place where it’s very hard for people to be, you know. It’s not like she needs
to lose 50 lbs. She needs to lose over 200lbs. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: I may be big and fat, but at least I have some type of shape. You know.
This is who I am. NADIA SHARIFI: Her proclaiming that she has the –the world’s biggest hips is definitely
a self-protective mechanism. You have to understand she can’t control a lot of things in her
life. Right? But the one thing she can control is how big she can get her hips. She is really
truly a ticking time bomb. It’s a life or death choice at this point. COMM: Despite being told she needs to lose weight, Bobby wants to continue on her mission
to get the world’s biggest hips even if it’s putting her own life in danger. BOBBI-JO WESTLEY: I understand that I am putting myself at risk by trying to get the Biggest
World’s Guinness Record. Yes. It’s just I want to be known for something and if it
means having the world’s biggest hips then that’s what, that’s what I want.

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