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– What’s the first thing you do when you start feeling sick? If you’re like most of us, you probably reach for something full of good old vitamin C. Whether you’re drinking it from a carton, popping it from a bottle or getting it straight from the source. Vitamin C’s purported
power to cure what ales you is virtually unmatched in
the popular consciousness. And a lot of that is because
of a guy named Linus Pauling and his landmark work on
the effects of vitamin C. There’s just one problem. Linus was probably totally tragically wrong. You might not have ever heard of him but Linus Pauling was a brilliant chemist. When he was in his 20s,
he became world famous for his success for
applying quantum physics to molecular structures. Later, his work launched an
entirely new branch of science and he helped inspire
Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA. He won Nobel prizes for
both chemistry and peace and he is the only person to
ever win two unshared Nobels. His scientific career was
one of remarkable success after remarkable success. But if you asked Pauling, he might have told you that
his most important work came later in life when he
began studying vitamin C. Specifically, his work centered around
the role of antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants can be found in
lots of fruits and vegetables. And in your body, they act like little janitors. Cleaning up your system of
so called free radicals. Which are basically evil little molecules that damage your DNA and cell membranes. Studies have shown that
people who eat fruits and vegetables high in
antioxidants live longer and have lower rates of
cancer and heart disease. And so the logic follows
that if people who eat more antioxidant rich foods are healthier, then taking antioxidant rich
supplements like vitamin C should make you even healthier. So in his book, vitamin C in the common cold. Pauling urged everyone
to take 3000 milligrams of vitamin C a day to maximize its effect. That’s 50 times the
recommended daily dose. The book became an instant best seller and vitamin C sales doubled,
tripled and quadrupled. Drug stores couldn’t
even keep it in stock. But Pauling was just warming up. He went on to claim that vitamin C used together with other vitamins could cure just about any human alement. Heart disease, the flu,
strokes, rabies, snakebites, cancer, you name it. When aids came to the
United States in the 1970s, Pauling claimed that vitamins
could treat that too. Driven in part of his advocacy, vitamin C became the
most widely used vitamin supplement in the United
States by the 1980s. But even as Pauling was
growing increasingly enthusiastic about the
possibilities for vitamin C, his colleagues in the
scientific community were not. – Professor Pauling is a great chemist but he’s not a physician, he’s not a nutritionist, and I don’t think he
really knows much about what he’s talking or writing about. – Studies on vitamin C had actually been around for decades before Pauling started his work and they all pointed
to similar conclusions. The vitamin C had little or no impact on the severity or duration of colds, much less cancer. In fact, in recent years, studies
have even suggested that people who take
antioxidants rich supplements like vitamin C might be at a higher
risk of dying from cancer than those who don’t. How could that be? Well, no one knows for sure. But the most likely explanation is that even though free radicals
attack cells in your body, they also protect your body by killing harmful bacteria and new cancer cells. So taking unnaturally
high doses of antioxidants might actually be tipping
the balance too far in one direction. Leading to what scientists call, the antioxidant paradox. This research wasn’t available
to Pauling at the time. But it may not have really mattered, despite all the criticism, he continued to defend
the health benefits of high doses of vitamin C
for the rest of his life. In a 1990 interview he said that, “People who
take vitamin C and other supplements in the optimum amounts, could like 25 to 35 years longer.” more than that, he said, “they
will be free of diseases.” Then 4 years later, he died of prostate cancer. Pauling’s scientific legacy lives on. He was a brilliant
scientist with staggering achievements to his name and no one could take that from him. But he also left a dubious legacy surrounding the powers of vitamin C and that legacy has given
rise to a billion dollar industry that shows no
signs of slowing down. Even though it’s probably totally tragically wrong.

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71 thoughts on “Is Vitamin C a Total Sham? | Freethink Wrong

  1. This channel produces such high-quality content so often with so few views, it kinda makes me suspicious that this channel is freebooting videos from somewhere else.

  2. Sorry friend, but you are wrong about vitamin C – it brings people back from the dead:

  3. My own experience says otherwise. I work outdoors in the cold and vitamin C is part of my regimen that keeps me from getting sick. It is great for boosting my immune system in preventing illness. I will say though that it is not used to cure anything. It does not help me get well any faster. Most of our immune health comes from how healthy the bacteria is in our gut. I recommend raw garlic or onions to nourish the good bacteria and to keep you healthy. Plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and staying hydrated are all important too.

  4. Not to mention it saturates in the body pretty quickly and you pee most of the excess vitamin C out.

    Still, at least we don’t get scurvy anymore.

  5. High-quality video… But low-quality, one-sided and biased research. Now, if you had researched the clinical records of Frederick Klenner MD, Abaram Hoffer MD, PhD, Robert Cathcart MD, and others, its hard to make a case that vitamin C is "a total sham".

    Keep in mind also that 99% of animals in this world (besides primates, guinea pigs and few other exceptions) synthesize vitamin C (C6H8O6) internally, and they do this consistently in amounts equivalent to a human taking 4-10 grams (4,000-10,000 mgs) per day.

    Even guinea pigs and primates in captivity are understood to need about this amount and are given this for maximum health.

    But for some reason, we humans are way outside this norm, requiring a mere 60-90 mg per day? About 100x less vitamin C than any other animal on this planet? Is this correct?

  6. So much clinical evidence shows vitamin C's effectiveness as an absolute virucide and absolute anti-toxin.

  7. Except that the empirical evidence…from out here in the real world shows otherwise. Because of my job I use public restrooms and eat at restaurants everyday. Based on pathogen exposure volumes alone I should be sick often. Yet for several years, I've taken nothing except for 1000mg of vitamin C and b complex in EmergenC product. I haven't even gotten the sniffles IN THREE YEARS. SO, the know it all's who make sure that the cancer treatment cartel and big pharma make billions can fuck right off with their propaganda.

  8. Later on, after his lies were exposed, he opened up a tech channel reviewing custom made gaming PCs and married an asian descent women

  9. Why no talk about the difference between a synthetic supplement vs. getting this essential nutrient from actual food, or what happens to the human body without vitamin C? This presentation seems rather biased to me. And perhaps lacking in common sense.

  10. Vitamin C is actually used by parts of the immune system, namely phagocytes and t-cells, to power themselves. It kinda feels like you focused on the antioxidant side of Vitamin C, and not the specifics of how it's used by the body. It's not a panacea for all disease. But it can help. And you certainly don't want to suffer from Vitamin C deficiency.

  11. When I saw a Freethink ad for the first time, I thought it was some boring Millennial junk like Adam Ruins Everything (or, at least akin to what it's started to turn into). But, this is actually really interesting.

  12. For those saying that this is big pharma trying to keep people away from a cure all, please note that big pharma MAKES these supplements. Vitamin C is necessary (hence why scurvy is so bad) but it won't cure cancer

  13. i would like you to figure out if ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, or if it is just one component (outside shell) of Whole Vitamin C. many claim that ascorbic acid is just a segment of true vitamin c…

  14. Perhaps I may have missed it but could you please specify if the form of vitamin c you're basing your research on is in naturally occurring food source, ascorbic acid, liposomal vitamin c, ect.

  15. I have a video link of a Hindi science video for those who wants to understand about free radicals and antioxidants. The video also has English subtitles.

  16. 25 to 35 years?

    Shit! Even the vegan immortalists draw the line at 10-14 years!

    Also, the whole free-radical/antioxidants balance thing is a whole lot more complicated. First of all, many free radicals are needed as part of normal biochemical and physiological functions. Second, the body produces its own antioxidants; overconsuming purified antioxidant vitamins causes the body to down-regulate its own production. Third, the antioxidant defense system is carefully balanced; any imbalance (deficiency or overconsumption) can cause the whole thing to topple like a house of cards.

  17. This video is deceptive. It does not say Linus Pauling lived up to 93 years of age. Instead says he died of prostrate cancer. as though this vitamin C did not help him. People in the U.S who live beyond 90s do get cancer at an alarming rate including prostrate cancer.

  18. We evolved to get our vitamin C from certain plants, not from pills. I take some supplements, but prefer to get my vitamins and minerals from intact foods. Why fix a problem that doesn't exist? Whole food is preferable to processed food. I eat citrus fruit instead of drinking citrus juice, for example. Vitamin pills are as processed a way to get nutrients as I can imagine.

  19. His prostate cancer was in remission, and I guess, in his critic's eyes, old age couldn't be a cause for his death. Indeed, "We can now explain why the strongest downward trend in CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) mortality of all industrialized countries occurred in the USA, the country with the highest vitamin C consumption. Moreover, we now understand why these two developments exactly parallel each other. On the basis of the scientific concept presented in this publication, it is now possible to achieve a similar success also in other countries.

  20. But how is it wrong? Just cuz the man died of prostate cancer? What a moron conclusion! You are and will always be among the idiots of the world.

  21. when I have a sinus headache I can feel it between my eyes so I know it is no normal headache.
    I take Vitamin C & the pain goes away. I see what your saying if you mean about cancer, but Vitamin C will have effect on some stuff, even if just a small effect, it is better the nothing. Did you really say it is better to take no Vitamin C at all? You don't really make it clear. Vitamin C is also hard to completely avoid so how much is too much?

  22. i have cured so many ailments by using vitamin c its amazing, Pauling lived to 93 well above the avg life span about 25% longer no bad huh, so by your logic he increased his life span 25% he would use more advanced forms today probably increase his intake.

  23. Tried to debate Vitamin C with my physics teacher and boy was that a mistake she used every cheap argument to say that vitamin c helps with cold. Basically calling me an idiot, meanwhile I’m like you’re a physics teacher, what do you know about biology and nutrition.

  24. This video attacked Linus Pauling and Vitamin C without giving any opposing research, a sufficient explanation, or saying why the theory is wrong.

  25. Anyway, the actual healthy dose of vitamin C is 60 milligrams, not 3000. It's about the amount you get from eating two satsumas.

  26. So my freethinking ability says this was a slam on vitc and Pauling with no real evidence. He cured many cases of cancers with high dose vitc back in the 40s…they shut him down pretty quick. I have used vitc to stop myself and kids from getting sick many times …it clearly does work and it's essential to take higher doses when u are sick because your immune system will use up your stores fighting an infection.
    I believe if Paulings vitc info had of actually been put into practice by the medical system we would not have the cancer rates today and less of many other illnesses.
    This is the last video I will watch from this channel as it is propaganda.

  27. it isn’t wrong it just works sometimes and if u get too much u die but don’t get too little just like anything

  28. Good and quality material👍👍👍 Also there is a book by Catherine Price "Vitamania: How Vitamins Revolutionized the Way We Think About Food" with allmost all information you should know about vitamins.

  29. Funny do tou get tour infor from the FDA funded pharma conpanies bcs they are paid to not quite replicate the research. And by the way he is revered in the medical community yes medical community. But like always you can’t patent mother nature hence the misinformation thrown around about vitamins in general and their benefits. Please research more clinical studies on Vit C and heart patients.

  30. I think the WRONG series is one of the most important informational essay series on the net: our objective to propel ourselves forward as a society is to first acknowledge our shortcomings, but no one touches on that enough. The "Joy of Being Wrong" explanation essay is something I think everyone should take the 3 and a half minutes to hear.

  31. The proof is in the pudding he did live to be 93. How many people live to that age nowadays? There are no substances that will make someone immune to death but if taking certain nutrients can prolong your life why not?

  32. Oh yeah, screw the double unshared Nobel winner. Let's listen to the asshats that made the food pyramid, because they've been so successful at staving off chronic illness and metabolic problems in the population. But whatever, go eat your grass seeds and make sure to stay away from those pesky fats that your nerves and brain are made of.

  33. The fact that most animals produce huge quantities of vit c in their bodies e.g goat produce 5g to 15g a day, tell us a lot about its importance. Unfortunately human and apes lost that ability and need to ingest. Taking RDA 90mg is sufficient to prevent scurvy but sub optimal. We need more.

  34. where to even begin….I'm in shock! appalled* I have to say I am in the boat with Freethink media on this. I never felt any better with vitamin c for the common cold. the antioxidant paradox* and the clips documented with other colleagues of Professor Pauling gave us a good impression of your media. thank you for the video.

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