Is Eating Too Many Eggs Bad For You?

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Today we’re going to talk about a staple in a bodybuilders diet eggs now We all know that eating a lot of protein is a must to grow muscle an eggs are an easy way to feed your gains But is there such a thing as eating too many eggs This is actually a question I get asked all the time eggs are loaded with cholesterol And when most people hear that they immediately think of heart disease and diabetes So how many eggs can you eat safely in a day you might ask well Before we get to the answer there is some basic information that you need to know First of all all the cholesterol is in the yolk which is the yellow part So you can eat egg whites all day long with no problems another misconception Is that cholesterol is the enemy and that’s not true the body needs cholesterol in limited amounts to function actually [cholesterol] is an essential part of every cell Membrane in your body And it is used to make hormones like testosterone for example Which is crucial for gains another thing a lot of people don’t realize is that your own body makes cholesterol And it is made in the liver Cholesterol is made of three components. There’s good cholesterol or HDL High Density lipoprotein there’s bad cholesterol or LDL Which is low-density lipoprotein and there’s triglycerides the American heart Association recommends that your total cholesterol levels should be below 180 Milligrams per deciliter and now that you know the basics let’s get to the meat of the question a Lot of older studies show that people with high cholesterol are two times as likely to have heart disease and Based on these studies they figured that eating up to six eggs per week or about one egg per day is Okay, they say that if you eat more than that, you’re at risk But it’s not that simple first of all these recommendations of ideal cholesterol levels are from the 1960s So they’re pretty old when I started looking into this stuff I found that there is little scientific evidence and also that these studies used animals that were fed ridiculous amounts of cholesterol Does that realistic to you guys? Exactly, it didn’t sound like that to me either So I did some more research And I’ll put a link to the study in info section below so you guys can check it out The other thing to consider is that these general recommendations are typically ultra conservative Because they have to be safe for everybody in the population even those people that have genetic predispositions to these diseases So then I looked at newer studies And they show that for the majority of the population when you eat cholesterol your liver Just produces less of it to compensate the other piece of it Is that when your bad cholesterol goes up the good one goes up as well So the ratio doesn’t change much which is an important Factor for the health problems We talked about so bottom line. How many eggs should you really eat? Well there are two scenarios the first scenario is you are a person has a high risk for these diseases if you are on the high-risk part of the Population then you should be conservative, and how do you know if you are at high risk? Well You should really talk to your doctor But here are some examples to give you a general idea you can be at risk for problems if you are one of the 10% of the Population with naturally high cholesterol because your liver just makes too much of it for example my wife Erica is in this category, and she found out during a regular checkup when she was a teenager So I’m sure a lot of you guys probably already know that as well you have a family history of diabetes and heart disease You’re overweight you’re an active smoker or have high blood pressure or You have bad eating habits such as eating a lot of saturated fats like butter fatty meats and cheese Bottom line if you fall into any of these categories I would stick with the max of six eggs per week Which is the General conservative guideline Now for the rest of the population most recent studies have found no conclusive evidence that eggs Increase your risk of heart problems or diabetes the most important part here is not the number of eggs But the amount of bad fats you’re eating so keep that butter fatty meats and cheese Under control their conclusion is that a high egg diet is fine as long as the rest of your diet lifestyle are healthy as well if you are an active person with no predisposition for heart disease or diabetes With a balanced meal plan with plenty of veggies and good fats You should be fine to eat more than one egg a day I will link to the study in info section for that information as well, I Myself eat two entire eggs per day which is double the recommendation and a lot of egg whites now I don’t believe in extremes And I personally wouldn’t go crazy as I have seen people do eating five or six eggs a day think that your liver produces One thousand and two thousand milligrams of cholesterol per day total so let’s do the math one egg has about 187 Milligrams of cholesterol, so if you eat six eggs in one day You would be at 11 hundred grams of cholesterol for the day This means that you would get to a point where even if you live a completely stopped making cholesterol It wouldn’t be able to offset all the cholesterol you were eating so I would not go down that route Plus there are no studies that I could find analyzing these extreme cases So just remember this nation to stay on the safe side you can have a few whole eggs a day and if you want more Toss the yolk and go nuts with unlimited egg whites I hope this video helped you and if you are looking for more high protein food options check out my true gains high protein food line We have high protein pasta high protein granola high protein oatmeal chips and bars as well And they’re delicious So be sure to hit that like and subscribe button if you have any questions or video Suggestions be sure to leave them down in the comment section below and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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100 thoughts on “Is Eating Too Many Eggs Bad For You?

  1. I eat 4 eggs a day two before the gym and two after. I know there's a ton of studies out there and some are vague and don't seem to really answer most questions. Appreciate the video and info.

  2. I have 1 yolk and 3 to 4 whites per day, but I also have Acute pancreatitis so my diet is limited. Great Vid 👍🏻

  3. For people watching this video in Oct 2018. For past one month I've been eating 10 whole boiled eggs per day. And I'm lifting heavy weights. And I think I have nothing wrong in my health. I'm really fine. But I have not done any check up or consulted any Dr.

  4. I eat at least 6-12 eggs, every day … never had an issue … they have lots of good omega-3 fatty acids, and the cholesterol in them is not the bad LDL type … other than that, lots of protein, and good things like folate etc … Way better than 90% of sh*+ in the supermarket … !!

  5. I eat more than 16 eggs a day, yolk and all, and my cholestorole is good. Eating only the egg white spikes your insuline, way more than when you mix the yolk and white

  6. Wtf I've been eating eggs my entire life
    With high amount of it and for the last few years the average consuming is 3 to 6 per day with no side effects I've been studying this for a long time and you can eat 10 eggs per day without worrying or at least what the doctors say with their since experiments

  7. Funny how the study was from the 1960s. So they started bashing eggs and other hole in real organic foods wow simultaneously promoting wheat and sugar-based foods. The 1960s is one America started making the big shift into more packaged garbage In their diet.

  8. The cholesterol of eggs being bad is a disproven fact. Especially recent studies so this guy is making perfect sense. Im a pharmacy student so I know my cholesterol science 😉
    I eat 5-6 eggs a day, not a big deal. My cholesterol levels are perfect.

    Also look up ASCVD 10 year risk calculators if you're trying to be a cool kid.

  9. hahaha i eat 4 eggs a day, mostly inactive, and i'm fine. this is like saying eating too much fruit will give you diabetes. my bodybuilding uncle eats 10+ eggs a day and he's doing great.

  10. Man i’ve been waiting for an video like this about eggs. Thanks for explaining this in a way thats easy to understand.

  11. I know a nutritionist that developed an allergic reaction to consuming so many egg whites. She had to stop consuming them for about 4mos. to help correct her problem. She was also a bodybuilder and so consumed quite a lot of egg whites.

  12. Before I started on a keto lifestyle, i used to eat maybe three eggs a week. It was basically all carbs in the morning. My cholesterol was 244. When I started my new lifestyle I started eating 3 to 4 eggs a day. I found a guy in the neighborhood that raises chickens and ducks. And I love the duck eggs so I would buy basically buy only them. Duck eggs are almost twice the size of a chicken egg. So I went from eating 3 to 4 chicken eggs a week to 21 to 28 duck eggs a week. After about a year I had my labs done and my cholesterol was 244. Exactly the same as before I started eating so many eggs. I’m 67 and was prediabetic before I started. I was one of those fat skinny guys all the weight was in my belly and chest and around my back. I lost 25 pounds got back to a shape that I was able to get enough energy to go to the gym and now I work out three days a week with weights and I’m putting on some muscle. My arms were around 10 inches when I started and six months later I’m at 12 1/2. I went from a size 35 waist to a 30 inch waist. I don’t have full-blown abs but I’m starting to see them. From what I’ve read I don’t believe cholesterol is the end-all to health. Studies have shown that people with higher cholesterol have better cardiovascular health. And that people with lower cholesterol have as much if not more heart attacks. Also I eat a ton of butter, fatty meats, heavy cream and I have the energy of someone in their 30s. So if you’re going to eat a ton of carbs like I used to stay away from fats. And deal with the diabetes later. And if you’re going to eat a ton of fats stay away from carbs you’ll feel a hell of a lot better.

  13. “Or eating a lot of saturated fats,” sorry, you’re wrong about saturated fats. Dr Jason Fung debunks the myth that saturated fats cause heart disease. This was a myth developed in the 60s. In fact, saturated fats have been proven to decrease heart disease.

  14. I eat 2 eggs per day yolks included and my cholesterol is perfect. Also it keeps my T-Levels normal and I am 50 and just got my blood work back a month ago. Very Happy. I have been eating eggs for years. I eat very healthy.

  15. Eating egg whites will make you impotent. Loose the wheat sugar diet drinks and grains. Our liver makes cholesterol. Stain drugs make you diabetic. You can eat 4 eggs a day. You need to have cholesterol for your brain to function and heal your body.

  16. We invented air planes that allow you fly while sitting down, we have cars that allow you to travel 60 mph without having to run, we have computers that fit in your pocket (a cell phone) yet we can't figure out if eggs are good for you

  17. I am a type 1 diabetic of 40yrs, I also have high blood pressure.. I eat 6 eggs
    every morning for my breakfast and have done for over 3 years.
    Your figures mean fk all !!

  18. I had an artery blockage and was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. My endocrinologist told me to eat eggs and not to worry about the cholesterol at all. He basically said the only concern with egg yolks was the calorie density, so as long as I wasn't over calorie limits it wasn't a concern.

  19. As a Biochemist, there exist no such thing as good or bad cholesterol, cholesterol is cholesterol. Now, HDL and LDL have different functions, of which, one is generally preferred, but if you are active and using tons of energy, the LDL won’t hurt you

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