Intermittent Fasting: Will It Help You Build Muscle If You’re Skinny?

What is going on guys? Troy here. And it’s actually the lower level of the apartment
complex where I live. I thought I would change up the background
and scenery. We’ve got some cool little artwork behind
us for you guys to enjoy in today’s video. Intermittent fasting has got a ton of hype
last couple years in the fitness industry. I’m sure you guys have seen Kinobody making
it seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread in a lot of his videos about intermittent
fasting, but I want to talk about intermittent fasting specifically for being a naturally
skinny guy and if it can help you build lean muscle mass, so let’s dive right into it. So I haven’t really talked about it much on
this channel, but I actually did some intermittent fasting about a year ago and I’m about to
start doing it again. There’s a few very specific reasons why I
like doing intermittent fasting, so you’re probably thinking as a naturally skinny guy,
how in the world would not eating for 16, 17, sometimes 20 straight hours, how in the
world is that going to help you build lean muscle mass, so I’m going to explain why in
this video and how you need to set up your intermittent fasting so you actually have
results. So first of all, the rules of intermittent
fasting are very simple. You need to have at least at the very minimum
a 16-hour stretch where you’re not eating any food. The things that you can have. You can have coffee. You can have tea. Obviously you can – no added sweetener or
cream or sugar in the coffee or tea. You could do a sugar free energy drink. As far as I know, having a little bit of artificial
sweetener doesn’t really impact the intermittent fasting. You could do – actually one of my things that
I was doing on intermittent fasting, I was even including celery. Celery has hardly any calories. It actually makes you really full. My little trick with intermittent fasting
is I would eat celery and I would combine it with carbonated water, which obviously
has zero calories and other times when I was looking for a little energy boost, sometimes
I’d even take pre-workout or drink coffee, throw in some branched chain amino acids. So, those are my little tricks. But long story short, intermittent fasting,
you have to go at least 16 hours. You have the most benefits when you’re at
the 18 to 20 hour mark of not eating during intermittent fasting. So, why in the world would you want to do
intermittent fasting. I’m sure it sounds terrible to you guys right
now. Well, there is some really powerful research
associated with intermittent fasting as far as it boosting your human growth hormone levels
and your testosterone levels. Obviously, on top of just eating a calorie
surplus and putting the right things in your body, if you can manipulate your hormone levels
such as HGH and testosterone, this is obviously the most powerful thing that you can do to
decrease your body fat levels and drastically increase your strength and your lean muscle
mass. The number one reason that I started doing
intermittent fasting is I noticed my energy levels were a lot higher. If you think about it, when you wake up first
thing, you eat a bunch of food, you kind of feel a little bit lethargic. So with intermittent fasting the main benefit
besides the aesthetic things that I’m going to talk about, are when I woke up, when I
was doing intermittent fasting, it was like, boom, I was laser-focused. I has a little bit of coffee. I sometimes sipped on some branched chain
amino acids and I was straight into work mode. I wasn’t putzing around in my kitchen stirring
up oatmeal, making eggs, spending 30 – 45 minutes making breakfast. I was going straight to my computer. I was working on my computer. Doing my thing. And I felt like I was getting a lot more work
done. For me, personally, that’s actually the reason
why I’m going to start doing intermittent fasting again. And increased energy levels and I’m sure that
the increased energy has something to do with the testosterone output as well. The two most important hormones that you could
ever want to manipulate are HGH and testosterone. I’ll link some studies in the description
below. There’s countless studies that show that fasting
for 16 hours and if you can get close to 20 hours, you have a huge spike in your hormone
levels. You guys are not going to lose a ton of muscle
mass. Your body isn’t going to start eating itself
just because you don’t eat anything for 16 to 20 hours. In fact, it’s going to skyrocket your energy
levels because when your body’s constantly digesting food, you’re going to feel a little
bit more tired, a little bit more lethargic. Obviously the point of this video is is intermittent
fasting right if you’re a naturally skinny guy. If you do want to start intermittent fasting,
how you need to go about it. Number one, you need to make sure that you’re
still eating a calorie surplus. Just because you only have a six or eight-hour
eating window, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be eating a calorie surplus. And let me tell you what after working out,
especially at the end of my fast and not eating for anywhere from 16 to 20 hours, it is so
incredibly easy to consume a 12 – 1,300 calorie meal. The way that I would do my fasting is I would
typically have my last meal at 8 or 9 PM. So say my last meal is at 9 PM, that means
I can break the fast around 1 or 2 PM, get my 16-17 hour fast in. Then what I would do is I would work out at
the very end of my fast. I would take a pre-workout and I would put
about 10 to 15 grams of branched chain amino acids into that pre-workout, just for a little
bit of extra insurance to ensure that my body is not breaking down and going catabolic. Then my first meal is going to be right after
my intense workout at the end of my fast. And your body is just going to be starving
for protein and carbohydrates and your glycogen levels are going to be really receptive to
filling up, so these can be really powerful for building muscle mass long term. So your post workout meal, you guys are trying
to build muscle during intermittent fasting needs to be at least 1,000 calories. It’s super simple to get in 3,000 calories
in even a six-hour window because your first meal you’re going to be absolutely starving
and then I notice even an hour, hour and a half later, if I was able to go for a really
intense workout at the end of my fast, what I would do is I’d have 1,000 calorie shake
right about an hour and a half after that last meal. Throw in a 1,000 calorie shake. We’ve got a ton of other videos on the channel
showing you guys some 1,000 calorie shakes. What’s going on dude? That’s my boy right there. So 1,000 calorie shake about an hour and a
half after your first meal. I think I got the peanut butter mass builder. We’ve got these crazy mass-building shakes
on the channel so check them out. So only two hours into our eating window or
two and a half, we have over 2,000 calories. So then you have four hours left to get in
another 1,000 calories so incorporating high calorie foods like peanut butter and maybe
some sirloin steak. Just check the channel guys. There’s a million videos on foods to gain
weight. So it’s not rocket science. Just put together some high-calorie meals
and even if you have a 250 calories snack every single hour for the remaining three
– four hours, super simple to get in 3,000 calories. For me personally, if I can impact my hormone
levels and increase my energy and I can still get in 3,000 high-quality calories in a six-hour
eating window, if you can pull this off, you can make really fast gains with intermittent
fasting, especially because your body is not used to it. You’ve never really done intermittent fasting,
so starting off you’re probably going to have the biggest positive impact on your hormone
levels, so just try it out guys. I know, for me, personally, my body is really
receptive to it. Once my body adjusted to the fasting period,
it was really for me to not eat for 16 to 17 hours and even work out towards the end
of my fast. I know I have other friends that I’ve recommended
it to and they said they couldn’t do it. They felt weak. They felt dizzy. They felt tired. Me, personally, I wake up and I don’t eat
for 12 hours, I’d start drinking some pre-workout and some coffee and I’m fucking wired. I’m ready to go. At the end of the day guys, you can watch
all the videos and read all the tips that you want, but the end of the day, it’s just
got to be what works best for your body. So this is my personal experience, being a
naturally skinny guy, Intermittent fasting has without a double helped me, so I want
you guys to let me know in the comments below. If you guys are going to try it out, try it
out right away. See how your body adjusts to it and let me
know in the comments what you thought of it. So that is my little rant on intermittent
fasting. Please let me know if you have any questions. I try to cover as much as possible, but there’s
always little details that go into it. And one more thing that I’ve touched on it
a little bit. Make sure you guys have some branched chain
amino acids. It has no calories. There’s tons of different brands. I prefer the SciVation Xtend amino acids. They taste really good. So just sip on some branched chain amino acids. Have some coffee. Eat some celery if you guys tend to get hungry
during your fast. That is it for now.

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