Important Vitamins You Should Consider Taking Daily For Optimal Health Heart Strength Vigor

with this video my aim is to make things as convenient as possible for you to be able to find the vitamins that you’re looking for so I put links in the description to the different products shown here in this video and to make it nice and convenient if you bookmark the page or you save it in your favorites or any way that you can find it makes it nice and easy for you to reup your supply as needed this also helps support the channel kung fu maintenance helps me bring you more quality videos and to go further and further into more depth into different subjects such as the one shown here welcome back to inconvenience whoa I’ve been meaning to do this for a while click the video on the different vitamins that annotation and vitamins you really should be taken but the bare minimum you should be taking a good multi-vitamin right now this is about my favorite multivitamin that item in total ferment they also make the same deal for women but I this is from a lot of raw foods and and that to me it was kind of important for a vitamin yeah it’s really hard to eat well who’s going to eat right it’s very very difficult to get all the things that you need you have to be so many different vegetables so they’ll do want to eat as healthy as possible but a good multivitamin can help make up for the you know the fact that it’s just really hard to get everything that you need this one’s by vitamin code and again I’ll put links to descriptions to all these vitamins I’ll put links in the description to all of these vitamins that this is a lot from organic apples broccoli carrots spinach strawberry cherry blackberry green bell pepper brussel sprouts boo berry ginger garlic green onions raspberry cauliflower parsley cabbage red cabbage k cucumber asparagus you’d have to eat a whole lot you know to get there one thing I did want to show you which is going into the next vitamin that’s kind of very important for heart health to take is ubiquinol which is a form of CQ 10 or Co Q 10 your body at a certain age kind of makes less of this Co Q 10 found in the body and it helps the heart I won’t go in super depth because I got a lot to cover here but one thing you might notice in this particular vitamin multivitamin where is it it has Co Q 10 in it and you might go well this has 425 Co Q 10 this is only a hundred what’s up there well if you look real close here this is 425 MCG it’s a much much smaller amount of CoQ10. The MCG is a way smaller particle 100 milligrams is a lot more. Here is another interesting tip I have a bigger bottle with of the Ubiquinol but it’s 200 milligrams and the smaller ones a hundred milligrams. One strategy for this is is to take one one day and then one the other day and that way you’re you geting you know 150 milligrams over two days 300 milligrams every two days. This way you’re getting your 200 milligrams and switching 100 or in the bottle runs out just a little strategy there okay next important vitamin is a omega-3 this is really it’s almost like a lubricant for the body for your joints and for everything really and this one is the same but it’s a different brand this is the Norwegian gold pretty cool this one’s from fish oil a lot of it and this one’s from olives extracting and and you know there there little bit different I’m so the fish oil you might have to be careful for mercury content but yeah they’re great this make you feel a lot better when you take that because your body has that lubricant and magnesium another important mineral for the body mineral supplement so that’s gonna keep things you know I’m good if I needs that and then this one’s methyl b12 helps energy production and some of your nervous system helps with that one again I’m not going to these two so these are the ones I take every day these five right here and then I have a few that i taked only when I eat breakfast Some of these need to be taken with food. Reservatrol, Super bio Curcumin, Niacin, these ones they tend to make me nauseous if I haven’t eaten so I only take them when I eat to make sure that it definitely makes me feel a lot better when I do take them so better be breakfasting is really not too healthy to skip breakfast but unfortunately sometimes time being what it is you know you got to do what you got to do like top most critical one is your multivitamin and if we’re going to go in order i would go in that order multi vitamin a big panel i make it three magnesium v12 so there we go super fire persimmon reservatrol and nice and so you know if you won’t want to take them off but those were kind of the priorities of what i would take and what I would you know kind of invest in its investing in your health anyway i’ll put links in the description to all these vitamins where you can get them fairly easily thanks for watching the healthier healthier items yep so links are in the video description below again i make a small commission on anything you order through the there and if you bookmark this page it’ll make it nice and easy for you to be able to reup your vitamin supply as needed and help support the channel helps me make these types of it is you you when you is you you you mmm given to men for defending touch treasure consecutive you me yummy me you you

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