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65 thoughts on “Insulin Resistance – How To REVERSE With Diet

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  2. It's NOT that hard to say you can reverse T2D, instead of reverse diabetes like you guys say, you say reverse diabetes to get the clicks and make the money.

    Stop bullshitting people and using terms like T1D's are "triggered", triggered by your lying, yes, triggered by the healthier diet/lifestyle, no.

    You don;t need to lie to people to get the word out, or use it an excuse for why you are lying to people.

  3. 3 months veg diet 100% veg, still on metaformin, you can't reverse diabetes, you can reduce it, but not reverse.

  4. As an athlete I find it difficult to get enough calories, to remain strong, on a whole food, plant based diet. Would it be okay to add a little more calorie dense foods like nuts, (if you know for sure that the calories will be burned during exercise) and still reap the benefits of this diet?

  5. Great video! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    I have had PCOS ๐Ÿ˜ฒ aka Insulin Resistance since I was a teenager- diagnosed at 21- I am now 30๐Ÿ‘ต.
    I am trying this at the moment- I do feel and look better and have lost weight ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    However I haven't been strict with the fat as I have been eating 20-25% fat. I realise according to the research I will need to reduce fat further (I used to eat wayyyyyy more than 25% fat previously) to gain the greatest benefits. I also keep forgetting that there are fats (although they can be minute) in carbohydrates.

    I hope over the next 6 months (or less!) I can report I have reversed the insulin resistance that has been driving me crazy! ๐Ÿ˜ต

    What do I have to lose??? Doc could only offer me drugs (of course with side effects- causing me new problems) and vague health advice "lose weight and eat healthy" – this meant absolutely nothing to me lol ๐Ÿค”

    A few questions…
    So intermittent fasting is not necessary? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    Do we need to eat a certain amount of calories on a plant based diet? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Thank you! ๐Ÿค—

  6. My father is on low fat plant based diet and he still have type 2 diebetes! So that's a lie!! I personally have been controlling his diet and the Hbac1 is still high!
    He has been vegan for a long time now

  7. PlantBased News sees the truth. Love your content, and keep sharing the truth! Stay rooted, my friends!

  8. My dad has T2D and heโ€™s been on a low fat plant based diet for over 18months, and it did help a lot with it he was even able to get off his medication for a while. However he is now back on it, and has a hard time not losing weight. I keep telling him to eat more, but itโ€™s quite hard with his job and the much larger portions… Has anyone got any tips?

  9. So what "nutrition software" can he recommended using in order to track if someone is going over the 15% fat intake or not?

  10. Okay but how do I stick to it? ๐Ÿ˜ข I've been transitioning since November. I can be consistent for about a week before I alway break when something especially decadent is in front of me (cakes, mac&cheese, seafood, Asian cuisine ). I'm doing a 1 month challenge in April, but I'm a bit worried.

  11. Thank you for sharing this info! Low Fat Whole Food Plant Based is the way to go =)

  12. Good stuff….hope more people find out about this….and congrats on 150K subs! When I first found you guys, I think you were at around 6K subs

  13. I am going to join this Mastering Diabetes course! I'm Vegan already but I keep eating too much sunflower mayo, fried chips and vegan cheesecake! xD! I definitely need to learn some better habits!

  14. So disorienting to see people in LA wearing parkas . . . The results that Barbaro and Khambatta have gotten through plant-based regimens, while really helping their bodies and not harming animals, is a testament to the superiority of what they promote. Hope lotsa people see this, and attend the seminar; TFP!

  15. 9:49 COMPLETELY agree about using nutrition software. I luckily started using the first day I also started trying the whole food vegan diet and it was incredibly enlightening to know the micronutrient breakdown.

    I realized that I needed to eat more sweet potatoes, beans, and dark-green leafies to get enough potassium, and that I should minimize if not eliminate buttered toast from my daily routine – even the Earth Balance butter was high in saturated fat and I could feel my blood sugar spike after consuming it.

  16. Im trying to find a way to contact ither than just joining a summit furst. I have severe gastroperisis and am.wondering if I can manage this sort of diet with the gastroperisis diet. I am unable to eat anything with fiber nothing raw…Please if anyine knows how I can contact these folks please let me know.

  17. why no one is talking about type 1 diabetes in case that children and teenagers up to 18-20 years old can grow pancreas cells. so we need to stop the autoimmune reaction which kills the cells. no one ever tried to completely avoid meat and diary so that autoimmune reaction would never appear again? I think It's a big chance for children suffering with type 1 diabetes.

  18. vegans always say shit like oh if you are meant to eat meat then why do you cook it? Yet they cook potatoes which are POISONOUS when eaten raw…and the proceed promote veganism as some sort of miracle cure that will reverse or prevent diseases such as diabetes/cancer and many more things…what next?…Are you going to tell someone that is allergic to peanuts or whatever other plant food that if they when vegan that they wouldn't be allergic to that anymore?

  19. I love being vegan!!! Unfortunately I'm a total junk-foodie college student who definitely doesn't get the awesome benefits of the whole foods diet ๐Ÿ™ Can't wait to see how healthy it makes me once I'm making my own food on a regular basis!

  20. The fat inhibiting insulin from doing it's job is any fat or saturated fat? Does the fat in walnuts, almonds, or avocados cause insulin resistance the same as the fat from Hamburger? I am not clear on this. Anyone have an answer to this?

  21. I would be intrested in hearing from a vegan bodybuilder/ powerlifter or any person that doesnt look like an auschwitz survivor when they take of their shirt…

  22. this is somewhat ridiculous.
    where is the multiple RCT trials that show ketogenic diets "cause" insulin resistance? not association, "cause"
    and not in rats or mice – because rats and mice don't actually thrive on those foods
    where is the research in humans??

    please list off the studies – I would actually like to see these causative effects! so I can also enlighten others about this

  23. and where are these studies after studies that show eating high carbs in a low fat environment, insulin is optimized?…..what does that mean? optimized? Frankly I am absolutely curious about this ..

  24. I know this is right but the keto people can't get past the fact that they are just eating foods that don't produce much glucose. Intramyocellular lipids are the cause of type 2. Robbie is spot on!

  25. How much fat is considered low compared to body weight and calorie intake? I have PCOS due to insulin resistance and I am vegan and with normal BMI but even after switching vegan my issue persists.

  26. Insulin resistance is NOT caused by the presence of fat in muscle.ย  Well conditioned endurance athletes also have fat and fat droplets in their muscle.ย  The claim that insulin resistance is caused by fat in muscle does not make sense when you consider this fact.

  27. Currently giving starch solution another try but always struggle with extreme tiredness after my carb-rich lunch (need to nap and my cheeks get warm and red). Sign of insulin resistance. Will this resolve after time, or can I do something for it? Smaller meals? Why is it only after lunch ? Big drop in COrtisol?

  28. I was so glad to get this information I started it the next day, and Iโ€™m so glad to say on my 2nd day I have more energy. I love fruit and vegetables so it wasnโ€™t hard for me. I stopped eating grains a couple of years ago and I did lose weight good but never most of my belly fat. I have sugar rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and lower back pain when standing for a bit. Very little energy, Iโ€™m kind o confused about the protein and oils, I donโ€™t count calories so I just eat 70%veg and fruit I do cook my green leafy veggies in olive oil but itโ€™s not 15 % of my diet and I eat very little meat, I do drink a protein shake with blueberries , and I eat 2 almond muffins that I make from almond flour. I know this is probably the right diet but It Needs some tweaking Please help.

  29. How do you explain my resent blood work. Triglycerides at 54, HDL at 56 making my ratio 0.09. This ratio is pivotal in marking a state of insulin resistance. Anything under 2 means insulin sensitivity, Iโ€™m a KETO guy… explain your false statements.

  30. So confused. I am NOT diabetic but have been diagnosed with hashimoto disease. I have gained 20 lbs. so tired. Now on 60 mg of Armour thyroid .76 yrs old. 150 lbs. Female. how do I start the lfpbwf diet .. You talk a lot about your type 1 diabetes….I am so ready to find help and feel healthy again. Can I contact you.

  31. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance at the age of 9 and I 've tried vegan and plant based for the last couple of years and mine has gotten WAYhigher. I was at 30 to begin and now I'm over 50 at resting. I don't know what to do but may e plant based only works for some people with IR๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•


  33. The statement you make about KETO worsening Insulin Resistance does not sound right. Every KETO individual and organization claims KETO reverses diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity. Hundreds of videos by many professionals. What evidence do you have for that statement.

  34. Is it caused by fat circulating in the bloodstream or just when it goes into the muscles and where it's not supposed to go ?

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