Is This Protein Better? I’ll Test it in a Shake, Bar, and Bake.

We’re gonna look at cricket protein. It’s
a thing I guess. Let’s figure out what it’s about Welcome back. I am NOT in my
kitchen. I’m not at the ABS kitchen, but no matter where I go, any kitchen’s the abs kitchen. Alright… alright… Okay. I got these bars, and they’re trying
to tout cricket protein as the protein of choice. Here’s what I researched about
cricket protein it’s highly sustainable. To get about one pound of dry protein
powder from a cow takes about 2,500 gallons of water to get a pound of
cricket protein takes about a gallon. Hugely sustainable. Also, there are other
health benefits. It has B12 and iron, it is technically a
shell creature so if you’re allergic to crustaceans beware. This is not for you.
I’m gonna taste it raw because why not. It’s nutty…
it tastes like nuts that’s what it tastes like. It is food in other countries, just here in America it’s just not a thing yet. Maybe it’ll be a thing hopefully it’s a thing. All right let’s get cooking with it. I’m gonna do a protein shake, I’m going to do my protein
pizza. and I’m also gonna do these bar right here. These are cricket protein bars. It’s actually not that bad. I kinda like ’em. 18g of fat, 24g of carbs, 15 of its sugars, 6g of fiber, 10 grams of protein. Okay, it’s all right this brand is all right
but I’m gonna explore actual cricket protein. I’m gonna start making this protein pizza. If you’ve watched my videos before, you know how this protein
Pizza works. It’s all protein, the ingredients are in here. If you want to see
the video, you can watch the other videos. Bake away.
Oh here’s another thing I noticed… cricket powder is different than cricket flour. If you buy cricket flour, all it is is AP flour then they put crooked powder inside it. If crickets’er your thing… you should know that. I’m gonna make a
protein shake with the cricket powder I’m going for 30 grams here. I’m gonna do
a peanut butter banana shake it’s a protein shake that I use regularly so I
can tell you the difference. It looks alot of different Here we go! It’s cricket Okay, remember when I said it’s nutty
when I tasted the cricket before? Now that there’s actual nuts from peanuts in here, that nutty flavor is not quite nutty It’s… it’s cricket. That’s… now I
know what cricket tastes like… tastes like cricket. I’m eating the bars. That’s… Whoo!! This whole cricket powder thing… it’s new… you got some ways to go. I don’t really
care about flavor, but that tastes… kind of bad. It tastes kind of bad. it’s not… yeah… this is… whoa. I’m sticking to the bars.
The bars are good. I don’t want this. Its the product of the future… not the
product of today right now. it needs some work. but I mean for it to become the
product the future we have to start buying it now. If pizza turns out
alright, I’ll keep buying it. If they keep making these… these are delicious.
I’ll keep buying it. I am NOT putting this in shakes from now on. It’s kind of
expensive so I don’t want to waste this but this is torture. It’s torture the throw
it away, and it’s torture drinking. alright let’s hope the pizza’s better. whoo! It’s hot. all right I’m gonna knife and fork this
cuz it’s hot. Let’s see how this is. Okay. Pizza covers up a multitude of sins.
This is actually pretty good. Like I can do this. you’ve done Oh yeah… oh yeah You can pizza
anything. Cricket powder… You done redeemed yourself, because this works
really well. This works really really well. I should have put it in longer so it
could be crispy I think crispy would have been better…
bu…, but hey… it works. Okay I like cricket powder. Maybe not in a shake,
because usually banana peanut butter, banana and peanut butter takes over the
flavor. Cricket battles with the banana and peanut butter. But It doesn’t stand a
chance being baked as a pizza. Pizza kicks cricket powders ass
so oh I could do this I could definitely do this, With cricket powder price
becomes a lot better, I’m all in. I’m all in because it’s sustainable for our
environment, and I’m not allergic to shellfish or crustaceans So am I going
to switch over to cricket powder altogether and forego all others? No. But… if it comes along I’m on board. So… That’s my review on cricket powder. If you liked this video… subscribe, like, hit the notification button. I’ll see you in the
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